Prepositions used with "sleep"

"of sleep" or "to sleep"?

In 36% of cases "of sleep" is used

He doesn't need a lot of sleep.

All possibility of sleep had flown.

Not thinking straight from lack of sleep.

A lack of sleep can end up clouding your judgement or increase your number of mistakes.

Narcolepsy is an overwhelming daytime drowsiness punctuated with sudden bouts of sleep.

Similarly, a disruption of sleep patterns can be seen in both mood disorders and when the immune system is activated.

Thanks for killing my chances of sleep for the night, I read this whole damn thing, and had to do a bunch of research.

Improve your sleep It's really important to get the right amount of sleep every night if you want to work efficiently.

This is especially useful for those who have to catch that brief window of sleep without going through countless steps.

In 36% of cases "to sleep" is used

I go to sleep with a clear mind.

I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep.

But actually I do not like to sleep.

Marilyn left him on the downstairs couch and went to sleep in the twin bed next to Sam's.

Even if they go to sleep, they are immediately fully aware again the moment they wake up.

You'll be grateful not having to snuggle up to a large bulky backpack when you go to sleep.

Oh, and the next time you go to sleep, try NOT to think about this image: Somebody said my name, asked if I was okay.

If there are women whose disobedience you fear, you may admonish them, refuse to sleep with them, and then beat them.

If you are going to sleep around and you are a worker, please, trust me on this, it has to be strictly top management.

If he goes to sleep, he wraps himself in his garment apart from me and does not stretch his hands out to see how I am.

In 6% of cases "in sleep" is used

Therefore I must have existed in sleep.

Its very common in sleep deprived people.

It remains in sleep mode most of the time.

With the help of the Google and PubMed, I found a few papers looking at time trends in sleep.

If somebody calls us, either in dream or in sleep, by a name that is not ours, we will not listen to it.

It also reviews the illustrious career of one of the pioneers in sleep research, compelling in its own right.

Sleep Heavy or Party Hard in sleep Heavy, teams must head back to their chalets and sleep the rest of the night until morning.

What's more dubious is the explanation that it reflects an increase in sleeping difficulties is being caused by electronic devices, rather than trends in treatment.

Who told us that we are alive in sleep when we call it nothing and our awareness is totally obliterated by something? We are totally oblivious of all things happening there.

in sleep the dreams, the same old one, the fear was there and something waiting, on the fringes out of sight, in the shadow edges of my mind's eye, watching me, waiting for its chance.

In 4% of cases "during sleep" is used

What can it be? I have irritation during sleep.

during sleep time, perhaps you will enjoy hot milk or tea to help you relax.

Shoes on the other hand, changes in the shape of legs and muscles during sleep.

The effects which are produced by it during sleep are soothed or dispelled by motion.

during sleep, the thalamus interacts with the cortex in rhythmic bursts, while inhibiting all sensory inputs.

You continue to perform a function during sleep episodes but you wake with no memory of performing such activities.

The 24-Hour Mind is a must read for students and professionals who think important mental processes cease during sleep.

Scabies are microscopic human mites that elicit first localized, then generalized itching, which become worse during sleep.

GASHING AND BITING OF TEETH: (especially during sleep) Bite on a carob! TORN MUSCLE: For 4 days move the joint as little as possible.

The principal symptoms produced by this remedy take place during sleep: No other medicine possesses this property in so remarkable a degree.

In 4% of cases "for sleep" is used

After many hours in transit it was a night for sleep.

As soon as I put a diaper on her for sleep, she would poop.

It is a great way to clear your head and be ready for sleep.

If they don't work fine try Ambien CR, or Lunesta, one's made for sleep.

Except for sleep time -- he will just sleep, but go straight away upon waking.

They walk and move more, and often allow less time for sleep than other individuals.

My mattress is just thick enough to allow for sleep and there is no sink, just an open shower and toilette.

I prepare myself for sleep, the last day on a rocky bed and today on my own, and I know that I am making progress.

If getting a solid nights rest, sleep is not what happens, I would recommend a benzodiazepine especially created for sleep.

Your body needs to be able to count on YOu - for sleep, nutrition, a proper schedule - it's important to establish a routine,.

