Prepositions used with "study"

of, for, in, to or from study?

In 65% of cases "of study" is used

Programme of study in PHD The Ph.

The period of study was from 1935 to 1947.

Today, dozens of studies are taking place.

I climbed the long steps toward weeks of studies, discipline and girls, girls, girls.

In addition, students with overdue fees may have their candidature of study terminated.

The anaylsis of studies done on every single prescribable medication is near endless.

Feeling angry at this sight, I took out my whiteboard and marker, and asked for her name as well as program of study.

However, some individuals decide that their major is simply not for them and choose to pursue another course of study.

Fees Payment Students who have successfully applied to a course of study in ITE, will be issued a User ID and Password.

Program Information All International Doorway scholarships include cost of study (tuition ), campus housing, and meals.

In 11% of cases "for study" is used

I need some scholarships for study abroad.

However, I have financial problem for studying abroad.

I do understand that you wish to apply for studies abroad.

The Castle provides a unique experience for study and a gateway for students to Europe.

Below a step-by-step procedure for studying in detail any selected passage is suggested.

I admire for young mothers who manage to juggle time for study and family well because it's too hard.

It is possible to get chance for study here in Finland if you get only 50 out of 100 marks in that entrance/admission.

Genes involved in the metabolism of nicotine are biologically plausible candidates for studies of smoking behaviour.

Of course, they offer scholarship to many foreign students and also send their students to other countries for studies.

Many of them have in the past few years enrolled for studies to bag more qualifications -- and this for various reasons.

In 6% of cases "in study" is used

The children do not take interest in studies.

Successful completion of both courses fuelled her interest in study.

The Buddhas are extremely hard to meet, And we will follow the Buddha in study.

In general, the results were consistent with those previously reported in studies related.

One student was absorbed in studies to such an extent that instead of water he swallowed oil.

Those who are in the choir are also very good in studies and other extracurricular activities.

It is for junior level students that the time may not be favorable and they may begin to drop their grades due to lack of interest in studies.

First year students were least likely to eat fresh vegetables, salads and fruits and the percentages rose steadily in line with the number of years in study.

For being engrossed in studies, he couldn't just get about what he got through! Our Hazrat Thanvi (R) never felt comfortable unless he finished the task on hand.

Those whose family is not into some business must not let such planetary trends affect their education for lagging in studies could adversely affect their future career.

In 4% of cases "to study" is used

This varies from study to study but it's a useful figure to keep in your head.

Having failed to obtain an academic post, Daniel went to Venice to study practical medicine.

How to study As you study, review your notes and any special information from your textbook.

After completion of her masters she carried on to study for a Phd in Economics completed in 2008.

Then he moved on to study engineering, I got busy with stuff here, and now we chat about once a week.

We accept Applications to study in Ukrainians Universities from month of January for academic year ahead.

So far, inland ports haven't been subject to studies or research about the need to develop such a policy.

Holmbo had raised money from his colleagues to enable Abel to study at the university and he graduated in 1822.

Some researchers then moved on to study other things, convinced that there wasn't enough data to solve the mystery.

All three sons would go on to study mathematics but this was not the course that Johann Bernoulli planned for Daniel.

In 3% of cases "from study" is used

There is significant evidence from studies in both the U.

This varies from study to study but it's a useful figure to keep in your head.

Moreover, during university timings, the power outage badly diverts our attention from studies.

An understanding of the syuzhet requires first a definition of the fabula (both terms hail from studies of narrative).

Some of the most interesting evidence for this last theory comes, not from studies of the blind, but from research on the blindfolded.

The media's popularization of findings from studies indicating a causal link between music training and spatial reasoning in young children (Rauscher et al.

The ecological association found in this study is consistent with findings from studies examining individual-level associations between smoking and residential-fire deaths.

Even those ideas which we gather in the abstract from study and reflection go through a process of selection as life experience confirms some, and rejects or modifies others.

The original data used to construct that graph was drawn from studies of the ecology of the Kapingamarengi atoll system in the Carolina Islands in Micronesia (Niering 1963).

SUPPORTING EVIDENCE FROM STUDIES OF MECHANICAL DESIGNERS In previous research, we and our colleagues have taken protocols of mechanical design engineers solving realistic design problems.

In 3% of cases "on study" is used

Focus on study Techniques But let me give a word of caution.

Two reviewers independently extracted data on study characteristics.

Inflation in tuition fees is around 8% as a result of US cuts to state budgets creating restrictions on study fee subsidies.

Yet some campaigners have leveled accusations against the Malaysian palm oil industry based on studies that assess industries outside of the country.

What do you think? Do you think that i should get some experience in the banking industry before i make any decisions on studies? I would appreciate your advice.

The evidence was based on studies conducted between 2005-2009 by a group led by Lennart Hardell, a cancer specialist at the University Hospital in Orebro in Sweden.

In combination trials, six of 104 patients have been on study for over one year at a variety of doses: NSCLC (n=2 ), GE cancer (n=2 ), ovarian cancer (n=1) and chordoma (n=1).

Note: The period that Non-EU students are resident in Ireland on study Visas does not contribute towards the residency requirement in relation to fee assessment at NUI Galway.

There are many studies done by members of our own communities, both aboriginal and non-aboriginal, so we are not dependent alone on studies made by people who do not live here.

However, this evidence is based on studies of statin therapy, and lowering cholesterol with drugs is not the same as lowering it through diet, and one can not extrapolate from one to the other.

In 3% of cases "with study" is used

She filled her spare time with study, doing without any entertainment.

Many of our students do find it challenging to balance work with study.

Let me start with studies of parents ' perceptions of their own children.

In so doing it will equip you with study skills necessary for studying religion in an academic context.

Schedule of employment responsibility as well as job description will not and must not conflict with study program.

I was bad only with studies that to on writing part, I was practically asked not to disturb the class in every lecture.

This finding is consistent with studies describing individual-level associations between smoking and residential-fire deaths.

One fundamental problem with studies of this nature is that they are subject to what is known as the ' healthy user effect '.

She said both parents helped her succeed with studies and would both be supportive grandparents, as she was expecting a child with her long-term partner Sam.

In 2% of cases "after study" is used

You DOUBTED your GP? Shock, horror! Study after study? Where did you find them? I can guess.

Patients were assessed 6 months after study entry (3 months after completion of the antibiotic regimens) 288.

Study after study shows women are not merely violent in self- defence but strike the first blow in about half of all disputes.

But children exist in families, and study after study indicates that they do best when those families are strong, stable and loving.

In 2% of cases "under study" is used

After the elections, the commission sent us to a number of other countries to under study what is going on.

The subpopulation under study was adults age 21 to 60 years whose anthropometric measures were taken (n = 2469).

A beam of X-rays with a wide range of wavelengths was collimated and directed onto the single crystal specimen under study.

In this approach, the choice of stimulus representation for reconstruction encapsulates hypotheses about the coding strategies under study.

The key component in the reconstruction algorithm is the choice of stimulus representation, as this choice encapsulates a hypothesis about the neural coding strategy under study.

Become knowledgeable about the acquisition and care of animals appropriate to the species under study so that both students and the animals stay safe and healthy during all activities.

In 1% of cases "by study" is used

Last variable identified by studies is the age.

The mainstream articles did not quote an interview by study author, Kenneth Donaldson, proclaiming the news as good.