Prepositions used with "newspaper"

"of newspaper" or "in newspaper"?

In 34% of cases "of newspaper" is used

Provision of newspapers, periodicals etc.

Jang Group Of Newspapers All rights reserved.

Subsequently the number of newspapers increased.

Without state postal discounts and tax breaks, the price of newspapers would be even higher.

Without state postal discounts and tax breaks, the price of newspapers would be even higher.

And these punishments can vary from the burning of newspaper copies to the murder of editors.

A new issue is whether journalists or computer specialists retain editorial control of newspaper's Internet version.

Two of the walls, in what would have been the main living room, were covered in remnants of newspaper and wallpaper.

Unquote PublishaLetter allows you to send Letters to the Editors of thousands of Newspapers and Magazines across the world.

Rupert Murdoch, for all his bluster about being at the forefront of newspaper technology, is an old fashioned newspaper owner.

In 25% of cases "in newspaper" is used

Recalled products are published in newspapers.

We can't just depend on facts reported in newspapers.

Many articles in newspapers compared these groups to dogs.

You can't regulate out poitical and personal bias in newspapers or the wider media.

CM: Several of your pieces were distributed for free -- in newspapers, for example.

It also includes articles or publications in newspapers, magazines, catalogues, etc.

in newspaper reports one often read of his ' controversial ' past, involving a prison sentence, among other things.

Unmarried mothers were often desperate so they answered the adverts placed in newspapers by seemingly reputable people.

We advertise in newspapers, on billboards and hold awareness campaigns to tell the people ' pay back, lah ', and so on.

All of Rajneesh's drug use was exposed by the FBI, local Oregon law enforcement, and published in newspapers around the country.

In 8% of cases "for newspaper" is used

There were positives for newspapers in the Pew research, conducted in collaboration with the Economist Group.

He has also written for newspapers, including the New York Times, the Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Subscriptions for newspapers nationwide are down, not for any perceived bias, but for the simple fact that people don't read papers anymore.

For newspapers, it could bring some relief to a business that has lost 50 percent of its ad revenue since 2006 and is in need of outside investment.

In 8% of cases "to newspaper" is used

I stopped writing letters (and emails) to newspapers long ago.

Prisoners were denied access to newspapers; their correspondence was censored and limited.

For most survivors, there was no access to newspapers during the first days of the rescue.

Four political leaders admitted to newspapers and to TV that they had received the funds, which authenticated the Jain diaries.

You know how some people turn to newspaper for daily horoscopes (I mean Stars )? Your readings are the truth and reliable than horoscopes.

We apparently according to newspaper reports, at that time and also recently again in the press, have the cheapest power supply in the world.

According to newspaper reports this morning, the payment will range between EUR200 and EUR400 for most people, depending on the value of their property.

Another wall at the far end of the room is devoted to newspaper clippings from all parts of the world praising the tranquility and hospitality of the Clermont.

This organisation's goal were to inform the public about the slave trade and develop techniques such as sending anti-slavery articles to newspapers and lobbying MPs.

In 7% of cases "with newspaper" is used

Remove all items from the kitchen countertops and cover the countertops with newspaper.

NEGOTIABLES It's left to the residents if they want to line the kitchen bin with newspapers sheets or not.

She was armed with newspaper cutouts, maps and magazine tear-outs of clothing designs that she wanted tailored.

It's now our own one-stop shop disputes resolution service so that people never had to go to law to resolve their differences with newspapers.

They are also relatively new, so nobody quite understands how readers will interact with newspapers in the coming years as free content is withdrawn.

Advertisers wishing to reach consumers are likely to continue having success with newspapers, since 9 out of 10 Finnish adults read a daily newspaper.

She and her friends called radio and television stations, along with newspaper editors, in a door-to-door marketing campaign that paid off, but was hard work.

Advertising as a discrete type is commonly agreed to have begun with newspapers, within the seventeenth century, which incorporated line or classified marketing.

Unfortunately, with dwindling readership, it's now the other way around, with newspapers now chasing opinion by trying to appeal to the views of their readership.

The recent storm in Beijing which killed at least 77 people caused the censors to come out in force, with newspapers told to can coverage and online accounts of the deluge snipped.

In 6% of cases "on newspaper" is used

This estimate is based on newspaper reports and medical record.

For example, on 10 July, there were three grenade attacks on newspaper buildings in a single day.

In 2001, 58 percent of advertising dollars was spent on newspaper ads, and 17 percent was spent on magazine ads.

The Minister of State for education says his ministry can not punish offenders based on newspaper expose and audit reports.

Where 76 years ago, the people had to rely on newspapers and radio for information, today we have a platform that allows everyone a voice.

We have learned to rely on newspapers and radio to keep ourselves updated; it has not been easy, but it has been fun visualising what we hear.

TIP! Instead of spending a large amount of money on newspapers, ask local stores that carry the paper if you can have unused copies on Monday morning.

Finland's largest multimedia house, Sanoma-WSOY, publishes the country's two largest newspapers, the Helsingin Sanomat (455,000) and the afternoon newspaper Ilta-Sanomat (219,000).

In 5% of cases "by newspaper" is used

She was going by newspaper reports which turned out not to be true.

In an earlier avatar, I used to be owned by newspaper and television tycoons.

This reporter spent hours being interviewed by newspapers, magazines and broadcasters throughout Bilderberg's sessions.

Annual National Freedom of Information Audits conducted by Newspapers Canada routinely confirm these causes and effects.

Holmes and Watson had been sitting there for a couple of hours discussing all the latest mysteries reported by newspapers.

The Crime Scene Clean Up, Lancaster, California branches have many amongst them, which have been appreciated by newspapers and the local news too.

Swirly flowers, butterflies, polka dots and myriad other creative designs enhance the creativity of this art but among all of them, a newly introduced pattern is done by newspaper.

In 3% of cases "from newspaper" is used

The examples are drawn from newspapers and magazines.

But it is vitally important to widely read everything from newspapers to best selling books, both popular and academic.

They'll have to spend a lot more money on a lot more reporters to cover the world when they can't steal from newspapers.

But victims who are often live surrounded by growing piles of objects ranging from newspapers to clothes are paralysed by anxiety about dealing with the problem.

I have book upon book on ways to ' predict the future ', and I have used them to magical effect in the past, predicting everything from newspaper headlines to bingo numbers.

In 2% of cases "as newspaper" is used

It is often used in poetry as well as newspapers.

Altar Looking for Thai products such as newspapers, magazines, VCDs, DVDs and CDs, Kowloon City is the right place.

As such, blogs need to move on from the notion that they are similar to traditional publications, such as newspapers and magazines, that operate mostly on ad revenue.