Prepositions used with "security"

"of security" or "for security"?

In 44% of cases "of security" is used

Thousands of security personnel are.

It is a place of security and sanctuary.

Imprisonment in default of security 123.

Enable citizens to be full of the sense of security and belonging in their homeland.

Haque, Patna Muslim girls are on target Darbhanga is on the radar of security forces.

One of the advantages to this is, unlike NFC, there isn't a high concern of security.

However, the all important issue of security for visiting teams is proving to be a major hurdle to this objective.

Simultaneously, more troops would be placed in Warrap and would be able to offer an alternative source of security.

The value of security is also the main factor which decides the amount of loan one can get with the lending company.

Another big issue facing many users is the wide usage of social media, which looks to be a hub of security problems.

In 16% of cases "for security" is used

He couldn't tell me for security reasons.

All three machines use Avira for security.

Witnesses who remain anonymous for security reasons have said that this is not true.

This is for security reasons so be ready to have the exact amount of money, or more.

Then tie the ropes onto the tree branch or post using three half-hitch knots for security.

So, it really doesn't surprise me that he doesn't show up for security briefings or for the Jobs Council meetings.

There are also specialist registration regimes for security over certain types of assets such as ships and aircraft.

I agree with the American revolutionaries on this one: those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

The city police are doing their duty efficiently and some of their strategies can not be made public for security reasons.

In 9% of cases "to security" is used

Not a mechanism given to security and stability.

At the time, you went through the reception and then to security.

These factors can serve as root causes of instability or as obstacles to security.

Internet is giving us the best vibes when it comes to security measures and products.

Libyan officials claimed Saif al-Islam has been held in isolation due to security concerns.

However, I think they did not do the Manampitiya - Trinco stretch due to security concerns.

Human rights principles are applied to security management through the framework provided by the Voluntary Principles.

According to Odhikar, there were 30 disappearances with alleged ties to security personnel, compared with nine in 2010.

Patil said the execution of Kasab?? s death sentence had to be done in a closely-guarded manner due to security reasons.

That is the method I use but not everyone can do this due to security settings so the other method works great for them.

In 7% of cases "on security" is used

Finally a few words on security.

We see in the world, especially within the USA the emphasis on security.

Our governments are currently concentrating on security to take away our freedoms.

Dr O'Reilly said the focus on security of the system would facilitate implementation of eHealth.

In the end, regional commitments on security trumped international obligations concerning human rights.

Moreover, ASEAN and India work closely on security issues at the ARF and ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting Plus.

Gosh had been appointed presidential adviser on security affairs, but was also removed from that position last year.

A recent attack on security firm RSA saw spear phishing emails arrive with an attachment about future recruitment plans.

The Republican candidates have criticized Obama for being soft on security issues, a criticism that Obama surely hoped to disprove.

The emphasis on security is said to have helped the FN leader Jean-Marie Le Pen to knock Jospin out in round one, leading to Chirac's victory.

In 6% of cases "by security" is used

They were swiftly bundled out by security guards.

Three people were beaten up by security personnel at Thiruvananthapuram airport.

They told me all the roads, even the rivers and creeks were being watched by security.

She also provided the list of the people who had been whisked away by security forces.

Never have we heard that the kidnappers were rounded up by security operatives and the hostages released.

There are also reports that a number of people have been killed by security forces belonging to the company.

Some complained that they were beaten up by security officials at Thiruvananthapuram airport yesterday morning.

Some 72% of more than 1,000 UK employees polled by security firm Imperva admitted taking data from an employer.

This suggests disproportionate, excessive, and deadly force used by security forces in dispersing the protesters.

Samuels said that parking for the club is at 19 Trinidad Terrace, the ladies escorted by security personnel back and forth.

In 6% of cases "with security" is used

The lending of money, yes, but with security.

It is alleged that the police also participated in this repression along with security guards.

After all, questions about Romney's compliance with securities law will not change their minds.

And they should speak with security experts and others that have visited the destination to get their advice.

There is a consensus in the regional body that it should have a global outreach dealing with security problems.

But I can not believe that putting missiles on East End blocks of flats has anything to do with security at all.

Already, access to enough IT staff with security expertise is particularly tricky for organizations of all sizes.

According to a volunteer helping Hinn with security on-stage, Hinn asked crusade-goers for $1,000 to help with costs.

PRESS RELEASE (For immediate release) A AMISOM and the TFG enhance information sharing to deal with security threats.

In 5% of cases "in security" is used

If they are sleeping, put them in security.

I t reported US$1 billion in securities in the first quarter.

If we want to save Pakistan we need to be involved in security at all levels.

Jeyaraj Fernandopulle on April 6, 2008, they will strike at the first lapse in security.

E-mail systems, in common with other computer applications, may fall victim to breaches in security.

Participation in securities issues and the provision of financial services related to such issues.

America's interest in security, and America's belief in liberty, both lead in the same direction: to a free and peaceful Iraq.

This horrible situation is a direct cause of lack of investment in security and border control by Brazil's federal government.

Specific areas being addressed are the rules of engagement, the use of force, the application of less lethal force, transparency in security agreements and contracts.

For home use it costs absolutely nothing, runs fine on old hardware, and easily replaces $100+ in security software from places like Kaspersky, McAffee, and Symantec.

In 3% of cases "about security" is used

This has been an ongoing situation about security.

Even if they are starving, they worry only about security.

For years they've been trying to get us to care about security.

about security, of course everyone of use is concern about the security of places.

The first point to make about security and tourism is that the Caribbean is very safe.

The letter went on to ask about security at the consulate and when President Obama knew about the previous attacks.

They will help you with arrangements to collect your prize, advise about security, publicity and anything else you need to know.

SB 1070 isn't about immigrants, it isn't about brown people, it isn't about security -- 1070 and every law it will spawn is about power.

Now it appears that despite an investigation that has been ongoing for 18 months in the US, no evidence has been found to support any concerns about security.

In 2% of cases "through security" is used

They take your passport and make you go through security again.

Once you've gone through security your ticket is scanned at the entry point and can not be re-used.

The restaurant at the airport will only be available to those travelers who are allowed to go through security.

You'll speed up the process of going through security if you have written proof that shows that the items are necessary.

At the airport, a man will disappear immediately once through security to find the best place from which to observe the take-offs and landings on the runway.

Arrive at the airport and you can, in theory, go through security and be at your gate less than ten minutes after entering the airport, using your pre-printed boarding pass.

So we had to go to Tucson (which has 24 hour customs ), get off the plane with all our luggage, clear customs, go back through security, get back on the plane and fly to Phoenix.

This was of course out of the tour guides control but it made the tour just a little bit too quick for our liking, particularly after all the effort of having gone through security.

In 1% of cases "from security" is used

The error was reported from security exit function savePartnerName.

Religious leaders ready to take possession of the body from security officers.

We need these exemptions to conduct security research on devices to help safeguard everyday users from security threats.

For example my previous landlord cancelled our tenancy agreement because of serious death threats from security services.

In Rawalpindi, the most important processions from security point of view were Alam Zuljinnah that was taken out from Chiiti Hattian and Fatmia Imambargah, Hathi Chowk.

The doc was from security National and it basically says that the warehouse banks listed below have a security interest in this promissary note, mortgage or deed of trust listed.