Prepositions used with "government"

of, in, by, to or for government?

In 43% of cases "of government" is used

Take the problem of government pensions.

Kennedy School of government at Harvard.

This view limited the role of government.

Capt Bala is against the idea of government allowances for volunteer firefighters.

Head of government: The head of the German government is Chancellor Angela Merkel.

UKIP holds the power to keep the Conservatives out of government for a generation.

Policy, in terms of government, is a course of action which is decided upon as necessary to support legislation.

But -- of course -- we have now had more than a decade of political leaders talking down the role of government.

Pull out the troops and diplomats till they can show some semblance of government, and join the civilized world.

In 2009, total public investment by the three spheres of government (federal, state and municipal ), was only 2.

In 15% of cases "in government" is used

I was in government at the time.

Fact is, the ANC is in government.

Deposit in government Savings Bank 21.

Those in government service should apply to Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan, Treasury.

In stark contrast to the way IT has been delivered in government in the past, GOV.

In stark contrast to the way IT has been delivered in government in the past, Gov.

For examples of relevant thematic issues raised in government communications from the Special Rapporteur, see U.

The wide fluctuations in government revenues and expenditures from 1971 to 2005 can be seen clearly in figure A2.

In all his years in government, however, he has never taken the time to sit down with representatives of the hunt.

The Labour Party, when it was in government previously, started the process of trying to deal with this situation.

In 10% of cases "by government" is used

Everything was decided by government quotas.

Safety doesn't need to be imposed by governments.

Safety doesn't need to be imposed by governments.

The percentage of people covered by government health insurance increased from 31.

Recent emigrants may feel, as Byrne said, abandoned by government -- and with reason.

If negative, it means that part of the social wage is being funded by government borrowing.

The mechanism put on ground to regulate who is suppose to be on the road has been abused by government officials.

These have been supplied by government departments to the Senate Regulations and Ordinances Committee since 1932.

I know pretty well the methods and tactics employed by government of Sri Lanka and its ' people ' for their defense.

These were located in convenient places and were protected by government statute, which ensured a clean water supply.

In 9% of cases "to government" is used

He never caved in to government pressure.

JLP also have a better approach to government.

The site at Gorakhpur is, according to government publicity, an ' ideal village '.

According to government statistics it is the most dangerous workplace environment.

Management of the Sunyani Municipal hospital is appealing to government and other.

That was what Awolowo used to re-invent the welfarist approach to government and that was what made him popular.

TONY EASTLEY: Further to the Budget, there are some dire predictions about savage cuts to government expenditure.

He said the workshop would also address some weaknesses in the budget which results in some losses to government.

It's about not being in thrall to government -- if it's a straight fight with the Treasury I've done that before.

In 7% of cases "for government" is used

Don't wait for government decisions.

To me, GM now stands for government Motors.

That's why we have limits on power for government.

But practically it takes time for government officials to reach the areas in need.

Such an education model will have cost implications for government budgets but Dr.

National believes in a smaller role for government, and sitting out the tough times.

This is in addition to 23,500 losing their jobs in the public sector as agreed in the programme for government.

In Europe, high rates for government borrowing have prompted all kinds of action on the part of official figures.

There is therefore the urgent need for government and all and sundry to prioritise sanitation as a social service.

Lord T July 29, 2011 at 4:52 pm I've done a lot of work for government departments and it always goes the same way.

In 6% of cases "with government" is used

Corporation to comply with government policy 6.

They were one of those partnering with government.

We regularly communicate with government and industry leaders.

Nevertheless PCTs are all reducing management costs in line with government policy.

As the stakes of politics increase with government's size, so does voter engagement.

Particularly the media should be transparent, working with government and the public.

Our local workers can only suffer in frustration and in silence, with the NTUC aligned with government policies.

Yet all government austerity measure tend to be front loaded with tax rises and back loaded with government cuts.

Guess how it was initially developed? with government money! Private industry did not fund research for the internet.

Beside 's, it is quite clear that they, along with government 's, have no real interest in looking after their people.

In 5% of cases "on government" is used

Create more dependence on government.

The 583 colonies stand on government land.

Make this a referendum on government incompetence e.

Bhaiji Bhai and his people, forced to smile for photographs on government calendars.

People believe that suppliers are cashing in on government and wasting tax payers money.

The letter, which cited arcane legal statutes and was printed on government letterhead, was dated September 4th.

Consequences It remains to be seen what effects the transparency regimes will have on governments and industry.

We call on governments around the world to investigate and prosecute these crimes and bring an end to impunity.

The pressure on governments to take tough, longer-term decisions is being eased by the actions of central banks.

In 4% of cases "from government" is used

Now to see action from government.

The money had to be found from government sources.

The poor can benefit from government's welfare programme.

Tun Abdullah resigned from government service in 1978 to pursue a political career.

Also, its interesting how little outrage there is in the media and from governments.

Private sector is piggy-backing off of innovations resulting from government funding.

As usual, statistics from government departments that might cast a bad light on policies, are hard to come by.

In addition, all banks gained from government's explicit guarantee that it will not allow any of them to fail.

If you seek freedom from government regulation, at least try to understand just how harmful tobacco (per se) is.

Net revenue from government run-lotteries, VLTs, casinos and slot machines not located in casinos jumped from $2.

In 1% of cases "against government" is used

Public office was seen as a shield against government.

General strike is the only way to protest against government.

People do not vote against governments because the leader is annoying.

Some might vocally defend our right to speak against government decisions.

Yet the drumbeat of propaganda against government has made it impossible for the plain truth about the stimulus to break through.

The alternative is a man who actually rails against government while having made his living from the same government his entire life.

I had collected information that went against government policies and stances on reconciliation, history, the elections, and the Congo Wars.

Doctors, nurses and other service workers with a lot of citizens protest, twice a day, every day since against government cuts in Public Health.

That is, time and again, conference resolutions that go directly against government policy or powerful economic interests do not get adopted as policy.

In 1% of cases "between government" is used

Faced with the crisis, the coordinating process between governments has failed.

I always believed people-to-people relationship is so much more important than the relationship between governments.

This requires cooperation between government departments, industry and communities to work together on a wide range of issues.

There is an immense difference between government paying for education and the parent paying for it in a free market situation.

There is a marriage between government and business in this country, and it is becoming increasingly cozy for those in the bedroom.

The Nairobi Convention is an important platform for dialogue between Governments and the civil society at the regional and national level.

Southern Nations Region There are occasional inter-tribal clashes as well as flare-ups between government forces and tribespeople in the Omo Valley.

The Taliban rescinded the cease-fire in July 2007 after clashes between government troops and radical Islamist clerics and students at Islamabad's Red Mosque.

The higher education funding model of cost sharing between government and individuals (supported by income contingent loans) is relatively new to the VET sector.

Attractive education materials, environment, teachers ' training stand as great dividing factors between government and non-government primary schools in the city.