Prepositions used with "scientist"

"of scientist" or "by scientist"?

In 43% of cases "of scientist" is used

Of course you will not run out of scientist.

But when 97% of scientists tell me something, I do.

It's a common affliction of two types of scientists.

And finally, I think we agree that the role of scientists in society is rather modest.

Not surpring when you see the line up of scientists that pushed out this advocacy piece.

It was carefully transported to the British Museum and thoroughly examined by a team of scientists.

An international team of scientists confirmed on Friday what the Everland Zoo has been saying for years: Their 5.

The privileged position in society of science as a whole, and of scientists as individuals, rests on this belief.

If you look up the studies, these were on tiny amounts of scientists and often had only two poorly worded questions.

Along with a dedicated set of scientists, the company has ample cash reserves and resources to continue its research.

In 22% of cases "by scientist" is used

Research by scientists have no place in the things of God.

Yet wild claims are made by scientists who should know better.

The decision was made by scientists, not big bad capitalist publishers.

The principles that operate in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws.

The process is simple though logical, and one that would be approved by scientists and mathematicians alike.

Over millennia it has been selected by farmers and then by scientists into the high yielding crop we have today.

The hope Hanlon speaks of is generated by scientists who need another research grant and journalists who need a story.

As its existence and the value of its rest mass mean a lot to cosmology and physics, it is highly valued by scientists.

In 11% of cases "for scientist" is used

We are looking for scientists with a master's degree, PhD, or equivalent.

The look is for physicists what the concept of advance is for scientists.

As for scientists not thinking things up, have you never heard of piltdown man.

We do not need to wait for scientists to disagree on a topic (although, of course, many do disagree on this one).

This had the effect of making it much more difficult for scientists to demonstrate that Aristotle ' s physics was false.

For scientists it became essential, rather than simply clever, to integrate fully the data of others into their studies.

My appeal is a simple request for scientists or anyone with concern about our climate to go to contrarian sites and speak their minds.

Countering that notion, vom Saal said it's routine for scientists to duplicate findings of research published in peer-reviewed journals.

The price of phosphorus keeps rising and this will make it worthwhile for scientist to invent new methods to extract phosphorus from the ground.

So it's a bit of a conundrum - why is sea ice increasing when the local water is warming? These kinds of enigmas are like catnip for scientists.

In 8% of cases "to scientist" is used

And this central fact has been well known to scientists for a while now.

We were not willing to just hand over such an important thing to scientists and call it a day.

But the dilemma is this: the historical perspective that I have outlined is peculiar to scientists.

Signs and symptoms The development of the disease itself in humans is still something of an enigma to scientists.

Yet to scientists, it's all a bit of a sham because -- whisper it -- botanically speaking, there is no such species as shamrock.

Why is the Ross Sea so important to scientists? The Ross Sea has the longest history of scientific research in the Southern Ocean.

It is therefore appropriate that we pay glowing tribute to Scientists and Researchers for their untiring effort aimed at eradicating malaria.

Therefore, you need to continue to make the lack of scientific certainty a primary issue in the debate, and defer to scientists and other experts in the field.

Other papers may bring new data to scientists, but if I want to read a paper with a message and not a conglomeration if data (albeit accurate data ), I know which journals to turn to.

In 4% of cases "from scientist" is used

Smith seeking help from scientists, politicians, reporters, academics and others.

TED's speakers range from scientists, to engineers, philanthropists and everyday people like you and me.

The main objection from scientists is how can so much hydrogen be produced by a simple process of electrolysis.

Sadly, the latest reports from scientists inform us that these glaciers are melting far faster than they had anticipated.

They're order forms from scientists to agencies like Advanced Bioscience Resources, instructing what parts they need and how to get them.

There will be some criticism from scientists to be sure -- because, as I include in the book, there's some disagreement on how some of the science is to be interpreted.

It is the first time that a person believed to be lacking all awareness has been able to answer questions from scientists and tell them he was not in any pain, the Independent reported.

In 4% of cases "with scientist" is used

Need to get my hands on ' Dialogues with Scientists + Sages ' by Renee Weber.

Just look what the military did with scientists discovery of splitting the atom.

Judges and jurists need to become better acquainted with scientific questions and learn to exchange ideas with scientists.

The scientists who do this work are left in no doubt that they are competing with scientists of rival companies and that their findings are secret.

As we mention in this post Cancer Research UK has funded research into cannabinoids, along with scientists around the world who are investigating these fascinating compounds.

After successive years of melting, the consequences are likely to be felt further afield - with scientists suggesting weather patterns in the northern hemisphere may be altered.

Each answer comes with a variety of source materials noted, from journal articles to university studies and interviews with scientists, and the results aren't always cut-and-dry.

In 3% of cases "among scientist" is used

There is near unanimous agreement among scientists.

What is quite surprising is that among scientists there is not such a controversy.

This requires full and open sharing of data and information among scientists and decision makers.

But for now the consensus among scientists and policy makers is that silver nanoparticles remain a safe technology.

There has been some debate among scientists regarding the reason for this, primarily about the origin of the dark lunar maria.

There is a common view, especially popular among scientists and science students, that in order for anything to be true, it must be scientifically provable.

Our data suggest that close personal relationships among scientists likely reduce the incidence of data withholding, especially in verbal communications regarding science.

In 2% of cases "between scientist" is used

Lounges, offices and meeting rooms are positioned around the edge of the atrium to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas between scientists.

However, there is still too little scientific data to inform policy makers, compounded by the lack of effective interaction between scientists and policy makers.

The strength of science: I have tried in this lecture to show the main interactions and conflicts between scientists and the communities which have produced them.

In 2% of cases "on scientist" is used

Brevoort's topography is somewhat folded such that there are a lot of ridges and ledges to hide behind as you sneak up on scientists.

After some period of uncertainty, the picture that emerges is beginning to fit into the neo-McCarthyite pattern of attack on scientists that has become all too common in the United States.

Unlike cars, nature doesn't have a manufacturer with perfect knowledge of the system -- so we rely on scientists to inform us of our alternatives and the potential consequences of our decision.

This finding suggests that perceived social distance between investigators and their actual or potential audience may be an important influence on scientists ' inclination to withhold information.

In 1% of cases "before scientist" is used

Yet all this happened before scientists had reached any consensus about Alar's dangers.

The first satellite, Sputnik, was launched in 1957 and it was not long before scientists contemplated working back from a known satellite orbit to determine a position on earth.