Prepositions used with "nature"

"of nature" or "in nature"?

In 38% of cases "of nature" is used

Kids experience more of nature.

All of nature follows this law.

These are the wonders of nature.

And whatever we think of God, his existence is not manifest in the products of nature.

It figures prominently in such staples of metaphysics as causation and laws of nature.

It is called Samadhi, which still carry seeds of nature of core of the objects subtle.

Yeats are part of the 6 kilometres of nature trails taking in woods, river, turlough, bare limestone and Coole lake.

Art demands: refined aesthetic, stir the hearts of major works -- comics: Angel mirror represents a force of nature.

For those who are looking to bring in a bit of nature through a splash of color, non-toxic paints are the way to go.

The rivers, the forests, the green mountains, the snow-capped peaks and the flowers are beautiful objects of nature.

In 30% of cases "in nature" is used

Edward was interested in nature.

There is nothing static in nature.

The key is to run outside in nature.

Bamboo Bay is about being submersed in nature in traditional Thai Style accommodation.

For Buddhists, there is neither meat nor vegetables; there are only elements in nature.

The bright white underside of their tails is as distinctive a flag as exists in nature.

Wind conditions were reported as gusty in the Mouse Valley area with some turbulence, although not severe in nature.

Even if smog were a risk to human life, we must remember that life in nature, without technology, is wholesale death.

White white wine vinegar is acid tomatoes in nature and will deprive off the natural shine of one's hardwood flooring.

However, if you have a question/issue that is general in nature, you are vey much welcome to leave anonymous comments.

In 11% of cases "by nature" is used

It is by nature somewhat radical.

Humans are by nature depraved and evil sinners.

This is the divine energy of the universe whose existence is by nature infinite and pure.

Hu was violent and abusive by nature, an alcoholic, always beating Liu Jinfeng when drunk.

I'd a very calm person by nature and I never display my emotions in front of other people.

The folded napkin under his left arm seemed to have been placed there by nature, so perfectly did it fit into place.

However, as disappointed as he may be, Morgan, an optimist by nature, is looking to make the most of this experience.

You have as your owners the people who are actually your managers and who are very independent-oriented people by nature.

All is condensed here in few words: (1) He is by nature a miserable and polluted sinner - without merit, and without hope.

In 8% of cases "to nature" is used

It bespoke the most respect to nature.

A life close to nature is possible here.

My advice, return to nature as much as you can.

I am to nature all the students to identify their talents and work on them to the maximum 3.

Nature less than construction in modern society, back to nature becomes a ideal for human beings.

Marx's approach to nature tended to emphasise the fact that much of what we call nature has been socially constructed.

Along with the return to nature and reason, the twisting curvilinear forms of the Rococo were seen to work against nature.

There is no better way of feeling close to nature and relaxing peacefully other than choosing a avian watching Safari with us.

In 6% of cases "with nature" is used

So we ought to live in harmony with nature.

We have spoiled and lost touch with nature.

It is like being one with nature while here.

I chose to breastfeed because I believe in going with nature if it's at all possible.

Integrating direct contact with nature into coaching is the foundation of my practice.

Tell me about your fascination with nature and its relationship to people in your work.

If you are an outdoor person or not you will be able to find your mind blowing getaways and be at one with nature.

One aspires to be sophistacated and yet simple, street-smart and agog with nature -- city mouse and country mouse.

The Vedas are peppered with numerous tips on how to achieve welfare for all by working in conjunction with nature.

My daughter has been coveting this bag since I made it, so I am making her one with nature's brown and birch heather.

In 2% of cases "for nature" is used

The place is highly recommended for nature lovers.

With less population we would leave more space for nature.

In his story he mentioned thanking God for nature and the trees.

She is a trustee of Trust for nature and a Sounding Board member of Flinders Quartet.

Best for nature Mid-range Birds are one of the key reasons for visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

PS: Gaia, in the most simplest meaning, is wican for nature, mother earth, that sort of thing.

We barely have time for nature in this fast-paced world of ours! This is where it all happened: The origin of life.

So she used all her money from Intensive Satsang in a selfless act by helping people and animals, to care for nature.

UK National Ecosystem Assessment, Making Space for nature, Foresight Land Use Futures and the Natural Environment White Paper.

As a source of exchange, innovation and creativity, cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature.

In 2% of cases "from nature" is used

You are not separate from nature.

A Little Help from nature Nature sets the tone for so many dates.

And if you are inseparable from nature, victory is your birthright.

An example from nature being the clownfish (above - you might know it better as Nemo!!).

This is the world view that we have lost because of our separation from nature through technology.

If you come across a person who is not willing to learn from nature and his own inner reflections, run.

Before I forget I should tell you that I have pictures but they are mostly of relics, antique things, and scenes from nature.

We have shut off our senses, lost our child-like curiosity, openness and strength from nature, which cyclically comes to life.

This is what they want you to believe: - The IPCC claims that 97% of the CO2 entering the atmosphere each year comes from nature.

Samsung may have to do better than draw its inspiration from nature when designing and building the next wave of Android smartphones.

In 1% of cases "about nature" is used

Everyone is free to hold onto their opinions about nature vs.

And one of the wonderful things about nature is it's immense powers for recovery.

The more you learn about nature, the more you learn it's a bit of a one-trick pony.

Whether the Orang Pendek exists is not as important as is our curiosity about nature.

I homeschool and make use of the flowergardens to capture bugs and learn about nature.

Interact with local people, learn about nature and the environment, and marvel at the splendid wildlife.

The museum and Hall of Fame idea is a unscrupulous way of telling about nature and the nature of science itself.

Hear surprising stories about nature from experts examining life forms everywhere, from yeast to the bowhead whale.

There is nothing magically moral about nature, evolution simply sculpted species the way it did to maximize their reproductive prospects.

I didn't realise that at first, because Christians were shielding their motivation behind lots of guff about nature and bigamy, but it's pretty obvious now.

In 1% of cases "against nature" is used

I do not do anything against nature.

against nature? The birds and the bees do not get married.

They see sickness as a pain against nature and not as a favor from God.

Maasai believe that tilizing the land for crop farming is a crime against nature.

The Black Act of Human Art does the opposite--by the force of will against nature.

However, containing and taming rivers flow through such human actions are against nature.

Along with the return to nature and reason, the twisting curvilinear forms of the Rococo were seen to work against nature.

It is against nature; and it is a deception of Satan just to twist the word of God and to grieve God and go contrary to His will.

In time, everything we are and the crimes against nature which we've committed will disappear, not even a blip on the timeline of the cosmos.

Once it gets to the point of acceptance of acts against nature (basically, any orifice will do) is typically one of the last steps before it all goes down in flames.

In 1% of cases "on nature" is used

In on nature Empedocles speaks of cosmic time cycles.

We wanted a small tour with a focus on nature and wildlife.

Photo: Mokaram Hossain W e who work on nature cherish a dream.

If field level workers on nature and environment are engaged in this project it will be more effective.

Not easy to improve upon nature, which has had billions of years to perfect it's own version of reality.

For me though, such transcendent moments are usually based on nature, music, remembrance of the dead or a combination of the three.

Humankind has always tried to gain the upper hand on nature, to contain it and make it convenient for us to look at, but not get in our way.

Interestingly, reflections and discussions on the notions of place and landscape envision nature within a certain human frame, either the frame of memory or that of gaze.

Agriculture that uses an ecosystem approach that draws on nature's contribution to crop growth and applies appropriate external inputs at the right time, in the right amount.