Prepositions used with "scheme"

of, on, with, in or to scheme?

In 50% of cases "of scheme" is used

However, there are some people who still look for these types of schemes.

A number of schemes have been set up by the Brigade to reduce deliberate fires.

Get in touch with the provider of schemes directly to ask about your suitability.

Too much admin work and the ridiculous number of schemes put in place to revamp teaching methods.

For, unless the amount of scheme discount was a factor of Taxable turnover ' there would be no question of deducting it from taxable turnover.

A number of schemes, such as Eight19's pay as you go system can improve health (by cutting out the need for indoor kerosene burning) and save residents money.

The money is already being spent on hundreds of schemes to force people into work for the minimum wage, whilst making millionaires out of the people running the companies.

Key to this concept is the notion of exercise; cycling and walking to work opens up more pleasant options to thousands, as the success of schemes like London's Cycle Hire testify.

In 12% of cases "on scheme" is used

If dairy/beef prices fall back and there is only the SFP to support farm incomes we'll have casualties especially among the smaller farmers who tend to be more dependant on schemes like REPS.

In 10% of cases "with scheme" is used

On leaving the previous company, I had received a Scheme Certificate from EPFO under pension scheme 1995 with scheme certificate no.

The Religious Studies Faculty is forward-thinking, with schemes of work incorporating a focus on philosophy of religion and ethics.

In 8% of cases "in scheme" is used

Much of the foundational work on safe, powerful, macros was done in scheme (see e.

The feed in scheme also undermines the message that we need to use less and sends out the message you can profit form renewables.

Continuations Popularised in scheme, continuations remain a relatively exotic construct, with support only found in a handful of other languages, noticeably including Smalltalk.

In 4% of cases "after scheme" is used

She revolved scheme after scheme of escape, and was forced to dismiss all.

He changed his position restlessly, as he revolved scheme after scheme, which no sooner occurred than it was dismissed.

In 4% of cases "through scheme" is used

Through schemes for the eradication of poverty, provision of clean water, support for schools, and help for Aids orphans and families, we play our part in helping community projects.

In 2% of cases "from scheme" is used

In USA for instance, apart from schemes of pension, insurance and retirement benefits, the health care of the aged is linked with social security system.