Prepositions used with "struggle"

of, in, without, by or for struggle?

In 79% of cases "of struggle" is used

All in all, it was a place of struggle.

Allows for the transformation of struggle to joy.

This is the whole originality of this new cycle of struggle.

Gandhi's philosophy of struggle against the British was non-violent non-cooperation.

If we can remember this in our own lives our times of struggle won't seem so crushing.

People are being disappeared because of struggle against the occupation of Balochistan.

THE INVISIBLE HISTORY Until recently, nonviolent action has not been recognized as a legitimate method of struggle.

Our time of struggle is the time when our faith is tested, which in turn produces perseverance and endurance in us.

After nine years of struggle to stay afloat, a diminishing station lineup inevitably led to lower ratings and cancellation.

Based on this belief, they killed more Bangalees than perhaps Pakistani military ever did during those 9 months of struggle.

In 5% of cases "in struggle" is used

That is one of the foundations of their ambivalence, of their lack of commitment in struggles.

The people engaging in struggle in their own interests, led by a genuine revolutionary national democratic program, is the starting point if we want to.

In 5% of cases "without struggle" is used

Good friendships came, but not without struggles.

In 2% of cases "with struggle" is used

The gospel should ease and guide us, faced with struggles of life.

This year will be filled with struggles and challenges, successes and failures, friends and rude people and academics and extracurriculars.