Prepositions used with "equity"

"of equity" or "in equity"?

In 39% of cases "of equity" is used

Risk capital has both the characteristic of equity and debt.

A hike in STT rate would increase costs of equity transactions.

This sort of equity in giving is not just a good thing, but for the.

In this example, the homeowner has 20% equity in the home, or $20,000 of equity value.

Foreigners were again net buyers during the week, purchasing $3 million worth of equity.

But dig deeper, and you will find the issues of equity and race relations simmering away.

It was good to have sessions on rental housing, also the whole issue of equity and how to tackle social inequalities.

Indeed, the fate of equity in education since the National government came to power in late 1990 has been a matter of real concern.

Shareholders of banking companies may exercise their voting rights to a maximum of 10 percent of equity, even if they hold more equity.

That means my balance of equities to bonds will provide me with similar returns as an all-stock portfolio, but with much less volatility.

In 17% of cases "in equity" is used

I feel much more confident in a reversal in equities.

However, growth in equity assets was capped by profit booking.

Reyes-LeRey has owned her home for 17 years and has $50,000 in equity.

Ang said the company would shell out about $500 million in equity for the airport project.

SMEs are structurally stronger than one might think, there is no major shortfall in equity.

This movement is counter-intuitive given a sell-off in equities and an improvement in Treasuries.

But right now it's about 25 to 28 percent indexed -- I'd talking now in equity mutual funds, and probably around 20 percent in the pension area.

Equity-linked savings scheme: Mutual funds that invest in equities and equities-related securities can be used to claim tax deduction under Section 80C.

If the value of your pension fund has fallen because you are invested in equities, you face a difficult decision because equity prices could fall even further.

Options that exist within this space include systematic investment plans (SIPs) in equity mutual funds or systematic transfer plans (STPs) from a debt fund to an equity fund.

In 10% of cases "for equity" is used

They offer seed money and mentoring in exchange for equity, normally about 7%.

PFRDA has set a 15% limit for equities in the NPS funds for government employees, but some fund managers are not even investing 15%.

For information contact: BWW Law Group, LLC, attorneys for equity Trustees, LLC, 4520 East West Highway, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814, (.

Exactly this! Think Vlad's had his pockets emptied and his balance sheet altered every time he has forgiven debt or taken a debt for equity deal.

There are too many factors leading to fear among investors right now, which will continue to hinder the prospects for equities in the near term.

But I believe that any risk of a more extended period of deflationary correction poses a much bigger problem for equities, and by extension real estate, than for gold.

It could, in principle, be an argument for equities and real estate as ' real assets ' of a sort but even in respect to these assets I consider it unsound, as I will explain later.

EQUITY VS NON-EQUITY Most experts agree that in the early stages of a venture, the entrepreneur should go for equity funding or government grant, as debt most likely will not be available.

Sources such as the Barclays Capital Equity Gilt Study for equities, gilts and cash and Investment Property Databank for commercial property are two reputable sources of historical data.

In 10% of cases "to equity" is used

I mean it is an issue of going to equity with clean hands.

EDC reported that net income attributable to equity holders stood at P7.

As a portfolio strategy, how much exposure would you recommend to equities? We are staunch advocates of objective-based investment.

Revenue and profit attributable to equity shareholder increased 15% and 24% respectively from the same period last year, to HK$5,921 million and HK$2,432 million.

Revenue and profit attributable to equity shareholder increased 19% and 50% respectively over the same period in the previous year, to HK$5,142 million and HK$1,961 million.

Improve training level for the judicial officers, and confirm as trainers, not politically selected persons, but individuals with high confidence and promise to equity, justice and human rights.

Three studies were conducted by the government-run Centre for the Study of the World Economy in 1996, 1999 and 2003, in the latter two cases devoted specifically to equity and science and technology.

In 7% of cases "on equity" is used

The liberal's focus is typically on equity of outcome.

A much-noted expert on equity, style and asset allocation, Mr.

The conservative's focus is typically on equity of opportunity.

Hope you found my article on Equities helpful, in which I explained financial markets and its types.

For example, in 1986, Sweden increased a tax on equity transactions to 2 per cent from 1 per cent previously.

If you wanted to get technical you could say something like this: ? A good business has a return on equity of 25% or more.

However, India continues to control foreign investment with limits on equity contributions and voting rights, mandatory government approvals, and capital controls.

Return on equity, a measure of how profitably a company invests its capital, came in at 26 percent in the first half of last year--then dropped to 4 percent in the second half.

As for forcing banks to rely more on equity funding, the protestations of the finance industry are well-founded, because the presumptions of the general equilibrium model are wrong.

In 6% of cases "with equity" is used

with equity, you can get into more debt.

What about now? I rarely see a home with equity.

The latest edition is on the theme of Growth with equity.

Saved me a ton of money and I was able to move into the house with equity.

It includes spending time with her, and treating her with equity and kindness.

There was a lot of growth with equity then, and much building of schools and infrastructure.

In the modern world, the provision of credit has become fantastically specialized and reticulated, and supports investment in tandem with equity and various hybrids of the two.

The mobile services provider will be launching a service called M-Shwari which, from the explanations, look like a replacement to M-Kesho (done in partnership with equity Bank).

In 4% of cases "into equity" is used

For clients with a higher risk profile, the case for buying directly into equities is good.

Inflows into bond funds have been gargantuan while inflows into equity funds have been negative.

So people who are inclined to have exposure into equities can gradually and slowly build a portfolio if not all at the same time.

As per the existing rules of mutual funds, an AMC has to make an investment up to minimum 75 per cent compared to total size of a fund into equity securities.

In 2% of cases "as equity" is used

Regarding asset prices such as equities, commodities and property, my view is they will fall, despite the current spike in share prices.

In 2% of cases "from equity" is used

We are still getting huge outflows from equity mutual funds.

When has a bull market ended with huge outflows from equity mutual funds? That has probably never occurred.

In 2% of cases "through equity" is used

These trades are secured either through equity or long-term contractual arrangements.

Any fund raised by a company through equity dilution at a premium to the current market rate will benefit current shareholders.

Relatively large investors who can afford to largely fund the buy through equity or have relatively easy access to credit stand to gain from lower housing prices and high rentals.