Prepositions used with "spending"

"of spending" or "in spending"?

In 29% of cases "of spending" is used

The composition of spending also matters.

Remeber this kind of spending will happen every 3 to 5 years indefinitely.

I've worked with Republicans to cut a trillion dollars of spending, and I'll do more.

You're going to have the sequestration of spending and the Bush tax cuts will expire.

Baba Ramdev accused the government of spending money on ' terrorists lodged in jail '.

Every single piece of spending was scrutinised, and some departments were cut by up to 70%.

Apparently in an election year they are more afraid of spending money than helping the economy.

Rebecca! From hundreds of entrants and thousands of votes, it?? s been a whirlwind of spending and styling.

That is, for around $630 million worth of spending we're only going to get roughly $120 million of benefit.

Instead of spending $100 on a jumper, go home and sign up to their mailing list and wait one week until it's 25% off.

In 26% of cases "in spending" is used

I see no point in spending so much time to make my meal taste better.

Look at Dubya's record: tax breaks with no reduction in spending and the prescription drug benefit.

He has said over and over again that the ratio would be $3 in spending cuts to $1 in tax increases.

The cuts will be split as follows: 10bn in spending cuts 10bn increase in value added tax (VAT) and green taxes.

That is a total increase in spending of $10 per capita on the health workforce by 2025,? GHWA further notes in the report.

Did you see this link which I posted earlier? I reposted it below: The Mets were ranked dead last in spending money wisely.

According to the president's own plan that would be $3 trillion in spending cuts, which is significantly higher than the current plan of $1.

Make Debt Your Friend Yet another important aspect of keeping up with the Joneses is to get past your fears in spending money you don't have.

That way, you don't have to give up anything in return! Yet, the White House is planning to give up at least $3 trillion in spending cuts anyway.

If we keep on like this by 2060 we'll have lost $60 billion in spending and 78,000 jobs, the report said, and the biggest losses will be in Sydney and NSW.

In 13% of cases "on spending" is used

To imply that Obama has been honest on spending is laughable.

Success and wealth are bad, meanwhile this administration goes on spending and increasing the Bush deficit by 100%.

Despite all their woes, Americans have still barely begun to cut back on spending and begun to save in a major way.

He/she finally realized that he/she was in way over his/her head, and substantially on spending, starting with travel.

A Significant Drop in Wisconsin's Ranking on spending Wisconsin currently ranks near the average in government spending.

Over time, a middle-class family could pay off $12,500 (a hospital would set up a payment schedule ), cut down on spending (vacations, eating out) and pay off the bill.

There is also a ripple effect -- as these job losses force people to cut back on spending, some businesses will face less revenue and the potential for further job loss.

In 9% of cases "to spending" is used

There are no stupid questions when it comes to spending money.

Small ticket item flies below the mental radar of resistance to spending.

Dramatic cuts to spending will not necessarily equate to dramatic savings.

So in reality, half of our spending is diverted to spending determined by bureaucrats and.

So be sure to keep a level head when it comes to spending money and remember to keep a constant eye on your.

If people are to become accustomed to spending money on the internet, we need convenient online payment systems.

Although street protests in Dublin never turned violent like in Athens, they illustrate public anger is inevitable when the government takes the knife to spending.

I probably have to agree to some extent on Dopey's point about being less distracted whilst overseas when it comes to spending money unnecessarily on nice cars, entertainment etc.

In 7% of cases "for spending" is used

It is rather inconvenient for leftists to acknowledge that congress is responsible for spending, since they've controlled the money pit since 2006.

In 4% of cases "over spending" is used

In years to come they will still be here by not over spending.

It even helps you to budget for the trip so you don't have a worry about over spending.

Nor does it seem entirely fair that League 1 is exposed to such a ruling when others are merrily over spending.

For the first time in many years an administration in Mogadishu seems willing to let foreign donors have a measure of joint control over spending.

In 4% of cases "with spending" is used

And at least back then, even business economists knew that balancing the budget was far less important than stimulating the economy with spending.

In 3% of cases "by spending" is used

They deserve to be liquidated, living beyond there means by spending money they didn't have and entering into illegal contracts.

However, the bond vigilantes will come after you if you try to stimulate your economy by spending money you obviously don't have, lowering taxes, etc.

This makes sure that the organization heads in the right direction in their marketing and does not go through a trial and error phase to learn the hard facts by spending money needlessly.

In 3% of cases "without spending" is used

So that was Queenstown done, to some extent anyway, as you can't stay in Queenstown without spending money unfortunately.

The charity Amnesty International is great for this: their website details many different causes you can contribute to without spending a penny.