Prepositions used with "space"

"of space" or "in space"?

In 46% of cases "of space" is used

This saves a lot of space, though.

Voidness is an expression of space.

You are such a tragic waste of space.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, you need lots of space to raise chickens this way.

But moving things around in microgravity and in the vacuum of space can result helpful.

Remember to leave plenty of space between scoops - these boys need space to spread out.

Felix will fly to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon, then open the hatch and stand on the rim of oblivion.

We hope to encourage the kinds of spaces that participants can both contribute to and, crucially, take ownership of.

Those shell type things some people call cycle helmets are a waste of space, other than for decoration if you ask me.

Registration was installed upstairs due to the sheer amount of space required to lay out all the attendee goodie bags.

In 25% of cases "in space" is used

I pity you, in space or on land.

Future vacation facilities in space.

Buran made only one flight in space.

We both loved Spiritualized's 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in space.

Whatever goes out into space and leaves a connection with a spacecraft remains in space.

For this reason, only certain locuses in space-time are accessible via the Time Vehicle.

Later, a prototype Buran that had not actually flown in space was exhibited to the public in Sydney for a few months.

We can define the Gaussian curvature as a real number that measures something about how the surface is curved in space.

A pass from Bilal found him in space and from the narrowest of angles Afridi managed to squeeze the ball between keeper.

The fact that time speeds up in space is hugely important for GPS systems, another confirmation of Einsteins relativity.

In 11% of cases "into space" is used

It's about human expansion into space.

He was a friend to human expansion into space.

And so it was easier to just send Chimpanzees into space.

Some of the radiation is eventually emitted into space, because that's one direction.

Whatever goes out into space and leaves a connection with a spacecraft remains in space.

Russians were pioneers in human kind's journey into space and many other scientific fields.

You stare blankly into space, but whichever way you look at it, you just don't know what to buy them for Christmas.

Believe it or not astronauts have to practice using the space toilet at Johnson Space Center before they go into space.

Adam Young has wrestled an alligator, turned into a moth, and accidentally launched himself and his friends into space.

I'd sure our players are capable but maybe we need to work on players off the ball slipping into space more intuitively.

In 6% of cases "for space" is used

He asked me to respect his need for space and I said that I would.

I will post a reply to your earlier post separately for space reasons.

And of course, as the price drops, the demand for space tourism will increase.

Looks like their next target are the devices for space communications related to OIST.

Town squares were places where market stalls competed with many other activities for space.

Another justification for deacquisitioning is the need for space, not only for computer terminals, but also for books themselves.

Other road users who dare to compete for space with them had to sweat it out for several hours before getting to their destinations.

It is a good idea to use this for a phone number instead of a numeric value as it allows for spaces and notes and symbols or glyph e.

In 4% of cases "from space" is used

We were all mighty impressed with the guy falling from space.

We have observed directly (from space) that the earth is round.

The bloom is now clearly visible in satellite images from space.

In conclusion, one must have the Aqidah that Allah Most High is pure from space and time.

Measurement of sea ice from space is not an exact science, as these different methods show.

As well as the Earth's radioactivity we are naturally subject to cosmic radiation from space.

A story about people surviving, and overcoming, an overwhelming invasion from space simply won't be big enough a story for him.

Then again, it was never going to be any other way when the big ticket item of the week was a man jumping out of a balloon from space.

Photo Credit: NASA In late 1997, aboard Mir, astronaut Dave Wolf became the first US citizen to formally vote in a local election from space.

In 3% of cases "through space" is used

In moving through space, time changes.

We experience rhythm as the flow of our movement through space.

Radiation and Life Radiation is energy travelling through space.

If we define ' dance ' as ' a body moving through space ' this word would appropriately define our art.

As Rick flies through space backwards, there are explosions, and enemy spacecraft appear from thin air.

Whenever you move your body through space the level of neuromuscular activation is dramatically higher.

He showed mathematically that such fields would propagate through space as a wave motion with a speed of 3 x 10 8 m/s.

One night in the astral, I found myself being taken through space, escorted by a female divine being, to another planet.

Communication signal: Means radio waves transmitted through space without any artificial guide, for reception by the public.

Twin B has moved only through time, twin A has moved partly through space and only partly through time -- less time than the twin who stayed still.

In 2% of cases "with space" is used

Note, that the characters of s are not separated with spaces.

with space ring, YangYi and can't wait began to see what's inside.

Far superior, this seems a great value vehicle with space and good drive.

Besides The Clangers, she told us, this was her first real contact with space.

If that doesn't > work you can build a quick array as long are no words with spaces.

So if you are asked to write a 1,000 character (usually with spaces) essay, do exactly that.

That afternoon, we trekked over to a small village about 7 miles, to the only school anywhere near us with spaces.

Fortunately for United, neither of Newcastle's full-backs proved to be much of a threat when left with space to exploit.

This is best achieved by placing two rhizomes with space in between them and the growing tips showing in opposite direction.

My stay was in a beautful place, with space for my self, without any enforcing of anything, without any devotion to any figure.

In 1% of cases "about space" is used

I understand your message about space.

If you are all about space - then this is you.

In his Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein revolutionised the thinking about space and time.

Architecture must be experienced and not just seen because it is about space not just appearance.

If we want our space program to be purely about space science, then human spaceflight is a hindrance to that goal.

I decided we would use double bunk beds, not to increase the number of students, but to give more living and moving about space.

Stories about space invasions are similar, in that the threat comes from outside and the goal for the character, whether achieved or not, is survival.

In 1% of cases "on space" is used

Hfer's photographs usually focus on spaces of cultural and social activity.

Given the escalating troubles we are facing on spaceship Earth it smacks of fiddling while Rome burns.

If we really wanted to focus on space science in our space program, we'd cut human spaceflight entirely.

What's more, the Mr Venty Range of condensation-control units can help you to save up to 10% on space heating.

The money spent within the world's military's out weighs that spent on space exploration by a very large factor.

Check what the hospital provides and what you can bring yourself, but be aware that hospitals can be short on space.

I agree with your comment about the wording of the first learning point; precision and detail can be lost at the expense of limitations on space.

Imagine if that had happpened?! If we'd given up on space exploration back then like Obama is surrendering and abandoning American space exploration now.

The scale of any further expansion would be dependent on space as many older prisons simply do not have the room to set up factories or workshops in which to do the work.

Been looking at the new aircrafts on our route and looks like MAS is saving on space in Business so I hope you get your upgrade on the old style as its alot better (room wise).

In 1% of cases "to space" is used

It's about human expansion into space.

He was a friend to human expansion into space.

Science under Obama will be thriving in regards to space.

I respond to spaces, so my work is planning based, I write about things.

Galactor -- They say that who keeps sending messages to space is a scientist named Raphael.

There are so many reasons to get humans into space, and to keep them in space, and to keep improving our abilities in space.

Doctor Raphael made it possible to send messages to space using Salto waves, and that's why Sosai X doesn't want him to stay alive.

Human expansion into space encompasses (includes) space science -- being a friend to human expansion = being a friend to space science too.

Mathematical Science Mathematics is, in many ways, the language of science, and it opens doors to everything from economics to space travel.