Prepositions used with "sentence"

"of sentence", "in sentence" or "to sentence"?

In 50% of cases "of sentence" is used

Appeal against inadequacy of sentence 417A.

Execution of sentence of whipping only 390.

Suspension of execution of sentence of imprisonment 388.

But a couple of sentences really jumped out at me beyond the presentation of the phone.

If we run out of sentence letters we can always add subscripts to them to make new ones, e.

We can then combine these words with one another to produce a potentially infinite number of sentences.

Thesis statement is a sentence or a couple of sentences in which you have to present the central idea of your essay.

As to the structure of sentences, there are several sentences that should be rephrased (see comments for suggestions).

CHAPTER XXVII OF THE SUBMISSION OF SENTENCES FOR CONFIRMATION Sentence of death to be submitted by Court of Session 374.

And note that many types of phrases and clauses can function as nouns, and therefore can also function as subjects of sentences.

In 15% of cases "in sentence" is used

However, typically OTMI is limited to processing text in sentence units.

When should I use be and when not? I meet this construction in sentences very often.

No one was on message and spoke in sentences as opposed to pre-meditated sound bites.

Subjects in sentences with prepositional phrases The subject of a sentence is never found inside a prepositional phrase.

He will also be eligible for drug and alcohol treatment that could earn him a reduction in sentence, if completed successfully.

We use this kind of structure often without realising it, in sentences like:? Only when we exercise regularly do we feel really fit.

We use this kind of structure often without realising it, in sentences like:? Only when we exercise regularly do we feel really fit.

Examples of this would be correct capitalisation in sentence structure and the successful implementation of common algorithms in arithmetic.

Subjects in sentences with phrases and clauses that function as subjects We have seen above that prepositional phrases can function as subjects.

You can use either expression in sentence 1 ), but in sentences 2) and 3 ), you should use? because? (a conjunction ), NOT? because of? or? due to?

In 14% of cases "to sentence" is used

Power of Magistrates to sentence to imprisonment in default of fine 33.

Riots happened: magistrates have carte blanche to sentence as they see fit.

JockyBhoy: Riots happened: magistrates have carte blanche to sentence as they Loading comments.

Systems based on text mining that refer back to sentences in the original, such as iHOP, can be linked into this environment.

Independence, impartiality and the ability to sentence on a case-by-case basis in the wake of the riots appears to have been all but abandoned.

In the adhering to sentences let's search through on the subject of in all probability the most frequent factors behind transitioning towards Microsof company ' office ' 2010.

In 5% of cases "on sentence" is used

I have read your post several times and, although I usually have the ability to break down run on sentences and fill in missing punctuation, I can make neither heads nor tails of it.

In 4% of cases "between sentence" is used

Strangely for the time, two years was to elapse between sentence and execution.

Also increase line-spacing between sentences so that there is no clash between hyperlinked texts, form fields or dropdown menus.

Forget trying to figure out what exactly went wrong with the connections between sentences, or where exactly the reasoning or argument went astray, and what might be done.

In 3% of cases "into sentence" is used

And combining these words into sentences makes it possible to convey an infinite variety of information.

The syntax is the way that these words are used, the rules of grammar that enable words to be correctly assembled into sentences.

In 3% of cases "under sentence" is used

Hundreds of people are said to be under sentence of death.

Although the Maroons did not object to the punishment of their men, carried out under sentence from a court, they did find fault with the way the sentence was carried out.

In 3% of cases "with sentence" is used

The reader is not told who is talking either and the characters talk colloquially, with sentences left unfinished at times, broken off, started anew.

In 2% of cases "regarding sentence" is used

There has to be an associated alphabet, as well as spelling, grammar and rules regarding sentence structure.

At present either 3 years or 2 years 9 months sentence is imposed regarding sentences sado-masochistic activities.