Prepositions used with "source"

"of source" or "To source"?

In 34% of cases "of source" is used

For me, I have two main types of sources.

Not exactly the most credible of sources.

Barcoding projects obtain specimens from a variety of sources.

This is not free software, because free software requires accessibility of source code.

The thing missing from too much of the link economy is the prominent citation of source.

Even more than deploying well-loved genres, Kurosawa drew on a vast pool of source materials.

The police can access data from all kinds of sources because smartphones are both incredibly versatile and ubiquitous.

There are an abundance of sources where you can read the wording of the amendment and where explanations are provided.

Identify your types of sources One of the major changes in research culture has been the shift from photocopies to pdfs.

Its formidably broad range of sources sheds light on many previously little known, or unknown, aspects of naval history.

In 30% of cases "to source" is used

However, citation as to source is requested.

It's just as healthy and a LOT easier to source.

According to sources, the food was insufficient.

Some of these laws include giving credit to sources and not violating any copyrights.

Same with the smoked and dried larger fish that are now hard to source as tastes change.

When you use Rail Saver to source and book your train tickets the cheapest possible fare for.

The song in question had made farcical references to president Mahinda Rajapaksa, according to sources at the hotel.

The cabinet, according to sources, is likely to affect changes in police and civil administration at various levels.

According to sources interviewed by Dawn, security forces arrested 25 suspects in different raids throughout the city.

IPL is a company wholly owned by ASDA Wal*Mart, set up in 2004 to source the majority of ASDA Wal*Mart's fresh produce.

In 11% of cases "from source" is used

Used car financing rates will vary widely from source to source.

There are excellent button makers from sources other than the US.

X X X> also, i think Chuck would benefit from source access as well.

We believe deception played a part in obtaining money from sources on the Internet.

This information has been provided from sources that have been accurate in the past.

Scientists believe the remaining bacteria in the river come from sources like rural and urban runoff.

While Levie tends to shy away from commenting on the acquisition, we heard from sources that it was a hard decision to say no to.

It is, that it often occurs that blessings come upon us from benefactors whom we do not see, and from sources which we can not trace.

Never fear, you don't need to compile a compiler from source! As well as the gcc RPMs in the repository, there are also a set for GCC 4.

Following on from my previous post about installing ImageMagick from source, to get it working with Apache you need to do the following.

In 7% of cases "at source" is used

Interior Walls Pre-painting Rectify the water seepage problem at source.

Unions are very good at dealing with problems at source, in the workplace.

Therefore, there is no acceptable evidence for the tax deducted at source.

Capitalism can not be regulated at arms length -- it needs to be domesticated at source.

I think that government funded pensions can be taxed ' enough ' because they can be taxed at source.

My earnings are taxed at source while corporations and individuals end up with 0% and even negative tax rates.

If you are legally employed you will usually be taxed at source and pay taxes and other relevant charges to the local government.

With most of the Banks, the Tax Relief at source (TRS) is seen as a separate payment into your bank account on the day the mortgage payment leaves.

If you took out your 1st mortgage between 2004 &; 2008, you probably know by now that mortgage interest relief at source is being double from 15% to 30% in 2012.

And in any case, it would be far far more effective to reduce the danger at source and tackle what causes most cycle accidents, bad driving on behalf of other road users.

In 4% of cases "with source" is used

Margulies, 662) with sources, esp.

Love is the only way home to reunite with source, who knows of the love that you are, who knows the fullness.

XDate: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 08:16:24 -0600 XFrom: Theo de Raadt X Xyes, i was implying persons with source tree access.

And if the journalist finds out that he's dealing with sources who don't play by the rules, then he simply seeks other ways to complete his story.

No, the current issue is that Theo has wanted to get back Xin the project with source access, has been asking for it, and has been Xtold time and time again to wait and wait and wait.

Its a piece, written by a person, so if there is a little bias then this has to be accepted, so use your noodle, back up your arguments with sources or a sound basis like Rory has tried to do.

In 3% of cases "by source" is used

It has also been endorsed by sources close to Lockheed Martin.

It is understood that those old injuries have begun to cause often-severe unbearable excruciating pain, to him as reported by sources close to his family.

On the topic of Islam, extreme interpretations of our scriptures backed up by sources many of us regard as inauthentic or out of date, receive millions of hits.

Official advice (such as the examples from around the world, right) is useful, but the best source of information remains other travellers -- augmented by sources such as the BBC World Service.

In 3% of cases "for source" is used

This contains contact details for sources of information, advice and help.

First for source credibility, age and then for statistics ' metrics ' proving hypothesis.

for source information listen to the Benjamin H Freedman speech from 1961 (He was there).

You sign up (free) and then get a daily email from journalists looking for sources on articles.

We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to our journalists (our electronic drop box).

If you're writing a research paper make sure to keep perfect citations (including page numbers) for sources you consult, print or electronic.

In 3% of cases "on source" is used

Run the following command on source system.

My on sources inside National say that she was adamant on this issue.

It is advisable, however, for NEMC to focus first on sources of pollution posing the greatest threat to human health and environment.

Pecknold draws on sources as diverse as radio advertising journals, fan magazines, Hollywood films, and interviews with industry insiders.

In cases where students anticipate difficulties with payment, all possible information and guidance on sources of financial support will be offered.

There are lessons on sources of light, light and form, understanding the color wheel, how light reacts with surfaces and other elements, and visual perception.

That pissed people off and was dependent on sources and whatnot and most of the news was unreliable as hell, but it was more fun than being fed studio approved pictures and videos.

In 2% of cases "in source" is used

So submerge yourself in sources.

There are, however, considerable differences in the dispersal abilities of species in source areas.

Do you label your versions and releases in source Control? TFS takes labeling to a new level unlike VSS which was a point in time label.

Do you use shared check-outs? In conjunction with regular check-ins, files in source control should never be locked unless absolutely necessary.

There is a degree of coherence in sources like the mercury green line and some other useful spectral sources, but their coherence does not approach that of a laser.

If the changes would break the build or are in a state that can not be put into the main trunk, then this code should be put into a shelveset (sometimes referred to as ' sandbox ') in source control.

In 1% of cases "into source" is used

The newfangled sources of wealth, by some strange weird spell, are turned into sources of want.

Our presuppositions are hard to shake off and it is easy to read into sources that which we want to be there.