Prepositions used with "energy"

of, for, in, on or to energy?

In 62% of cases "of energy" is used

Some of energy in every country.

Photons being packets of energy.

The employees are full of energy.

The anti-smokers have to deal with the fact that I am still here with a lot of energy.

Nothing beats the feeling of the constant surge of energy flowing through my USB port.

I am full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to take on any challenge and embracing life.

Also, I would be interested in hearing more about the marginal utility of energy production, especially in Tanzania.

I also found it took a lot of energy to try and make others feel comfortable about me being sick, and looking awful.

Time and again he could call on his abundant store- house of energy when giants twice his size were demanding a rest.

Changing the amount of energy reaching above 65N and below 65S affecting global ice and cloud albedo over the planet.

In 10% of cases "for energy" is used

Demand for energy continues to surge.

Demand for energy is constantly increasing.

Never have I had to pay 360 per month for energy.

They are one of our main sources for energy, but they also aid in disease prevention.

All this is in addition to the real human cost of increasing the base price for energy.

This is because of thermal lag due to the ocean's acting as a storage device for energy.

On 23 November Dr Birol was invited to Stockholm by Sweden's Minister for energy Anna-Karin Hatt to present WEO-2012.

Under the national plan each sector of industry and each firm should be set hard annual targets for energy efficiency.

He was also Minister for State Development, Minister for energy and Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council.

In 8% of cases "in energy" is used

Say, 80% reduction in energy consumption.

Ann has a PhD in energy and Resources, and an M.

We have an explosion in energy demand from emerging markets.

The unprecedented increase in energy prices during mid February 2012 created much concern.

Quiet sun gives more clouds, less energy in and a decrease in energy flow through the system.

I am feeling very low in energy, nauseous all the time, I have lost all confidence in myself.

Proper installation Exterior doors should therefore be installed with care because of their function in energy saving.

In the past seven years he has lead over 200 projects in energy management audit, consolting and solution implementation.

Responding to a remark about the corruption in energy sector, he said there might be some corruption, but not widespread.

If money keeps on expanding despite the contraction in energy available, then money devalues and the oil price rises again.

In 6% of cases "on energy" is used

In case you have inquiries on energy saving light.

Trane -- Trane posts tips about saving on energy costs.

Yes, we've been slow to recognise and act on energy issues.

Over the past few months we have decided to spend all our savings on energy reduction.

The Republican chair of the House Subcommittee on energy and Environment, Andy Harris (R-Md.

Grattan Healy is adviser on energy and Research for the Green group at the European Parliament.

But by putting such pressure on energy and commodity prices, China also made it harder for the rest of us to recover.

I think some of the non-labour costs -- the health service, for example, in Scotland spends 68m a year on energy costs.

The thrust of the policies on energy, industry and transport is to make petroleum based products unaffordable and/or illegal.

Consultant to the United Nations Development Programme on energy efficiency and management for their offices in Kingston, Jamaica.

In 5% of cases "to energy" is used

Each of these paths eventually leads back to energy.

With regards to energy we have to regroup and rethink, I agree.

Assess our global exposure to energy and water security challenges.

So, clearly the world is addicted to energy itself and needs new energy solutions fast.

According to E=MC2, mass gets converted to energy when it travels at the speed of light.

The industrial sector contributes most to energy consumption in South Africa, providing 34.

A major disincentive to investment in renewable energy in Jamaica was the low tariff being offered to energy producers.

When we see the fossil carbon industry include the O2 reactant, then we will begin to see numbers related to energy costs.

Access to energy and clean water is a luxury to billions of people around the world and not a basic right as it should be.

The concurrent crises engulfing everything from climate to energy to the economy are creating a spiral of need for change.

In 4% of cases "with energy" is used

You are confusing matter with energy.

The band played with energy and enthusiasm.

Mommy with sleep=good mommy with energy to play.

Although their music is loud and bursting with energy, the band themselves were not.

Like any time trial, filled with energy and enthusiasm, it's easy to set off too quickly.

Equipped with energy saving heating components, the Pluto II Series can save up to 50% heating power.

After a few more walks, we were suddenly bursting with energy to share what we had learned about this amazing island.

with energy a nearly $50 billion business for GE, Krenicki had set of a goal of hitting the $100 billion mark in a decade.

In these systems, energy reflected off the target is mixed with energy from the original laser to create a fringe pattern.

Their performance was packed with energy and great choreography that made their performance look authentic and believable.

In 2% of cases "about energy" is used

Regarding Carter, all that he said about energy was correct.

On pretty much any other area, we talk about waste, we talk about energy use.

I write about energy and environment issues, frequently focusing on global warming.

I wrote about energy and chakras, auras, healing, the different kinds of psychic skills.

People care more about how they feel in their workplace than they do about energy or economic figures.

Common myths about energy saving light bulbs Myth Energy saving light bulbs will not fit in many lamps and fixtures.

Alberni Valley Transition Town Society recently hosted energy experts Guy Langlois and Matthew Helm-Ames at an event about energy.

I come to MIT Technology Review from CNET, where I wrote about energy and science as the lead reporter and manager of the Green Tech blog.

With the catastrophists and old end-of-timers dominating the debate about energy, both sides simply oppose one doomsday scenario with another.

Is it not an oft-used lie that entropy and disorder are the same thing? Entropy is about energy distribution, not what looks neat to human brains.

In 1% of cases "as energy" is used

Fact: Weight gain occurs when one consumes more calories than the body can burn as energy.

Demanding physical fitness activities often lead to the loss of important nutrients in the system as well as energy.

No one knows why government approvals take such a long time; and whether they will be given at all, particularly in sectors such as energy, mining, coal and cement.

In 1% of cases "between energy" is used

Stern targeting the factors that affect the linkage between energy and economic growth.

To understand the relationship between energy utilisation and cycling (speed and duration) one has to turn to power output and also to think in terms of cycling efficiency.

In order to study the relationship between energy and economic growth we need to study the effect of the various forms of energy (as inputs in the production function) on aggregate output e.

In 1% of cases "into energy" is used

Obviously when mass is converted into energy, it is characterized by expansion.

We have gone into energy, mining, agriculture, and refining, which are all dollar-denominated industries.

Sugars travel most quickly to the liver, where they are converted into energy more quickly than any other nutrient.

In medical terminology it would mean that in certain people the enzymes convert food into energy faster than others do.

The reason it is stored around the middle is because it is close to the liver where it can be quickly converted back into energy if needed.

Not enough of the sugar in the body is turned into energy for use by the muscles, so the patient will inevitably experience a degree of fatigue.

This has significance for Space Travel and near-light speed travel, as Anti-Matter based engines are almost 99% efficient in energy conversion of Matter into energy.

The difference between a condensing and non-condensing boiler is that condensing boilers convert more waste heat into energy, saving you money and helping the environment.

The glucose deficiency which causes diabetes is related to the blood, because it is there that the cells have to be able to absorb the glucose so that it can be turned into energy.

We breathe in more oxygen, which our muscles use to turn sugar into energy (even though we don't need extra energy for anything ), Blood is diverted to the muscles, making you pale and light headed.