Prepositions used with "bike"

of, on, for, by or to bike?

In 29% of cases "of bike" is used

Cafe Racer refers to both a type of bike and their drivers.

I don't have a vested interest in ANY brand of bike or product.

As a car driver I try to be as aware as possible of bikes on the road.

Voters do not share Congress ' enthusiasm for federal funding of bike paths and walkways.

Bottle necks quickly starting requiring me to maneuver myself in between hundreds of bikers.

Obnoxious Facebook photos now set to expand from babies and bowls of ramen to photos of bike parts.

In London I belong to a motorcycle club and I would consider some kind of bike touring holiday with like-minded people.

There will be plenty of bike traffic at this transit hub from May - October, esp if cold drinks and park space are available.

Kev the certificate of conformity issued by the EU on each type of bike dosen't have all the info required for the regulations.

Here's a video describing Vancouver's Dunsmuir bike path: Obviously, this type of bike path would drastically change Whyte Avenue.

In 17% of cases "on bike" is used

I traveled 1500 kms in monsoon but on bike.

The only transport is on bikes and bicycles.

This year Dean came up with one that's called Brothers on Bikes.

I'll leave you to watching your endless loop of grannies on bikes and cyclists holding hands.

I'll leave you to watching your endless loop of grannies on bikes and cyclists holding hands.

Substantially more money needs to be spent on bike paths in urban areas to get non-riders cycling.

After an extensive consultation the city settled on bike lanes, and the vote sailed through council by a large majority.

She told me funny stories about her upbringing in Liverpool, a world of men in caps on bikes and old ladies with jugs of gin.

We can all ride bikes and have been on bike rides near to our house but these are all relatively short or can include some steep hills.

He's probably a great guy and a great technician but Ben's a great athlete and deserves to be mounted on bikes that don't fall apart under him.

In 14% of cases "for bike" is used

The AMA schedule leaves plenty of time for bike riding and such.

The napa valley has always been a dangerous place for bike riders.

for bike sporting buffs, brands like Focus bikes can prove to be ideal.

The ASNZS2063 standards for bike helmets requires a helmet dropped from 1.

The infrastructure costs for bike lanes and public transit are astronomical.

But keeping imported bikes well tuned is a perennial problem for bike aid projects.

The process allows hollow objects to be very accurately mapped, so it's ideal for bike frames and forks.

So rather than requiring insurance, you should be calling for a subsidy for bike riding - with or without a helmet.

Mr Chew's thankful that his family has been understanding and supportive of his passion for bike touring over the years.

Car drivers and other road users must recognise a bike's vulnerability and actively look out for bikes and especially at junctions.

In 12% of cases "by bike" is used

The Fort Charles Beach is within walking distance (15 min) or 5 min by bike.

I have a six mile commute to work which I do by bike (rain is not your enemy.

Endomondo Application tracked at our training either on foot, by bike or running.

Now, alas, I am that no longer, but I still go everywhere by bike (or public transport).

I'd here to tell you, it's a nice trip by bike, thanks to the many fine trails we have in this city.

And indeed, we reached this wonderful place by car (but Joe stayed at home, and Barnabas dared to reach it by bike!

The whole area is best explored by slow and aimless driving, or by bike or canoe if you've brought one along with you.

A city dweller who commutes by bike three or four days a week, while still maintaining a car, can save up to $500 a year.

Reindeers don't like the heat so, in recent years, Santa has been spotted riding an elephant, arriving by bike or even on water ski.

I commute and shop and do most of my normal errands either by bike or foot, so they will be disappointed by the lack of data coming from my car.

In 12% of cases "to bike" is used

Many cities are also are flatter and more suited to bikes.

Many cities are also are flatter and more suited to bikes.

Niall is new to bike racing so he's still learning the tactics.

I wake up early because I decided to bike it there instead of driving.

I managed to bike as far as Surat Thani but then fell sick due to heat &; exhaustion.

I get calls every day from adventurers wishing to bike to the pole, but no one has ever attempted it.

We aim to cater for a wider range of tastes here from Hot Rods &; Street Rods all the way through to Bikes and Trucks.

If you guys don't mind, in the next week or two I'll post a couple of links to bikes I've seen and ask for some thoughts.

Right or wrong your choice denies, and that of the automobile lobby worldwide, denies thousands of kids access to bikes, gentle riding and fun.

Right or wrong your choice denies, and that of the automobile lobby worldwide, denies thousands of kids access to bikes, gentle riding and fun.

In 6% of cases "about bike" is used

My bf knows a lot about bikes and fixing.

Especially on a public forum about bikes.

I'd sure he thinks I'd going to talk about bike commuting.

Whether you blog about bikes, beauty, bedknobs or broomsticks; bitch better be passionate about it.

They know about bikes: they've ridden one out near Tai Po, or perhaps had one as a child ' back home '.

This is all to say that I was awfully predisposed to hate Premium Rush, which is a thriller about bike messengers.

I know next to nothing about bikes, and buying off trademe would want to get them checked out first, does anyone recommend anyone in the city that does this? agreed.

All you folks probably came here thinking that I'd going to talk about bike commuting, but I've got to confess, I'd not actually going to talk that much about bike commuting.

In 6% of cases "in bike" is used

His interest in bikes started at a young age.

I have raced mountain bikes, in cross country and downhill events.

The real cost is in bike fitters taking advantage of the massive upsell opportunity.

If we were all training 2 hours a day on road/mountain bikes the equation would be different.

And I was always highly commended for my mastery and skill in bike riding and following the traffic rules.

More recently, a 2007 Senate amendment to divert federal investment in bike paths to bridge repair was defeated 80-18.

It's two young brothers who lost their uncle to cancer; they've always had an interest in bikes but have never ridden? seriously.

That, along with the fact that I will never, ever dope to do better in bike race is my contribution to the doping problem in this sport.

Possibly inspired by the economic need for cheap transport, cycling is thriving in the UK, with an obvious increase in bikes on the road.

In 3% of cases "with bike" is used

I became obsessed with bike riding.

I guess my position starts with my favourable personal experience with bike helmets.

However this week there are even more reasons to head south with bikes, fascists &; punk all vying for your attention.

Along with bike racks for parking, it'd be great to be able to have racks on the VIVA vehicles to take the bikes with us too.

I can see Criterion doing a top job of a new Road Rash, not forgetting Burnout Paradise was an ace game with bikes (added with the Ultimate Box).

In 1% of cases "at bike" is used

There are many electrolyte supplements sold at bike shops.

I cant help but look at bikes such as the ninja and think maybe it would be better/more fun for the daily commute.

In 1% of cases "off bike" is used

If I have time, I like to have an hour's gentle cycle rather than full day off bike.