Prepositions used with "singer"

"of singer" or "with singer"?

In 48% of cases "of singer" is used

Akram is the Controller &; Chief Financial Officer of singer Bangladesh Limited.

In July 10, 2009, he was appointed as the Vice President of singer Asia Limited.

Walker Director Joined the Board of singer Bangladesh Limited on October 23, 2005.

Mohammad Sanaullah Director Joined the Board of singer Bangladesh Limited on October 21, 2010.

Prior to that, he served as Director and Chief Operating Officer of singer Bangladesh Limited.

Gelmart Gellecanao Director Joined the Board of singer Bangladesh Limited on October 21, 2010.

Walker is the President and Chief Executive Officer of singer Asia Limited and was appointed to this position in August 2005.

Consistently the Island in the sun has cultivated and produced crops of singers and deejay that continue to raise the bar in our music.

Sanaullah is the Corporate Affairs Director and Company Secretary of singer Bangladesh Limited, with over 26 years ' exposures in business and corporate management.

Rajaratnam was the chairman of singer (Sri Lanka) in the 1970s before being promoted to head the multinational's South East Asian operation based in Bangkok, has a 9.

In 19% of cases "with singer" is used

I also work with singers of French hip-hop, and a lot of American artists.

There are several entries with singers and songwriters from outside Ireland in the shake-up.

He then trained in classical harmony classes at the Conservatoire in Paris, and has collaborated with singers, short films ' directors and sound-design agencies.

If you feel that way at least I can attempt to illicit a smile with a music video I've found on BoingBoing, ' Double Rainbows -- All The Way ', from Rockethands with singer Brad Power.

In 14% of cases "by singer" is used

Touted as the melodic rock gem, Soleil Moon is a duo formed by singer Larry King (Michael Thompson Band) and keyboardist John Blasucci.

Reeves recorded what became one of country music's biggest hits ever after listening to a version recorded by singer Billy Brown (+ January 10, 2009).

Kelly Brook was most often cited as the celebrity with the perfect body, followed by singer Beyonce, then actresses Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson.

The ska band - led by singer ' Suggs ' - will follow up their rooftop Diamond Jubilee show at Buckingham Palace by performing their hit Baggy Trousers at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

Folk songs have recently been even more popularised by singers and musicians like Habib, Ornob, Anushesh and Maksud who have made the young generation once again interested in this genre of music.

In 6% of cases "for singer" is used

I highly recommend it for singers and speakers.

The theatre was used for singers, actors and a range of other people.

It gave me some sort of Olympic feeling, as I consider the Eurovision Song Contest to be the Olympic Games for singers.

Their Breath Free Chi which I also take that would be good for singers also because it provides life force energy to the lungs.

In 5% of cases "to singer" is used

I have always been drawn to singers -- the keepers of song.

The artwork right down to singer Darroh Sudderth's penchant for using strange and wonderfully unique vocal approaches just screams 1971/1972-era Genesis.