Prepositions used with "scandal"

"of scandal", "by scandal" or "in scandal"?

In 61% of cases "of scandal" is used

Children's homes, old people's homes and mental homes have seen their share of scandals.

A season free of scandal that showcases the talents and success of players and clubs would be my wish.

It is a cynical form of ' ' power ' which wraps, phone hacking and electoral influence, in a tawdry package of scandal and celebrity gossip.

The treatment of women in the Australian military has been the subject of scandal and a damning report by that country's Sex Discrimination Commissioner (released in August 2012).

He reinforced his image of competence by stepping in to help manage the 2000 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, which had been plagued by budget shortfalls and accusations of scandal.

I have a hunch that we will hear more from General Patreaus (and certainly from his biographer Paula Broadwell) even after the sexy part of scandal has waned and the crass part starts cranking.

In 11% of cases "by scandal" is used

In 2009, we were distracted by scandal: Toronto M.

Second, Obama would be weakened further by scandal.

Another season of Serie A football was kicked-off and, once again, the new campaign is defined by scandal.

Finally, we noted the heartening provincial tradition of promptly tossing out elected officials tainted by scandal.

Born by scandal GLP was devised and implemented in the late 1970s following a scandal over poor quality research and altered data at a number of private research companies.

In 11% of cases "in scandal" is used

And their advocacy movement has been mired in scandal since its beginning.

Mired in scandal, Union Montreal chose city councillor Richard Deschamps as their nominee to become interim mayor until Nov.

Macdonald was first in war (Red River Rebellions I and II ), first in peace and first in scandal (the Union Pacific Scandal ); but without him, there might not have been a united Canada.

In 3% of cases "amid scandal" is used

The Commissioner resigned in October amid scandal.

Unfortunately the production of Tucker ' 48 got close due the scandal name ' amid scandal ', after that Jeff Bridges did role in a hit movie which was based on the life story of Preston.

In 3% of cases "with scandal" is used

His presidency is laced with scandal and eight opposition parties have moved a motion of no-confidence.

If the myths of great souls were true, history would not be so littered with scandals of gurus committing every crime in the book.

In 2% of cases "about scandal" is used

We frequently hear about scandals involving money laundering and Ponzi schemes, and about how some people have struck it rich through such unethical means.