Prepositions used with "carbon"

of, on, to, for or in carbon?

In 51% of cases "of carbon" is used

The valency of carbon in organic compounds is 4.

Obama could care less about reduction of carbon.

This reduces emissions of carbons by not using gasoline.

This fiber is indeed the only one allowing a ratio of carbon nanotubes higher than 50%.

If you had to name this yourself: Count the longest chain of carbons that you can find.

For many firms a large portion of carbon footprint resides upstream in the supply chain.

We need some form of carbon system -- but I think there's something in leveraging the ability of the market to deliver.

Founded in 1982 for the purpose of developing novel forms and morphologies of carbon for advanced materials and systems.

Counting the carbon atoms You will need to remember the codes for the number of carbon atoms in a chain up to 6 carbons.

Start decoding the name from the bit that counts the number of carbon atoms in the longest chain - pent counts 5 carbons.

In 12% of cases "on carbon" is used

And one idea that a few economists keep knocking around is a fee on carbon emissions.

She said that a third runway would not damage Britain's efforts to meet its cap on carbon emissions.

Therefore there must be negative feedback on carbon dioxide in order for sinks and sources to be matched.

In California, South Korea and Australia new emissions-trading schemes have recently put a price on carbon.

Banking group HSBC tells us that: Barack Obama may consider introducing a tax on carbon emissions to help cut the U.

But the HSBC note to investors said that a relatively modest $20-a-ton tax on carbon emissions could slash the federal deficit by $1.

We focus too much on carbon expenditure and not enough on the carbon cycle which makes us dangerously blind to the impact of biodiversity.

Hence, we should stop trying to shackle economic growth by imposing controls on carbon emissions, and get rid of subsidies on renewable energy.

Some advocates prefer a tax on carbon, while others are pushing for a cap-and-trade market similar to the one credited with reducing sulfur emissions.

So I ask this Congress to send me legislation that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution and drives the production of more renewable energy in America.

In 8% of cases "to carbon" is used

Black carbon has emerged as a major contributor to climate change, second only to carbon dioxide.

To improve credibility and enable learning, a uniform approach to carbon footprinting is essential.

The 2050 Energy Roadmap, adopted by the European Commission last month, looks to carbon capture for 19.

It is important to note that carbon labels are not restricted to carbon dioxide emissions, but also considers other greenhouse gases.

Meanwhile, the core of the star collapses under gravity's pull until it reaches a high enough density to start burning helium to carbon.

It risks losing the UK massive opportunities in growing sectors from renewables and electric vehicles to carbon capture and solar devices.

What can be done? The authors recommend that, to improve credibility and enable learning, a uniform approach to carbon footprinting is essential.

Most greens in the mainstream now spend their time arguing about whether they prefer windfarms to wave machines or nuclear power to carbon sequestration.

The project involves the development of a syngas plant (to be operated by BOC) to convert coal to carbon dioxide and hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas).

The Minister may, to ensure the effectiveness of these methods, lay down the strength and duration of the current used and the concentration and length of exposure to carbon dioxide.

In 7% of cases "for carbon" is used

It is now possible for carbon atom to form 4 bonds in the excited state.

They can also be used for carbon sequestration and bioremediation of waste and waste water.

Even small changes in the total carbon stocks in soils provide a huge source or sink for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Research Even if the much-ballyhooed political opening for carbon taxes is largely illusory, the opening for policy wonks is real.

The global economic crisis has reduced levels of output in developed countries, leading to a sharp drop in demand for carbon credits.

Some earn from the sale of fruits by those who planted orchards or from the sale of tree seedlings while others are earning carbon credits for carbon sequestration.

The example of accounting for carbon Accounting for carbon and the carbon tax is one example in which accountants need to develop a new approach and a new skill set.

One important difference is that, whereas the Labour government rejected the idea of guaranteeing a ' floor ' price for carbon emissions, this is a policy of the coalition government 24.

The materials we use may differ, they'll be more ingeniously created and formed to build with, they'll be more regimented by the building legislation and policies for carbon free emissions.

In 7% of cases "in carbon" is used

It is possible to understand the bonding in carbon compounds by using Lewi's dot model.

Ocean acidification is linked, not to global warming, but to increase in carbon dioxide.

It is painted in carbon Flash Metallic exterior with Bahia Red accents and matte black graphics.

This will be dressed up -- falsely, and don't ever buy into the lie -- as an increase in carbon Tax.

Divisive trading between firms given too few and too many can erode faith in carbon trading platforms.

Turanor PlanetSolar has just finished construction in carbon fibre epoxy sandwich materials at the Kiel, Germany yard.

Plus VAT Increase In addition to the increase in carbon taxes a leaked report to the IMF revealed that the VAT Read more.

Why now do we have a Prime Minister unfoiling Hazelwood and reducing the floor price in carbon price? Political opportunism.

Meanwhile, China which overtook the United States in carbon emissions last year has been a member since the 30th of August 2002.

When plants get over four to eight inches tall (depending on who you talk to ), the leaves become higher in carbon and less digestible by chickens.

In 7% of cases "with carbon" is used

Would love to try them with carbon rims, but that may be too awesome.

Trek does something similar on their 2012 models with carbon main frames.

The single-stage axial fan with carbon rotor blades uses 3,000 kW at full load.

Hence it contributes one electron for bond formation with carbon as shown below.

At the price point, all the bikes feature aluminum frames with carbon fiber forks.

The two words I always associate with carbon on a dangerous descent are ' catastrophic failure '.

And we've known about mixing white dwarfs with carbon and oxygen in their atmospheres for a long time.

They were experimenting with carbon arc lighting systems and trying to send electrical currents over long distances.

A Z Spec grille in matte black with carbon accents, headlamp housing, fog lamp bezels and a rear diffuser painted dark Argent.

with carbon accounting the model should include both the embedded energy costs (energy use to produced the item) plus the carbon usage rate based on the energy source.

In 3% of cases "from carbon" is used

No one can say for sure how many Nigerians die each day from carbon monoxide poisoning or fume-related asthma.

These credits also integrate important additional features, which clearly distinguish them from carbon credits or carbon offsets.

The big challenge will be reducing weight -- we are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fibre.

Traveling with the Piikani (Peigan) People they showed him coal in the banks of Kneehills Creek not far from carbon, Alberta 60 miles east of Calgary.

Unaware of their ignorance, they impose significant net positive feedback in their GCMs which causes them to predict substantial warming from carbon dioxide increase.

The land sector measures are: Carbon Farming Futures ($429 million over six years) -- funding measures to help farmers and other landholders to benefit from carbon farming.

At presents our government and non government's organizations may collect a huge fund from international body for renewable energy research from carbon fund that may facilitate this sector rapidly.

In 2% of cases "about carbon" is used

Part of the company's rural land push is clearly about carbon credit.

Just as the entrance flashed by I caught a glimpse of a warning notice about carbon monoxide.

The proposed EU Fuel Quality Directive may ban imports of Canadian and American energy products sourced from the oil sands because of concerns about carbon emissions.

The fear of carbon has trumped all other issues -- so much so that is now common in popular culture to see ' green ' ideas represented simply as arguments about carbon emissions.

In 2% of cases "by carbon" is used

Of these, oxygen usually dominates, followed by carbon, neon, and nitrogen.

It will also obviously shrink when the sustainability problems caused by carbon have been found to have been overplayed.