Prepositions used with "salary"

"of salary" or "in salary"?

In 33% of cases "of salary" is used

The job I'd doing doesn't command that kind of salary.

Singh challenged some provisions of salary and allowances available to MPs.

Salaries: Payment of salaries to the borrower's employees is not an eligible cost.

The graduates from Hotel management are getting a handsome amount of salary and also honor.

The government owes her years of salary for specific jobs like immunizing adults and babies.

Once the burden of salaries was taken off, then all the fundraising we do goes to the youth.

The strike ended in a week, but the teachers ' demands -- consisting of salary increases among other things -- were not met.

Okoth claimed his troubles with Sofapaka began when he was suspected to have revealed to the media the luck of payment of salaries.

This is in contrast to the position where an existing contract of employment is bona fide renegotiated so as to provide a mixture of salary and benefits.

After he has been exhibiting his odious character and pathetically low intellect, no one would want to employ him and pay him the kind of salary he must surely expect.

In 23% of cases "in salary" is used

Geographics play another big contributor in salary ranges.

Cousins loses about $70,500 in salary and Robinson more than $82,000.

The rest of the country reported 5 percent in capital gains and 72 percent in salary.

The state can not afford the huge increases in salaries for Article 71 office holders.

As regularly as possible we hear what people earn in salary: $40 week is middle class pay.

It may have been some stationery, an advertising solution, a new computer, a raise in salary, an afternoon off etc.

Rogers committed to add $42-million to their payroll give-or-take what Bonifacio earns in salary arbitration for next year.

Know what you can live with and what you can't live with, not only in salary and benefits but commute and office environment.

The interesting thing is that his salary in 2013 is slightly more than the bumps in salary Reyes and Buehrle will get in 2014.

The Court ruling comes after national governments, including Britain, mounted a legal challenge to halve the inflation busting increase in salaries and pensions.

In 12% of cases "on salary" is used

The Authority then makes a determination on salary.

I mean one could add many more to it on salaries, inequality, etc etc.

Until the world depends on Klout scores to decide on salaries and pay rises.

We haven't gotten all the specifics on salary yet so I am not sure on the number.

People in Yagoori live on salaries paid by the Somaliland administration to phantom soldiers.

Sockett also checked to see where the Keg stood on salaries and benefits compared with similar companies.

Managers usually work on salary (Servers make more money) Managers have to be there working on those times no one wants to work.

So whether you opt for a position in busy Denver or laid-back Gunnison, you can probably count on salary hikes in the next few years.

In 9% of cases "for salary" is used

We don't want to have to ask for salary.

He arranged for salaries to be paid by the government to the people working in them.

While they have money to pay for salaries, they still need to announce that ' we can pay you good salary '.

The culture of entrepreneurship and self reliance gave way to working hard for salaries, gratuity and pensions.

I would like to say Pranab Sir that please try to think for salary person, when increasing the limit and making budget for the whole year.

The owners also proposed adding a year of service for salary arbitration eligibility, hiking it from 1-4 to 2-5 years of service, depending on the age a player initially signs.

SALARY ARBITRATION Who will be eligible for salary Arbitration? As a general matter, players will be eligible for salary arbitration after four years in the League instead of three.

SALARY ARBITRATION Who will be eligible for salary Arbitration? As a general matter, players will be eligible for salary arbitration after four years in the League instead of three.

Who benefits? The tighter salary-matching rules in the 2005 agreement often required the addition of ballast (extra players thrown in for salary matching purposes) to make a trade legal.

In 6% of cases "from salary" is used

He intentionally separates them from salary reviews, otherwise they will expect more money if they get a good appraisal.

With a third of that amount stemming from salaries, the logical point of origin is to reduce the playing staff of an already tight unit.

The underwriter will review the client's annual income from salary or wages and multiply it by a factor that is based on the person's age.

These range from salary and payroll accounts, debit cards, saving and deposit products to insurance products and personal loans, credit cards, and packages for small business.

In 4% of cases "about salary" is used

If you think about salary for professionals starting at 2.

So don't compare about salary, place they stay and bed bugs.

The Government has done its best to present the dispute as being purely about salaries, which it claims have already been increased ' unusually '.

In 4% of cases "to salary" is used

Get the job, pay what you can in small (compared to salary) amounts.

It has always been obvious to me that the state education sector stood no chance whatsoever when it came to salary.

If the employee has a child, the employer may again attempt to play on his fears when it comes to salary review time.

In 3% of cases "as salary" is used

The details for these jobs are openly given, such as salary and other stuff.

While reading this article matter is toomuch surprising that MTNL is paying 95% as salary out of his total revenue.

In economics, overhead costs are fixed costs that are not dependent on the level of goods or services produced by the business, such as salaries or rents being paid per month.

In 3% of cases "with salary" is used

The State Pension will increase in line with salary increases.

Indeed, if anything, absenteeism increases with salary and qualifications.

How's that fair? Anonymous: Something wrong with salaries I am an older mother who was finally lucky enough to have children 12 months ago after many years of trying and IVF.