Prepositions used with "software"

"of software", "for software" or "in software"?

In 45% of cases "of software" is used

I violated thousands of software licences.

Nokia really is doomed and it is because of software.

And your product is no more just a piece of software.

This a pattern of software development evolution history, translation/mapping tools.

You need to have a server that is supported by all type of software and booting systems.

I don't use certain pieces of software because he looks bamboozled when I talk about them.

In particular, no liability is taken on for possible (consequential) damage resulting from the use of software (e.

Registration is free, and so are the snacks! 2) The October of software Test &; Quality Assurance Magazine is out.

There are plenty of software programs available today that advertise to enhance the battery back-up of your gadget.

Kirsten Monday, November 24, 2008 6:10:42 AM UTC English does seam to be the lingua franca of software development.

In 13% of cases "for software" is used

Add in ISO images for software and operating systems.

So obviously they are looking for software improvements.

STPs are special zones with similar incentives for software exports.

The GNU General Public License is a free, copyleft license for software and other kinds of works.

In the race for software developers, Apple has argued that its iOS operating system leads to more sales.

I agree that there are few jobs out there for computer scientists, and even for software engineers these days.

Tips for software Localization Software must be written in such a way so that it would be quite easy to adapt (i.

Essentially, the LGPL can be regarded as a non-viral form of the GPL that is intended for software libraries only.

The browser is merely the interface for software of any choice thus HTML5 is the universal interface for all programs.

In 13% of cases "in software" is used

Tech in software field though my B.

Until 2001, Kharoba worked in software development.

The solutions just happen to be written in software.

The laws have come into full operation to stop piracy in software selling and copying.

I have passion for computer and technology, so much interested in software development.

A computer firm has sued Swaggart for payment of more than $80,000 in software and services.

I must disagree with you in this, however -- android will not always be playing catch up, at least not in software.

Chapter 3: The six requirements for design All but one of the six facets presented have clear parallels in software.

She is generous with her time and always keen to meet and talk to testers or anyone involved in software development.

Alan is just another ' lost musician ' who, as a number of others have, has found a better home in software development.

In 6% of cases "on software" is used

Among many revisions there was a proposal to delete the exclusion on software as such.

Visit: How It Works Yes, it is possible to do this today because of fruitful innovation on software's.

There were also employees who worked on software to synchronize data from the Courier to Web-based services.

Much time and effort is wasted on software that never should have been written using JavaScript in the first place.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY on software You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of the Software is at your sole risk.

You save on software set up, Office Professional Plus 2010 Key, operational, Windows 7 Ultimate, and maintenance costs.

There is no stated policy on software patents, yet software/logic patents threaten OSS and therefore impact on this policy.

I can see myself even copying from one of my answers on the old Joel on software -- Software Design forum, if I haven't already.

You save on software set up, Windows 7 Home Premium Key, operational, Windows Vista Business Product Key, and maintenance costs.

Excellent internet connection and access to library facilities allowed me to complete one chapter of my book on software testing.

In 6% of cases "with software" is used

Don't cross over into 2012 with software that you installed in 1990.

There are also clip art files, which are offered along with software.

The final chapter has few parallels with software that I can perceive.

Do i need to update it to OS 6 with software for Airtel or is there any other problem.

The mind has no mind of its own! It is like a computer that needs to be loaded with software.

More customers are attracted to its ecosystem of online content the centre with software giant's first tablet.

Everyone cites the Apple Macintosh for leadership in this area with software that has simple and sort of cute icons you can point to.

So, you'll end up with software that (probably due to some bug in the software) works well under Windows, but fails to run under Linux.

The 1st section of challenges contains difficulty along with software programs which are usually used in combination with the corporation.

Whereas the resources on a physical server are always restricted by its hardware, a VPS is a virtual web server with software limitations.

In 5% of cases "to software" is used

This does not apply (or applies much less) to software.

The section on impossibilities is surprisingly relevant to software.

These users are used to software that anybody can sit down &; use, out-of-the-box.

This habit applies not just to individuals, but also to software development teams.

We bring you various stuffs related to software testing, both manual and automation.

Chapter 4: The geometry of a device This is a short chapter and of limited applicability to software.

And few in this who have high scores move to software later after degree due to low payments in manufacturing industry.

Steps to success Customers and suppliers need to adopt a consistent approach to software development and implementation.

Support Automation Support Automation refers to software packages are focused on supporting the routine work of help desk personnel.

Seven years later, Jobs closed the factory, laid off half the employees and shifted the company? s direction to software development.

In 4% of cases "by software" is used

This can often nowadays be done automatically by software agents.

So the angle, apperture and zoom have to be configured by software.

Money storage, in these days of bits and bytes, can be handled by software.

It would certainly take a lot for them to replicate Apple's business of hardware sales supported by software eco-system.

The systems are reconfigurable hardware platforms with the ability to modify itself by software to better suit the application.

Currency trading is one of the fastest growing areas and it can be automated by software programs this as forex trading software.

Smartphones have, for instance, been attacked by software that can be used to run up exorbitant charges on the owner's bill, and the money can never be recovered.

Although we have in place reCAPTCHA, which has stopped, by looking at the logs, a fair amount of potential spam, it can only stop spam generated by software, not people.

Google Penguin is fishing for websites containing content generated by software or spinning techniques, and those whose links come predominantly from one or two sources.

I do NOT create software or sell how to make money courses or recommend such things to make a living, I do recommend tools that are created by software such as tools to: 1.

In 3% of cases "about software" is used

Much of what we know about software development has been known about since the 1960? s.

If not, well, hey, the time will be well spent anyway, seeking the good in advice about software testing.

Again, it's going to be all about software, key games tailored for a specific market, that make the difference Sony desperately need.

However, the industry seems more concerned about software talking to other software, Gates said, than about software talking to the screen.

But if you're talking about software, you'd probably want to be in the mobile app domain - apps for voters, for volunteers, for donors, for providing services that help people get to the polls, etc.

However it doesn't take long to find repositories such as RPM Fusion but I can imagine this being a stumbling block for many Ubuntu users who already frequently complain about software installation.

In 3% of cases "from software" is used

There has been a shift from software to the use of web-based technology.

The one you mentioned from software Patch is actually for WMP 10, and I have WMP 11.

So this is what a Windows user tends to expect from software: It starts at version 1.

It is designed to import UI designs from software such as Adobe Systems ' Illustrator.

from software has admitted in advance that there have been technical issues, but this is still quite surprising.

In 3% of cases "through software" is used

It is through software development that they are able to power up their information technology.

That is true Free(dom) GPL code, just the MPEG consortium, through software patents, forbids (tries to) it's usage.

The new model is expected to bring over 200 new features to end users, both by way of new hardware developments and through software upgrades.

Biometric data u2013 facial definitions, retinal scans and voice files u2013 will be composited through software to build your DNA unique online password.

Throughout its lifecycle, the PS3r system has continued to evolve with more streamlined design, larger Hard Disk Drive (HDD) capacity, and new features through software updates.

He started in reliability engineering and airborne software configuration on the Harrier aircraft through software QA and Business Change Management on the Typhoon and Nimrod projects.

A press statement issued by the UCC in Dar es Salaam yesterday said for the first time in the history of UDSM and the country, ARIS enabled automation of the admission process through software.