Prepositions used with "salt"

"of salt", "with salt" or "in salt"?

In 57% of cases "of salt" is used

I threw in a pinch of salt and pepper.

Take this article with a grain of salt.

One should take them with a grain of salt.

If a person uses excessive amount of salt in his or her meal or either he or she smokes.

But I'd an admitted GSP fan, so what I say should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

If the cake has plenty of flavouring, then the absence of salt probably won't be noticed.

Now university rankings should always be taken with a grain of salt for anything other than establishing broad trends.

However, in my 28 years I've never ran into anything like this so I'll take his word for it with a small grain of salt.

Marc Edelman and Carlos Oya articulated some of the reasons why global datasets must be taken with a healthy pinch of salt.

In 15% of cases "with salt" is used

Season with salt and white pepper 4.

Season generously with salt and pepper.

Avoid instant food as they are laced with salt.

It's seasoned with salt and pepper, lightly coated in flour and deep fried till crispy.

Season with salt and pepper, and serve topped with squash seeds, chives, herbs and/or yogurt.

They will not last as long as play dough made with salt does, but they are very easy to make.

For dental problems, mix turmeric with salt, add mustard oil to make a paste and rub on teeth and gums, twice daily.

Step 4: Combine ingredients Transfer the vegetables to a bowl and add the bread, thyme, egg, and season with salt and pepper.

This mixture is then drained and stewed for about 20 minutes in a pan with some butter, seasoned with salt and pepper and served hot.

Young Dandelion leaves make delicious sandwiches, the tender leaves being laid between slices of bread and butter and sprinkled with salt.

In 12% of cases "in salt" is used

But that doesn't happen on a beach, or in salt water.

Man shot and killed by unknown assailant's in salt Spring, St.

Salt (sodium chloride) - Horse feeds are generally low in salt.

Love the atmosphere of this place! It feels like getting your feet wet in salt water so calm and soothing.

Romney has said he left Bain in 1999 to lead the winter Olympics in salt Lake City, ending his role in the company.

She currently lives in salt Lake City, Utah, working with the Army Corps of Engineers on another government project.

I also conducted a workshop in salt Lake City for the LDS Public Affairs Office on the topic of Catholic Social Thought.

For example, if you want to settle down in salt Lake City, you should figure out what types of jobs are in demand in the area.

And this was a ' ' small ' ' National: The Summer Nationals, scheduled in salt Lake City at the end of July may be twice as big.

Sturdy marble entries provide steady footing to plush beds, as you may seek rest or bask in salt water pools and manicured lawns.

In 4% of cases "to salt" is used

He made two quick trips to salt Lake City under duress.

When I wash myself, the waters wash me, but my tears follow to salt my open wounds.

Fishermen used to salt the salmon then lightly ferment it by burying it in the sand.

The Quran also refers to salt and sweet waters of the ' two seas ' and to the production of marjan (pearl or coral) there.

What are the site limitations? Hours of sunlight, soil moisture, and sensitivity to salt are all conditions that should figure in to species selection.

It is going to be far more difficult in future for wealthy Greeks to salt away their assets in foreign banks as even the Italian rich have begun to realise.

In 3% of cases "for salt" is used

That's all they need, along with shelter from the wind, nectar, flat stones for sunning, and damp sand or gravel for salt.

So what do we trade for? I would love to see James Harden here but I'd not sure I could find a worse fit for salt Lake City.

She had kept the price normal although she had heard that shops all over HK were charging triple and quadruple prices for salt.

The second line is actually a solubility curve for salt in water - although it doesn't look quite like the one we described earlier on this page.

The same middle of the road approach works for salt intake too, with those who overly restrict their intake having the same kind of health problems as those who don't.

He called for a platter to catch the drippings from one burner; for butter and lemon to make a gravy; for salt and pepper and oil to rub on the steaks for the second burner.

Question? does this technique have any application for salt water guys chasing redfish in Texas bays or marshes? We often face situations where we don't have room to make a normal backcast.

In 3% of cases "from salt" is used

The flavor of steak should not come from salt.

A break, then I like everyone from salt Like onward.

Then Salt from salt N Pepa jumped on it and added a verse.

That would mean that the project would be open to a wider number of publishers -- poetry from salt for example as well as Faber.

Flood embankments were raised with an intention to save agricultural land from salt water flooding and thereby to intensify rice production.

In 2% of cases "at salt" is used

Visitors can view animals at salt lick water holes.

It is easy to get to the Great salt Lake, 10 miles from our SLC hotel, since we're off I-80 and I-215.

The best part of these Salt Lake City accommodations are the extras that make this a great salt Lake City hotel deal.

The staff of Holiday Inn Express at salt Lake Airport (SLC) provides guests outstanding service in many different ways.

He wanted Crocker? s men to first reach Humboldt Wells, then, the north end of the Great salt Lake, and finally Echo or Weber Canons.

I-80 is located south of the Great salt Lake and does not come close to the grade until it reaches the Moor, Nevada off ramp, a distance of over 225 miles.

As early as the summer of 1867 Huntington pushed to have one of his associates stationed at salt Lake City to develop relations with the Mormons and direct operations from there.

Next morning along the beach at salt Marsh, the bodies of most of these unfortunate brave sea gallants were found rent and torn and in some cases the features battered beyond identification.

In 2% of cases "by salt" is used

The finished novel was accepted by salt, which has made me very proud.

Plus, they are highly resistant to damage by salt water, their maintenance costs are low and they are fully removable.

For decades, the only challenge to irrigation technology was progressive, irreversible soil salinization caused by salt brought in with imported water.

Also the soil chemistry varies considerably from area to area to the extent that some areas would seem to grow almost any plant to areas that are poisoned by salts.

One of the few industries to survive for any length of time in the Galapagos islands is salt mining, as naturally saline lagoons have been exploited by salt harvesters for centuries.

In 1% of cases "as salt" is used

Like other filters, the biosand filter can not remove dissolved contaminants or chemicals, such as salt, arsenic or fluoride.

In most cases the membrane is designed to allow only water to pass through this dense layer while preventing the passage of solutes (such as salt ions).

In 1% of cases "like salt" is used

Just sprinkle some spices like salt and pepper all over the turkey.

You can use simple spices like salt and pepper (coarse salt is even better).

Reading Naomi Shihab Nye Before you know what kindness really is, you must lose things, feel the future dissolve in a moment, like salt in a weakened broth.