Prepositions used with "self"

"of self", "for self" or "to self"?

In 53% of cases "of self" is used

They do it in a spirit of self interest.

Detached is a form of self imprisonment.

These two clowns are full of self hatred.

SOmething that is becoming an everyday activity, to generate wealth, or a sense of self.

The image of the satisfied consumer, the star of self image can exert powerful influence.

This sort of self serving immoral character is the last thing we need in the White House.

It would be quite wrong to suggest that the issue of self-defence (and the law relating thereto) is a libertarian issue.

For him, they invent slave morality to enslave their enemies in mind-forged manacles of self-renunciation and self-pity.

Let's recognise that what that girl was subjected to was degrading, not just physically, but for her sense of self-worth.

In 14% of cases "for self" is used

Gun use for self defense seems quite common.

Or, in the case of my opening example, the search for self.

So long as we take anger for self it can not be eradicated.

Who we are in Christ is no cause for self esteem, but chiefly a cause for thankfulness.

Perhaps the artist was trying to provide an aesthetic experience, both for self and viewers.

Human trafficking emanates from poverty and lack of better opportunities for self development.

Most of us think we don't have time for self reflection because it's not in our day planner or our calendar or reminders.

The churches, for self interest reasons, have promoted overpopulation, and politically stifled anyone that disagrees with them.

Why did she share something with the public that even her boyfriend couldn't share? (gellen) Maybe she did it for self preservation.

This could be one of the worst teams for self if they don't do a better job of penetrating, drawing fouls, and getting the easy shot.

In 12% of cases "to self" is used

We have become to self centered and too selfish.

Note to self and others save your work periodically.

Madness The ways to self fulfilment define the person.

From the first I grew up with this absolute attentiveness, which is vital to self? awareness.

Say, for example, I want to self harm because I've just had a conversation with an ex-partner.

Both players guard guarded their positions like nobody's business, but that's just ante to self.

It will not compromise its rightful quest for statehood and shall not accept its people's right to self-determination.

This page is designed to offer you some fun distractions for when you feel like you need to self harm, but don't want to.

It is good to see that the right to self-defence and to own and shoot guns is widely respected even on the political left.

It is possible to actually kill somebody and get away with it due to self defence or to prevent somebody from great injury.

In 7% of cases "in self" is used

She is probably living in self denial.

Cry, shout, scream and indulge in self pity.

So I'd just going to mope and wallow in self pity all day.

What is civic education? Civic Education in a democracy is education in self government.

Some people value a helping hand from the government, others believe in self determination.

Exploding outside one's space is also a big part of being an effective big man in self's eyes, also.

Frankie claimed that she killed her drunken husband in self defense as he was loading his gun, intending to shoot her.

Via the inevitable and ubiquitous Instapundit, a new blog by Clayton Cramer devoted to chronicling the use of firearms in self-defense.

To say that because one individual may have used his gun in self-defense in this case doesn't necessarily mean anything about gun policy.

In 4% of cases "with self" is used

By prefixing playerName with self.

The only real control we ever have and need is with self.

I take a shower and donned myself with self pressed cloth.

It certainly has nothing to do with self mutilation or human sacrifice.

So I'd all set to be in lock-step with self, and he throws me a change-up.

Not because the world became populated with self important pricks like urself.

I do nt see any other makes coming up with self initiated performance project cars.

The preoccupation with self expression seems to be indicate a tremendous amount of self-loathing.

I've also found StumbleUpon to be ok with self submissions as long as you're stumbling a lot of other pages.

If one has lived a fruitful life and happy with self, one should open his heart gates and allow the expression of new.

In 3% of cases "on self" is used

Personal significance to Him, did not depend on self.

Professor Sides, that might depend on self reported ideology v.

You can get free workshops from HMRC on how to fill in the forms &; on self employment in general.

All things that creat greater reliance on the state and less reliance on self are a part of the Socialism model.

Find information here on self harm in schools and at home; how self harmers should be treated in hospitals and peer.

Perhaps taking the time to reflect on self and figure out exactly what it is you like may help to develope an opinion.

Print them out on self adhesive label sheets for your kitchen storage jars or on a slightly thicker paper as gift tags.

Last night after posting my bra color, I searched for info on self breast exams as well as info about breast cancer itself.

Prison doesn't work, and we should switch to a serious investment in rehabilitation based on self esteem through retraining.

This fund has been specifically tailored to enhance the youth to develop with focus on self employment via entrepreneurship initiatives.

In 2% of cases "about self" is used

Learn about self sufficiency and situational awareness.

These comments of Self's make me worry about self a little.

May be so but this is the old debate about self government versus good government.

If I have no images about self, then what is there to see? There is nothing to see.

Imagine what impact this would have on the public debate about self defence and crime.

These passages reveal how Revolutionary Era Americans felt about self defense, they say.

It is all about self Governance, self governance demands that I take control and manage myself.

And while my journey has been a very long and emotional one - I have learned a lot about self love.

It is great fun and an extremely useful set of skills about self-defence, although physically tough as well to learn.

In 2% of cases "by self" is used

Again, there are svayambhu mandirs - complete idols, which surface by self or found when digging or ploughing farm, etc.

It's propelled by self interest and what stronger power than that? Democracy, on the other hand, is something all too readily taken for granted.

But taking it for granted that all human behavior is guided by self interest leaves no room for the exercise of moral judgment -- and society can not exist without some ethical precepts.

The group will also travel to rural parts of Ethiopia to visit some of the projects being operated by self Help Africa to show them how their efforts will benefit the local people of Ethiopia.

In 2% of cases "from self" is used

So now we know Perry's deficiency is defense, from self's POV.

Data on ICD-10 symptoms of tobacco dependence were drawn from self reports by adolescents.

On this page you'll find a wide variety of things you can do to distract yourself from self harming.

CBT is one of the most affective treatments you can do and I can tell you that from self experience.

Infrastructural work moves away from self referentiality and individual expression toward collective enunciation.

A distraction box, or self harm survival kit, is just that - a box full of things to distract you from self injuring.

Luckily for his fans - and any future ones who may arrive should Umbrella win the Booker - there's plenty more from self on the horizon.

Ignorance causes suffering in that we are unaware of the true causes of our suffering, which are mostly internal -- coming from self or desire.

Lastly, the findings suggest that building relational capital to facilitate the transformation from self to collective interest may be an effective leadership.

Briscoe is from self Test Engine Provider of IT Certification material and has been blogging since 2005 &; contributing in many websites since its initial career.

In 1% of cases "between self" is used

But I realised it was between self and Mantel.

This refers to the changing relationship between self and the external world throughout the life course.

This tension, between private and public, and between self and society was cast against the coercive and oppressive laws under which he lived.