Prepositions used with "sign"

"of sign" or "for sign"?

In 28% of cases "of sign" is used

Truly we live in an age of signs and wonders.

These types of signs usually mark longer repeated sections.

There are a lot of signs that will tell you she's interested.

There were plenty of signs from the VERY beginning that Groupon would be a flash in the pan.

There were plenty of signs from where the dead bodies had been pulled out of in the bathroom.

To be able to do anything decent in Chinese, you have to learn to transcribe thousands of signs.

The amount of interaction afforded to participants was shown to affect the emergence of signs due to a process of grounding.

Every effort is to be made to protect the public from hazards on work sites, by the use of signs, barriers or personal warnings.

In 27% of cases "for sign" is used

We watch for signs of Spring erupting all around us.

Watch your baby for signs that she's hungry (feeding cues).

Monitor crop regularly for signs of early BPH infestations.

Mares in late pregnancy must be observed at least daily for signs of impending foaling.

Warning Signs Always be on the lookout out for signs that your computer has been hacked.

Be watchful for signs of mild oedema, where your hands and face also show signs of swelling.

Parents are advised to watch for signs of readiness and let the kids set the pace, says BabyCenter editor Linda Murray.

You can look for signs that you dog is receiving the stimulation such as a twitch of their head, neck, shoulders, or ears.

And as you're chatting, notice if she gives away any signs of fancying you too; watch for signs, special words and large hints.

Look for signs of a leak such as: soft muddy areas, grass that is greener than the rest or growing much faster than other areas.

In 12% of cases "with sign" is used

Oog is a growing town with signs of progress compared to yagoori.

Even now, with signs that house prices are bottoming out in the U.

James has not been tested but 2 of his siblings died with signs of AIDS.

The pole with signs on is a major part of this -- signs pointing off into various directions.

One visited cluster of ruins has been boxed in by fences with signs on them saying ' ' Protected Heritage Site.

There r certain areas with signs asking everyone to dress modestly in certain areas which i didn't feel was disrespectful in any way.

If you spot an ash tree with signs of the disease, take a photo and send it in using the website or the AshTag app on your mobile phone.

It was a blissfully easy hike -- simple directions led outside of Ella, and up through the Newbourg Tea Plantation to a dirt track with signs clearly pointing the way.

You will need to get over this, because if you believe they are ALL funny folk that go round with signs evangelizing Save the Earth, and embracing trees, you have missed the point.

In 11% of cases "to sign" is used

You'll need to sign Up as a member (it's free ), then you're good to go.

I did have to sign for it, in fact I made sure someone was home to get them.

Pledges to sign Two Pro-life Executive Orders on the first day of a Gingrich Administration.

Attracted Only to Signs and Wonders? Let? s let the apostle Paul have the last word of Scripture.

To prevent breakdowns, boaters should make a habit of staying alert to signs of motor wear and tear.

In addition to signs and paint, they are going to cut grooves into the path, spaced just so, to play a song when bike tires roll over them.

I'd not sure if they leave the package at your door if you're not there to sign, but I would be there to make sure you get it, and so its not stolen off your porch.

However, it's apparent that direct marketing works because web addresses and ads for websites are featured everywhere from bus stop benches to signs being towed by planes.

This intimate relationship between the Qur? an and nature is shown in the phrase ayat, which refers to signs of Allah? s existence in nature and also refers to the verses in the Qur? an.

In 7% of cases "in sign" is used

In the erratum an error in sign, pointed out by A.

Also, they may not know how to begin signing with their child.

He shook it and grinned sheepishly at the courier, who shrugged his shoulders in sign that they were beaten.

I have personally found that I can sometimes better express myself in sign language than I can in spoken language.

Also, we take in language on the left side of our brain as a sound and we take in sign language on the right side of our brain as an image.

She then goes home where she falls in love with a deaf man and sings a moving song while at the same time spelling out the words in sign language.

If this phenomenon limits itself to one bonobo extensively taught by humans in sign language from an early age, I think the speculation peters out a bit.

In 5% of cases "by sign" is used

Salvation by signs and wonders is no salvation at all.

Differing results are often caused by sign extension problems.

When your speakers are on stage surrounded by signs like this, you should lose some credibility.

It means any attempt, by signs, to indicate the beat of a line of poetry and to mark off the division of feet.

The rebels looked familiar so I went ahead and asked them, mostly by sign language, if I can accompany them, and they agreed reluctantly.

Addressing the Epidemic Recent declines in incidence of HIV/AIDS in a few countries, accompanied by signs that young people are changing their risk-taking behavior, give hope.

Then he thought that he should offer one more rupee to Baba and was just turning to get up when Shama informed him by signs that as he had got Baba's leave, he should go and not return.

In 3% of cases "on sign" is used

Also they become bigger very quickly the signs of doper are there but you can't prosecute on signs you need proof.

In 3% of cases "through sign" is used

He spoke through signs and natural events.

Before he could say anything I started to communicate with him through sign language so that he could be sure that I was a foreign journalist and hence no threat to him.

They also came away from the experience with a baby that at six months was ' diaper free ' and could communicate through sign language! But I'll save those details for another blog post.

In 1% of cases "from sign" is used

Then he was obsessed by the desire to spell backward all the words which snatched at him from signs.

Who ever write that inside Quran is a devil and far from sign been merciful One thing with muslims is that they get annoyied when the see people committing the same sins they do in secreit in open.

In 1% of cases "into sign" is used

I interpreted music into sign language for a large church and for special corporate, school and family events such as weddings.