In 4% of cases "with sleep" is used

Combine that with sleep and you've got a good recipe for getting sick less often.

Now 7 months after surgery and in so sever pain and not one night with sleep for any of us.

If this is you, you may want to visit your doctor so that he may provide you with sleep aides.

Any tips? No issues with sleep here but followed your advice on removing the **40;1460;TOOLONG.

I hate sleeping alone and barely sleep, having been diagnosed with sleep disorders since infancy.

Removing extraneous items ensures it is only associated with sleeping so it is seen as a place to relax rather than entertain.

Sleep history important Those with sleep paralysis generally go to neurologists, while those suffering from hallucinations need a psychologist.

Double garaging, a large double carport for horse floats and farm equipment, plus an additional single garage with sleep out for teenagers covers it all.

However, its effects last longer with each dose than Baclofen, and small doses of ValiumAr may be prescribed at bedtime to relieve spasms that interfere with sleep.

In 3% of cases "about sleep" is used

Now this part is one of the most fascinating aspects about sleep.

But, we can read so much about sleep studies that it is confusing.

I knew very little about sleep and only a Freudian view of dreams, when I started.

Still, there are many unanswered questions about sleep and how much we need of it.

Another stimulating anecdote in Dreamland is a chapter about sleep and creativity.

I use to get pleanty of sleep, now since college started, i started to get careless about sleep.

I am sure many members on this forum can testify about sleep paralysis happening occassionally to them.

With this post, Leo Widrich sets out to uncover what the most important research has taught us about sleep.

Once I took a step back to really think about where our knowledge about sleep comes from, I realised that nearly all of it is based on hear-say or what my mum told me when I was in elementary school.

In 3% of cases "from sleep" is used

Christopher Waiters from sleep on April 5, 2007.

It seems as if the person has just got up from sleep.

Your partner is probably suffering from sleep deprivation too.

I've been having very bad memory problems and I know it is not from sleep or eating unhealthy.

There souls awake from sleep and see, in a split second, how lovable and good and great God is.

With the mussed-up hair of someone freshly wakened from sleep, the sloth bear can't help but look dopey.

It will load quickly, instantly resume from sleep and continue the interrupted broadcast from the same location (for the user).

Now, each time you wake your phone from sleep you can simply draw the lock pattern you chose instead of typing words and numbers.

It comes only gradually, so that only after a long while does the grace of God break through the shroud, and arouse the soul from sleep.

I had gone from wide-awake city career girl to overtired pram pusher in no time, and apart from sleep, I was craving adult company like nothing else.

In 3% of cases "on sleep" is used

As a result, I slept really well in Iguazu and managed to get caught up on sleep.

Share Tags Discuss I read in one book on sleep the following which I found quite interesting.

This weekend shall be spent catching up on sleep and doing work for all aspects of the course, with one or.

You can check out my other articles on sleep problems for ideas on how to improve your sleep life generally.

Cartwright became noted for her expertise on sleepwalking violence and has testified in several high profile cases.

Spencer at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, focused on sleep's role in reducing fear of spiders in undergraduate women.

We'll use the flight to work until our batteries go flat, do some reading, and catch up on sleep, of which we permanently seem to be deprived.

Leading sleep researcher Rosalind Cartwright brings together decades of work on sleep, dreaming and sleep disorders to propose a new theory of how the mind works continuously.

There is emphasis on sleep problems and their relationship, for example to psychological states, but she uses them particularly to understand more fully the nature of normal sleep.

In 2% of cases "into sleep" is used

We get into sleep patterns easily and swiftly.

It's kind of like falling into sleep without even knowing it.

Tap it once to lock the screen and or put the iPod into sleep mode.

Relaxing things will allow the descent into sleep to be much easier.

IPhone go into sleep mode to conserve battery a defined period of time has passed.

I can't get into sleep promptly, tend to dream a lot during my sleep and wake up in the middle of the night to go toilet.

Holding to that thought, hoping that for once in his life the change--whatever it was--was a good one, he slipped fitfully back into sleep.

Drawing on her own research and that of others, Cartwright describes how conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings move forward--from waking, into sleep and dreaming, to the next waking day.