Prepositions used with "note"

"of note" or "with note"?

In 66% of cases "of note" is used

He has done nothing of note thus far.

Career a success, nothing of note done.

The only other element of note is the 8.

It helps to fetch the list of notes which holds the related information for your query.

You can set: color and size of note, color and size of text, transparency, text alignment.

While some may have been destroyed, a number of notes were rescued by players in the drama.

Majority of the three billion pieces of notes to be printed will be P20 notes while the least will be the P200 notes.

It performs the traditional central banking roles of note issuance and of being the banker to the government and banks.

Also of note, of the Canadians that do have a TFSA, 27 percent have only an investment account and 21 percent have both.

In response, Manila and Hanoi filed a series of note verbales to protest the Chinese intrusion into the contested islands.

In 16% of cases "with note" is used

A more literal translation with notes? Apologies, that's not gon na happen.

Reprinted by UC Berkeley's China Digital Times (Zh? nggu shz shdi ), with notes.

No: musical stories that have to do with notes, configurations of notes, relationships of notes.

For example, if I put EDUCATION on the board, they can come up with note, cute, caution, dance, etc.

The Tokaj is toasty, with notes of delicately roasted almonds, drier orange peels, and dried flowers.

You'd want an instrument that would respond and resonate well with notes in the range you want to use.

Boyle; Motoko Rich with Notes From the Field; novel for young adults; and Jennifer Schuessler with best-seller news.

But having an actual fan with a brain sneak into the development process that is normally filled with notes from the brain dead is exciting to me.

In 5% of cases "in note" is used

Again, you can take in notes so write the points down.

For more information on scooter usage, see the report cited in note 1.

A hollow sound from a larger timber member, or a change in note along a length of timber might indicate decay.

Changes in notes receivable is shown in the investing section, while changes in notes payable is shown in the financing section.

Once I have my plot worked out and written in note form, I start by breaking the story down into one-page chunks -- detailing what has to happen on each page of the comic.

In considering changes in current assets and liabilities, it should be remembered that changes in notes receivable and notes payable are not shown as operating section adjustments.

In 3% of cases "for note" is used

Quick note: you asked for notes on typos.

It allows for notes about activities to be added.

For notes on the healing of this paralytic see Mt 9:2-8.

Yes the iPhone original wall charger has the same output as the Samsung supplied wall charger for note.

You can use power point to display things to your audience, and programs like Word for notes and outlines.

I already have a binder for Home Improvements that includes paper for notes, graph paper, a zipper pouch for color swatches &; lots of folders for home improvement information.

In 2% of cases "between note" is used

Indian music theory uses the concept of a shruti, which is an interval smaller than the intervals normally found between notes, similar to the concept of cents in Western music.

No matter what key you start with, if you count up the number of intervals between notes, you can determine what notes to play to form any particular chord using the interval pattern for that chord.

In 2% of cases "in-between note" is used

The in-between notes that you get in sean nos singing contain an awful lot of power and history and that ancientness of our music, and if you take them out you just have a pile of notes.

The in-between notes that you get in sean nos singing contain an awful lot of power and history and that ancientness of our music, and if you take them out you just have a pile of notes.

In 2% of cases "on note" is used

Notes Click on Notes to see your entire notes list.

Some would call this ' non-music ' as the focus is neither on notes nor melodies.

Accents on notes and good dynamics can achieve a ' human ' sound - even if you are persistently ' sitting on the click '.

The Pop-up note, the Note taking app on note II can now run on the top of other apps and can be re-sized and video pop-up also works the same way as in Galaxy S III.

Then one day, while talking to a guest who had just donated towards a project described on notes left in the guest's bedrooms about how to generate more funds, it dawned on Claude.

In 2% of cases "to note" is used

He knows his subject, so he doesn't refer to notes.

Points to note It is not necessary for your stamps to be continuous but you must be legally resident in the State at the time of the application.

In 2% of cases "without note" is used

All the selected texts are published without notes except for those originally inserted by Peirce.

In 1% of cases "about note" is used

We talked about notes between the notes.

What the research Velasques-Manoff writes about notes is that a large number of mothers of autistic children have had some sort of immune compromising condition while they were pregnant.