Prepositions used with "snow"

of, in, with, for or on snow?

In 54% of cases "of snow" is used

Date change because of snow day.

I do love the sight of snow though.

As the base of snow deepens I get more excited.

Just because you had four Smirnoff ices and a bottle of snow peak peach flavored Boones.

A photograph of snow taken in 1857 shows that the fingers of his right hand were swollen.

The huge lake was like a mirror, reflecting the towering mountains with their new fall of snow.

MARYLAND Eastern Maryland cleaned up from storm surge, while western Maryland dealt with as much as 29 inches of snow.

Around its spine, new life is rising from the earth, while flakes of snow are settling on the silent and unmoving tree.

The Adriatic islands of Croatia have had a rare dusting of snow, while in Romania, parts of the Black Sea have frozen over.

When I think back to my youth, I can't help but remember that around this time in 1993, we were buried under 6 feet of snow.

In 11% of cases "in snow" is used

Now the mountain is covered in snow.

The Queen in snow White would fit that.

Day in snow Guest house and hospitality.

The wider ' snowflake ' -style works in snow,.

I always imagine Chicago in snow for some reason.

I use them in snow, rain and sunshine, day or night.

Some people think it's enjoyable to go out and do a thing called ' play ' in snow.

His tent was completely covered in snow, which the porters broke before pulling him out.

With the help of Stoup's first-hand experience of cycling in snow, they have fine-tuned the design for Skelton.

As for the pools, it's the point that for much more than half the year, they are useless - too cold, frozen, covered in snow.

In 9% of cases "with snow" is used

We got hammered with snow for two days.

Southerly blasts coat the mountains on both islands with snow.

Both machines remain firmly saddled with snow Leopard, having never made the leap to 10.

We've had many extended stormy periods, but not with snow levels consistently above 6,500/7,000 feet.

Beautiful valleys and towering hill peaks covered with snow are also key attractions of Ladakh sightseeing.

Seeing the Canyon with snow on the rim is an experience that only a small percentage of the total visitors get.

What is surprising is just how bad they are, with snow strecthing down below Horombo and very wet conditions at the bottom.

The cuts at their entrances soon filled with snow, but drifts were run through them, in some instances large enough for a two horse team.

Her chilly green waters gather volume from side streams fresh with snow melt as she descends through long rushing slides and graceful falls.

Amidst delicious figs, fresh herbs strewed with snow, anchovies, and eggs, were ranged small cups of diluted wine sparingly mixed with honey.

In 6% of cases "for snow" is used

You need to root for snow White, and she wasn't likable.

Called Out In The Dark A triumphant return for snow Patrol.

Here's another of Bellos's targets: Eskimos have a hundred words for snow.

One day, the Prince was riding through the forest looking for snow White and found her.

Still, despite all that snow, there's only a 59% chance for snow to be on the ground for Christmas.

Survival strategies are in place for snow, bears, power cuts or the collapse of the entire Californian economy.

These neighborhoods are very expansive to plow for snow and time-consuming to navigate for ambulances and fire trucks.

I spent 11 weeks in Ladakh, India, looking for snow leopards, and was rewarded with one hour -- most of which it spent asleep.

Last year, when winter was nearly absent, the Honesdale Borough Police Department wrote around 200 tickets for snow parking violations.

But let's keep it in perspective: in the 26 years since Hounds of Love, Aerial and 50 Words for snow have been her only truly fully realised albums.

In 6% of cases "on snow" is used

Also see my other post in inspiring photography which is on snow Leopards.

Some species dependent on snow cover, wet soils and cool temperatures may not persist as warming occurs.

And to be honest my power touch moter mover has had no trouble moving the van even on snow, gravel or soft grass.

We are a thousand winds that blow, We are the diamond glints on snow, We are the sunlight on ripened grain, We are the gentle autumn rain.

But felt soles do have disadvantages; they are slippery on the shore, on grass, dry smooth and hard boulders, mud or clay, and I am lead to believe, on snow.

If you project warmer climates causing less snow on high mountains in poor areas of the world the effect upon the farmers depending on snow melt would be catastrophic.

This impact is especially strong in the Arctic, where black carbon falling on snow and ice darkens the surface, causing less of the sun's energy to be reflected back into space.

The old bamboo curtains were dyed white by the luminous moon above, just like a layer of snow covering them, complimenting the red from the flowers flying across the curtains, like blood on snow.

In 5% of cases "by snow" is used

One can find quotes of torment by snow, smoke, thirst and rebellious animals.

Unfortunately, the comments by snow and Abunimah highlight the effectiveness of the Qassam rockets as a terrorist weapon.

We were lucky to view all these things on this occasion because normally the surrounding meadows are covered by snow most of the year.

Previously hidden by snow, the curves on the fields -- like roots -- now formed an outline resembling a bouquet of circles and rectangles.

They even got into the downstairs bathroom through a pipe outside which had been dislodged by snow, and chewed their way through the deep pile bathmat.

But Tiger's nest is not the only place in Paro, the whole Paro city is walk able and is beautiful surrounded by snow capped mountains and lush greenery.

This horrible storm showed a few different faces: in some places it was accompanied by hurricane-force winds, elsewhere by snow or heavy rain and in other places it was a combination of all three.

In 4% of cases "like snow" is used

The background looks almost like snow, giving it an outdoor feel.

This can be found in classic stories like snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

There is a lot of rot, which is why the tree was chopped -- there are shavings like snow everywhere -- but a lot of the wood is good.

like snow Leopard's tweaks to Leopard before it, the new software brings about significant changes to the way in which Apple's operating system works.

Sherpa traditions prohibit killing of wild animals (except occasionally predators like snow leopard that threaten their livestock ), and this shows in the rather bold behaviour of birds and mammals.

In 2% of cases "about snow" is used

He dreamed about snow all the time, trying to imagine how it really was.

Don't need to worry about snow, the waterproof design adapt to all conditions.

You people seemed worried about snow plowing and grass watering on a grassed right of way.

The only good thing about snow in Calgary is that it's usually gone as quickly as it arrives.

Also, people are now talking about snow levels OVER 8,000 feet, which is a big deal as that's a lot more water coming into local rivers.

In 2% of cases "from snow" is used

Such flows from snow melt should be considered.

Coming from snow blizzard in Norway to Orlando in nice spring weather, sitting outside in pool area really made a difference.

For women who choose to stay fairly winter months months, Canada Goose has to be a smart option, Own a Canada Goose chillwack parka black, from snow and wind.

Much as I try to be Julie Andrews (but seriously, how can anyone have that much energy while looking after 7 kids?! ), there are days when I feel like the evil witch from snow White.

In 1% of cases "into snow" is used

The precipitation could turn into snow over parts of Ontario and western Quebec, said Environment Canada.

Same thing all over the North East until you get up into snow country, where even the f-ing tree huggers know better.

Dr Danquah lived in London himself and must have marvelled at how the land that was dry in the morning could turn into snow white in the evening.