Prepositions used with "shop"

"of shop" or "in shop"?

In 40% of cases "of shop" is used

They were just a form of shop sign.

Drums We visited a couple of shops.

Various types of shops have opened for business.

Thousands and thousands of shops and outlets are being shut down because of this reason.

Once airside, at 0800, I stopped at a couple of shops to get some last-minute essentials.

I now propose to give an outline (in so far as I have been able to gather the information) of shops.

FOBT's do keep a lot of shops open, I have worked in a few and I have seen the figures, so I know this to be the truth.

FOBT's do keep a lot of shops open, I have worked in a few and I have seen the figures, so I know this to be the truth.

There is a small selection of shops next to the lounge, where you will find Tanzanite, curios, books and daily newspapers.

What exactly is substantially more puzzling is undoubtedly getting it all because of shops just like Nordstrom's Internet.

In 26% of cases "in shop" is used

I still see that publication in shops.

And not those pathetic ones in shops either.

I always cringe when I happen to hear those stations in shops etc.

An individual seeking to stop the lease may publish advertising on the Internet or in shops.

It is sold in Shops in City Square and in the start locations (Settlement of Chernag and Klesva).

And the reason - you won't be subject to the same rates of sales tax applied in shops in many other US states.

I've got 24 of them in my tank, none of them are yellow/orange, but i have seen some very bright young ones in shop stock.

Unfortunately, Americans have mis-categorized Buddhism under new age and sell head of Buddha as candles, and so forth in shops.

Some people operate schools in shops, you now begin to wonder the kind of parents who brought their children to such environments.

In 8% of cases "with shop" is used

There is nothing wrong with shopping at Walmart.

The buildings were four storeys high, with shops on the ground floor.

Purely go online along with shop around before you visit an agreement.

So if youth were the future, the future, at least for second-hand booksellers with shops, was bleak.

We used to rent in a cute, small town with a downtown with shops and restaurants in walking distance.

In front of the ship there is a little dome with shops around the edge selling toys, magic tricks, and Chinese souveniers.

The Cathedral Square is in a central tourist location packed with shops, bars, hotels, activities and great Christchurch sights.

I imagine that the cycling utopia displayed is really sections of urban areas with shops and schools in close proximity to houses.

With Asiatique which is filled with shops and restaurants, tourists and locals can spend every night there as there are hundreds of boutiques and eateries to discover.

Within the walls are cobbled pedestrian streets with shops, restaurants, and cafes, and Santo Antonio Church, with an extraordinary interior made up of superb Baroque carving and tiles.

In 6% of cases "to shop" is used

Where to shop Marjanishvili Street This fin-de-siecle strip is the place for antiques.

This unfortunately keeps me from selling to shops but it also allows me to control how my work is presented and sold.

The Way To Go Travel is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday, and we're encouraging everyone to shop Smallr here on November 24th.

How do I view my shopping cart? Click ' Shopping cart ' located at the top right hand corner of your screen above the ' Log in to shop ' box.

I do work outside the home full time, but I am going to retire soon, then my dream is to make soy candles, dips and soy bath &; body products and sell them to shops and for fundraisers.

What the anti-helmet law advocates are moaning about is the thousands of trips, to shops, schools, restaurants, shopping and done at a leisurely pace safely on quiet streets that just do not happen.

What the anti-helmet law advocates are moaning about is the thousands of trips, to shops, schools, restaurants, shopping and done at a leisurely pace safely on quiet streets that just do not happen.

In 5% of cases "from shop" is used

Hotel is far from shop, mini mart, around 1 km.

They can be bought from shops which sell religious articles.

A lint-free cloth and optical cleaner from shops that sell eye-glasses are all you need.

The provisions for the kitchen were purchased on credit from shops at Haldwani and other places.

It was too dangerous for the inhabitants of insulae to cook indoors and they had to buy hot food from shops.

There's plenty of great gifts available from shops all over the park, if you decide to buy any ask for them to be taken to the collection point near the exit to save you carrying them around all day.

In 4% of cases "at shop" is used

On top of this, London Pass holders get over 20 exclusive special offers at shops and leisure facilities across London.

One of the very first people we called was Vishaan Chakrabarti, the director of Columbia's Center for Urban Real Estate and a partner at shop architects.

Unfortunately this job will and always should be a male dominated profession, at least in terms of those coppers forcibly arresting drunken male punters, and yobs throwing bricks at shops.

In 3% of cases "by shop" is used

It was lined by shops and by a public building called the basilica.

Servants ' quarters were located in the space now occupied by shops adjacent to the present day Brick Oven.

While the front road is relatively wide, with a sidewalk, one might get a feeling of oppression due to the small size of the site surrounded as it by shops and houses of from 2 to 3 stories.

Local offers are usually shown based on the consumers place and arranged through retail store and also item group, providing the user a chance to quickly search obtainable deals from close by shops.

In 3% of cases "for shop" is used

Click on ' Register for shop ' located in the Login box on the right hand side of your screen above the ' Pay My Account ' button.

It wasn't until 2008 that I started to realize my true passion for helping others, and came up with the concept for shop and Share.

Vouchercloud Android, BlackBerry (from 2011 ), iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, all phones via SMS, free Discount vouchers for shops, restaurants, cinemas, leisure outlets and garden centres.

In 1% of cases "as shop" is used

One may also use the details obtained to evaluate the different type of loans as well as shop around to be able to get the best deal.

We can build the inline email database from your existing system and can import other databases such as shop items from a spreadsheet into the EC Toolset.

The camera will then take photographs of points of interest, such as shops and restaurants, and highlight the distance to those points and also directions to navigate to them.