Prepositions used with "race"

"of race" or "on race"?

In 41% of cases "of race" is used

Let's jettison the issue of race.

Even because of race drama on campus.

I have done plenty of races in the past.

At the moment we are P7 but I think anything is possible over the next couple of races.

The crisis of the credit crunch cause by sub-prime debtors, the crisis of race in the U.

Before the start of race, the lure is placed at least 12 yards ahead of the starting trap.

Justice is supposed to be wearing a blindfold but here Holder has expressed preferential treatment on the basis of race.

But in Guyana there is an added complication that, mercifully, is absent from Jamaican politics: the vexed issue of race.

Like Dave Kelly, I'd one of racers who racing in the States at this time, as I competed in the ' 97 &; ' 98 ESPN X-Games.

Additional differences occur because of the mix of self-identification and observer-identification of race and ethnicity.

In 17% of cases "on race" is used

The Republican Party isn't hung up on race.

All equal, all fair, no handouts based on race.

Certainly, no one party has the corner on race politics.

This recovery had perhaps the single greatest effect on race relations during this period.

After failing to complete his mission of starting wars based on race, he ran again and won.

Background The United States government has long collected statistics on race and ethnicity.

I am not a minority, not on welfare, not receiving food stamps, did not get a free cell phone, and did not vote based on race.

I am optimistic someday Malaysians will wake up and cast all political parties based on race and religion into basket of history.

When people chose their president/prime minister based on race (US) or gender (Australian women ), democracy is a ridiculous joke.

IF you want to show displeasure of the ruling party, vote for the opposition who can stand firm and not on race or religious lines.

In 11% of cases "in race" is used

They're the ones you never hear of in race reports.

Number of laps in race two at Silverstone? 18 (see here).

And all over the country, in race after race, they failed.

One is the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks spending patterns in races for U.

He started only 30th in race in Brasilia, his first in the series, but managed to finish 19th.

BDCylists is neither an elite athlete group, nor people who are training to compete in races.

With good braking system and handling, Neo could have potential to handle corners smoothly and use it as advantage in race.

Richard Simpson lifted the Dingo crews spirits with third place in race two and expects them return the favour over the coming races.

Although they put in a gallant effort to win race six Wildon Goh's Hi Jinks had to settle on third place overall by the end of the day.

Ties in races can cause a weird situation where the game tells you you're the higher rank, then the lower rank, then the higher rank again.

In 9% of cases "about race" is used

He divided the races by making things about race.

He delivered over 4k babies, not caring about race.

This was not about race; it was about crime, he says.

Anonymous Washington Times = World Nut Daily Anonymous This whole message board is about race.

VOICE TWO: Carl Rowan Carl Rowan won praise over the years for his reports about race relations in America.

You don't have to think you are superior to everyone of another race to speak honestly about race in America.

One can certainly imagine the back office discussions about race with reassurances of the racial purity of the donors.

So, am I racist too? I'd never really thought that much about race before reading Hi! My Name is Loco and I am a Racist.

For example, a fight between Julie and Kevin in New York culminated in a discussion about race relations in the United States.

This is not about race or political party! In fact, Obama is equal parts of white and black so put your tired old race cards away.

In 6% of cases "by race" is used

They uplift and demonize people by race.

Voters are deeply divided by race and age.

In short the Socialist Left are obsessed by race.

The breakdown by race was 46 percent Malays, 87 percent Chinese and 73 per cent Indians.

It must subscribe to the Olympic ideal, and must not discriminate in any way by race, sex etc.

In the south, it's often segregated by race: the FOH is mostly white, the BOH is mostly black.

They are often still segregated by race and social class, but they are responsible, respectful, polite, and just there to do their job and go home.

If you take the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test scores and disaggregate USA students by race, we are up there near the top.

If we let ourselves stay divided by race, then inequality keeps growing, and those on the top will prefer the easier answer of buying their way out of the problem.

In 5% of cases "for race" is used

Even the Bible has no terminology for race.

He presented a few different metaphors for race relations in the U.

for race car enthusiasts, this years event will be particularly sweet.

Trackmania 2 Canyon also allows you to make your own tracks for races.

The grid for race two will be made up of the finishing positions of race one.

Hubbard Award for race Relations and was made an officer of the Order of Canada.

A wet Brands Hatch GP circuit greeted the drivers for race two on Sunday morning.

That was one of the key points of a proportional system was it negated the need for race based seats.

The busy protest committee have decided to open the hearing tomorrow morning before the boats head out for race Four.

It is a highly desirable motorbike both for joy riders but more importantly for thieves who sell them as parts for race bikes.

In 4% of cases "with race" is used

It has absolutely nothing to do with race.

Other sociological effects come with race and religion.

My wife correctly deduced that it had nothing to do with race.

State education regulations were aligned with race to The Top goals.

Derbyshire of course simply correlates crime with poverty, and then poverty with race.

We are inundated with race and religion issues that mire the country in dealing with non-productive matters.

But from an innocent story -- and no one has shown me convincing proof that it is anything but a story -- a strange obsession with race has begun.

The party that is obsessed with race, that finds racial issues under every rock, is the party that tries to cover up their underlyng guilt of thier superior feelings over african americans.

In 3% of cases "to race" is used

A series of festivals varying from race to race are observed here.

Directors are chosen without discrimination as to race, creed, color, or national origin.

Do we create a world tour or do we just stay in our own countries and occasionally send riders to races.

In line with the subjective nature of the concept, research shows people change how they classify themselves with respect to race and ethnicity.

There simply exist a sizable number of people who can not pass up a chance to get nasty and ugly in those comments with regard to race or ethnicity.

Lap 10: 22:17 The organisation of the entire event was absolutely impeccable, my thanks go to race director Anthony Lee and his crew of the Donadea running club.

By relating the Presidential Election to race, this article ignores the 112 million white people that voted for Obama, without whom he would not have been elected.

I do see this site and others as being some form of expressing or allowing expression of the insanity our country and culture has evolved to in regard to race and racial guilt.

In 2% of cases "between race" is used

They are both being charged with committing a seditious act, by promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between races in Singapore.

His actions should be examined and if any wrong doing is confirmed, he should be punished CCTV can not be the platform that stimulates hate between races.

The relationship (between family structure and crime) is so strong that controlling for family configuration erases the relationship between race and crime and between low income and crime.

Is there any link between race, genes and athletics? I'd going to start with the idea that many people hold, that there is some special athletic prowess held by people of African descent in America.

In 2% of cases "from race" is used

A series of festivals varying from race to race are observed here.

Usually, the vulnerabilities come from race, class, migratory status, unfamiliarity with the language or the culture.

Men and women have the right to marriage, and no restrictions stemming from race, color or nationality shall prevent them from enjoying this right.