Prepositions used with "son"

of, on, for, to or with son?

In 34% of cases "of son" is used

He is a son of son of late Abdul Gafur Shah of Chirirbandar upazila.

They want to have a lot of sons; it is a matter of pride with them.

It is as much as symbolic as true and real demonstration of son of the land.

I am Mozambican and I'd married to Sandra Miambo, with the blessing of sons.

Like for example saying that the person has such and such type of son or daughter.

Not motherhood in itself, but being a mother of sons is deeply tied to a woman's respect.

S premiere of son in-law Simon Aboud's directorial debut, Comes A Bright Day, on Tuesday night.

These 3GPP LTE-specific standards are the next phase of son features to further improve performance.

The core features of son currently are auto-provisioning, plug-and-play, and auto-neighbor list management.

The crown has passed down a line of sons of the kingdom's founder King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, who died in 1953.

In 15% of cases "on son" is used

Any pointers? Focusing on sons; maybe not being a perfect father is good enough.

My on son turned out to be alot like his dad whom he hasn't seen since he was 2 yrs.

Quite a lot of his big hitting ability rubbed off on son Chris, a much better batsman.

These men will be without the traditional forms of support in old age; China relies on sons rather than aged pensions and social services to care for the elderly.

Under such systems, a woman's paid and unpaid work benefits only her husband's family, while her own parents must rely on sons for care and financial support in old age.

In 13% of cases "for son" is used

Edward was the much hoped for son and was showered with presents and care.

The Russian word for son is not pronounced as ' sin ', although it is very close.

The Russian for son is pronounced as sin and the i is written as a b and i together The EH sound is also like 3 reversed.

Though we feel good for Sons of Anarchy viewers who have been advantageous adequate to watch Jimmy Smits in this purpose all deteriorate long.

It works well if it's a mother for daughter, father for son (this allows that any questions or conversations can be talked about with no fear that the gender-difference will be an issue).

In 13% of cases "to son" is used

Putting in words and policy is not going to day to day preachings and practices that are passed down from father to son.

Patel gives examples of women growing in confidence and authority, experiencing pride and elation after giving birth to sons.

Shortly after the couple got together Moynahan announced she was pregnant with Tom's baby and went on to give birth to son John.

In 13% of cases "with son" is used

Anthony Hopkins is big daddy King Odin married to Renee Russo with sons Thor and Loki.

The couple were photographed at Los Angeles International Airport with sons Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo at the start.

Dale Crebo and Louise Moore arrived in Palmerston North in October 2005 on temporary work visas with sons Crispin and Jedd.

Wives were to supply him with sons to inherit, daughters were to be married off to other families to increase his influence and prosperity.

In 6% of cases "like son" is used

Travis Poulson Hate to say it, but: ' like father, like son.

Again we say like father like son - Mills sat down for irresponsible appointees to plunged the nation into the present economic situation.

Grant has held down roles in such plays as Shebada Comes to Town, Like Father like son, Below the Waist, Serious Business, Ghett Out, and Double Dose.

According to Lady Justice Martha Koome when ruling in the case of Priscilla Kamau in 2005, daughters -- just like sons -- have equal rights to inherit.

In 2% of cases "by son" is used

Gifts symbolising Peggy's life, including a bingo card, a photograph of her in her garden and an Aran sweater were presented by sons Paul and Martin.

In a video-recorded address, he virtually announced his retirement from public life and urged his followers to stand by son Uddhav and grandson Aditya.

In 2% of cases "into son" is used

Now if the father dies, what will happen to huf and how will the proceedings of HUF be transferred into son's individual accounts, whether it be bank balance, FD 's, shares or any other investment.

In 2% of cases "without son" is used

Known as the Levirate law, it provided that if a man in a clan died without sons, his brother or next closest male relative would have to marry the widow.