Prepositions used with "science"

"of science" or "in science"?

In 59% of cases "of science" is used

He holds a Bachelor of science (B.

Description: Master of science in.

Prabhu has Master of science (MSc.

The third weakness is of more recent growth and it stems from the success of science.

Fin-de-siecle physics was in many ways a chapter of turmoil in the history of science.

This is surely incompatible with his requirement for evidence in his field of science.

He has a Master of science degree (Major: Community Health for Developing Countries) from University of Heidelberg.

Engineers use knowledge of science and technology, together with strategies of design, to solve practical problems.

Beyond this, students can get involved in student societies and research initiatives through the Faculty of science.

In 18% of cases "in science" is used

That is not the case in science.

Within science fiction is ' space opera.

Science should be taught in science class.

in science and in the real world, these different skills and abilities sometimes clash.

More than 30 thousand people travel by rickshaw in science Lab-New Market road everyday.

He should probably give up trying to find ' novel ways ' to explain science to the public.

The more talented, able, and intelligent people brought about advances in science, technology, commerce, and so on.

Quantum mechanics is one of the most verified theories in science, and it shows that we live in an absurd universe.

in science, consequences (observational &; other) are typically deduced from many hypotheses and other assumptions.

He just smeared the life work of millions of people that work in science and education and see freedom in knowledge.

In 6% of cases "for science" is used

But he's still not good for science.

But rigour is not enough for science.

This is not good news for science teachers.

The activity is supported by the National Council for science and Technology Communication.

He has been a member of the Prime Minister's Council for science and Technology since 2004.

Also for science and technology where appropriate, ensuring we had the best bikes and boats.

Science is the best process we have for figuring out what works and what doesn't and I have the greatest respect for science.

Technology does not just provide tools for science, however; it also may provide motivation and direction for theory and research.

This discourages scientists from writing for students or the general public, at a time when the need for science literacy is great.

In 5% of cases "to science" is used

Same thing can apply to sciences etc.

But there's much, much more to science than deduction.

They've been known to science for a century and a half.

Promoting codes of practice and guidelines related to science and technology Basis for action 31.

According to science, after every 2-3 day our outer skin becomes dead &; is waiting to be removed.

The group strongly advocated a mathematical approach to science with Laplace playing the leading role.

Talking *about* cognitive states is appropriate to science, talking about *spirituality* is appropriate to religion.

Conifer distribution The conifers as a group display some of the most extraordinary biogeographies known to science.

He showed great loyalty to the Society and most of his original contributions to science appear in its publications.

However, according to science, depression on women undergoing menopausal stage is normal because of hormonal changes.

In 3% of cases "about science" is used

And viability is all about science.

Muslim group about science and Religion.

For example, I know less about science than scientists.

Why? To find an answer, study our essay about science, technology and human nature.

A major university did a study about science courses and science majors a year ago.

But I am certainly qualified to speak about science as the basis of a rewarding career.

I found that I really enjoy talking about science and the big philosophical ideas of science with the general public.

A person don't know anything thing about science, engineering and mathematics and he is using word engineer for himself.

That said, I do think that there are common threads that run through the broad community of people who care about science.

I think every sannyasin concedes that Osho sometimes spoke the most appalling rubbish, for example when he spoke about science.

In 3% of cases "on science" is used

My arguments are based on science.

Neither belief is based on science.

An argument which is based on science.

We rely too much on science to pretend it's no better than or different from the alternatives.

I got hooked on science fiction and fantasy as a teenager, and that's been my go-to genre since.

Arden Bement, Director of the National Science Foundation and Co-Chair of the Committee on science.

But that does not mean that I should therefore allow him to continue unchallenged in his claim to be an expert on science.

He currently serves on the House Committee on science and Technology as the chairman of one of its subcommittees on investigations.

They started with English, Math and now are now working on science subjects; I was amazed to see the progress that the girl has made.

From 1993-1999 he chaired the Committee on science, Engineering and Public Policy (COSEPUP ), the principal science policy arm of the U.

In 2% of cases "by science" is used

Population controll is a lie belived by science.

It also says that ' some ' uses may be supported by science.

Green terrorism is not something cooked up by science fiction.

It is what is presupposed by science and moral and practical life.

What a wonderful world illuminated by science, with no Gods necessary.

This is proven by science, as are the ways to eliminate these problems.

I want to be fascinated by science, not lectured to about my world view.

An enquiry into the nature of facts observed by science leads us to epistemology and metaphysics.

And by science I mean umbrella makers, as now you can buy tiny umbrellas small enough to fold up and fit into your purse.

Mention of LDL-cholesterol in any context is an affront to the rigour and regard required by science and scientific method.

In 2% of cases "with science" is used

It has nothing to do with science.

People nowadays are fascinated with science.

I think here we see the trouble with science in the world today.

That's not to say you can not be creative with science, he points out.

Then they criticized my stuff because I deal mostly with science fiction.

But in ancient India, philosophy (Darshan) was treated at par with science.

He is a researcher and writer who has a fascination with science and technology.

The Watchers Group always stick to a notion that God ran the universe literally and in tally with science.

We can do this because we unquestionably know your ' original objections ' have nothing whatsoever to do with science.

In 1% of cases "between science" is used

Moreover, she has demonstrated what the missing link between science and spirituality is: art.

THE technology of genetic engineering is an unprecedented close alliance between science and industry.

The Geek Manifesto is the most compelling, engaging and entertaining account I've read of the relationship between science and politics.

Similarly, his research focuses on the history of ancient medicine and the historical relationship between science, medicine and religion.

At the core of the problem is a failure to make the distinction that Maienschein points out between science literacy and scientific literacy (2).

This is not a call for another rerun of the scrap between science and art, but a call to be clear about when we use particular disciplines and ways of seeing.

I'd much more comfortable with, say, Richard Betts making a healthy distinction between science and value, than I am with James Hansen wrapping them up in a dubious mess.

The real importance of the expose of Gould's dissembling is the light that it throws not on the issue of race but on the often complex relationship between science and ideology.

Because the connections between science and technology are so close in some fields, secrecy inevitably begins to restrict some of the free flow of information in science as well.

The difference between science and the philosophy of science illustrates how the disciplines of applied philosophy relate to the kind of wisdom under consideration here in Part Three.

In 1% of cases "from science" is used

Don't deviate too much from science.

Star charts? You don't get star charts from religion, you get them from science.

Scientology is not a Christian religion, it evolved from science fiction which demonstrates the stupidity of religion generally.

Stardatecards? are laser light messages sent to deep space from science Alive! The New Zealand Science Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This is often based on the fiction being extrapolated from science and what we believe about the reality that established science ' represents.

I see couples forgetting that this is an act whether natural or with assistance from science where people come together to create the gift of life.

Some ideas that emerge from science fiction become reality, and some do n't, yet the predictive science doesn't directly determine the merit of the work of fiction.

I was surprised at the reliance on historic weather patterns and Ben Santer's fingerprinting being front and center in the attribution chapter with virtually nothing from science.