Prepositions used with "sister"

"of sister" or "with sister"?

In 29% of cases "of sister" is used

Stephen Osei Sarpong, representatives of sister branches within the district, and traditional leaders.

So we are going to promote ourselves to all this regions, and invite a number of sister agencies and supporting international agencies etc.

Most of the many MMMs from Nigeria who are now seasoned missionaries themselves, came under the influence of sister Jo Anne at one stage or another along the way.

In 17% of cases "with sister" is used

It has also been engaged with sister organisations in the literature field.

The Germans had their own orphan asylum and an Ursuline convent, with sisters from Hungary and Bavaria.

Coming from a musical family with sisters in the entertainment industry, this young lady has proved to hold her own and doesn't ride on anybody's wave.

Coinciding with sister Maria's court appearance, the Ministry of Justice held a meeting with members of various associations of victims of illegal trafficking of children.

It looks to me that you also already made up your mind to marry your BIL but let me tell you again sharing your husband with sister or anybody for that matter is not easy at all.

In 13% of cases "to sister" is used

My wife sends particular good wishes to sister Elizabeth who accompanied her on the visit? Dr.

Special thanks to Sisters Katie Erisman and Katherine Taepke are in order for their willingness to collaborate with us on this project.

In 10% of cases "by sister" is used

After about ten minutes, President Cowley, accompanied by sister Cowley, came in.

Harmonies rarely come better than those created by sisters Veronica and Estelle Bennett, and their cousin Nedra Talley.

I wrote briefly about the English translation of the Artusi book in 2006, it was sent to me by sister several years ago.

In 10% of cases "for sister" is used

During the six-hour flight from Dubai to Rome, I remembered I tried to look for sister Beneditta on the plane.

Also, and especially for sisters who assume a greater mothering role than do brothers, this extra responsibility does not appear to contribute to poorer adjustment.

In 8% of cases "from sister" is used

It took a little motivation from sister Mag to whip me into shape.

In 6% of cases "like sister" is used

They did not look like clones of each other but they looked like sisters.

Smith says she appreciates the individualized education she's receiving at the birthing centre and the support of all the midwives who've become like sisters to her.

In 4% of cases "as sister" is used

They belong to a strict religious sect full of dubious individuals with the occasional shining light such as sister Lottie.

In 2% of cases "including sister" is used

In May, she was feted at baby shower hosted by her mother, Kris Jenner, and attended by 70 guests, including sisters Kim and Khloe, and their significant others, Kanye West and Lamar Odom.