Prepositions used with "sport"

"of sport" or "in sport"?

In 35% of cases "of sport" is used

This isn't that kind of sports town.

Do a lot of sports climbing at home.

The purpose of sport is to entertain.

About Supreethi Supreethi is a sports enthusiast and follows all kinds of sports news.

He was a poet, a drinker, a lover of sport, people, nature, art, travel, bars and life.

However, consulting firms often the source of sport psychology for professional leagues.

One reason for the increasing importance of sports therapy for anxiety and depression that sometimes accompany fame.

Secondly they destroy the beautiful animals under the escuse of sports, medicinal value, skin for profits, and food.

Coca-Cola has a long history of sports sponsorship including the Olympic Games, football, tennis and Special Olympics.

In 26% of cases "in sport" is used

Its the same in sport and in love.

Ideal for those involved in sports.

Opportunity is a great thing in sport.

Argosy University offers an in-depth studies in sports psychology and exercise therapy.

Background: Richie is a farmer from Waipu with extensive governance experience in sport.

Argosy University offers an in-depth studies in sports psychology and exercise therapy.

The NSYS outlines three principles and nine standards that will uphold Singapore's commitment to its youth in sports.

For normal usage, Westerners measure up to minutes, but in sports they go to hundreds, sometime thousands of seconds.

The NSYS outlines three principles and nine standards that will uphold Singapore's commitment to its youth in sports.

What Rubio's injury actually did was reveal that just a few people were propping up one of the worst rosters in sports.

In 14% of cases "for sport" is used

There will be need for sport shoes and equipment.

What Is The Best Site For Sports Betting Trends?

Would I use it for sports? No, that is the D700 for me.

Mr Mander's former role as assistant minister for sport and racing will not be filled.

I've always been vocal about my love for sports and traveling, and TV5 recognized that.

Deep sea fishing -- Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia are excellent islands for sports fishing.

Look at the plan here for details of these but they include large areas for sports, cultural, arts, justice precincts.

Also, I think there will be much more open space; there are less people and many more resources for sport and drama and.

Who motivates me to go for sports? developers take note gentlemen, an application for vagrancy and placate us move the couch.

Hubby may watch it for sports news, daughter used to put it on when she was younger, now she just plays on the iPad or reads.

In 8% of cases "to sport" is used

Especially with regard to sportspeople.

Especially with regard to sportspeople.

Group sex is not confined to sports stars only.

We had heard rumors that the Fish were going to sport an $80 million payroll next season.

These divas managed to sport their facial piercings with refined and worth-admiring style.

I don't disagree, yet, I think when it comes to sports like this -- tradition seems to win.

Men like to sport eye accessories too and this holiday season, they need them just as much as any fashionable woman out there.

Another training-related issue is when to allow children to return to sport participation after sustaining a musculoskeletal injury.

Those who are mesmerized by the soft and fine textures will be glad to sport the latest waterfall Canada Goose Jackets Outlet styles.

Providing affiliate links may prove to be unfruitful if the links are forwarding visitors to websites that do not pertain to sports.

In 4% of cases "about sport" is used

No ever said a thing about sports.

You can talk about sports I guess.

Here's what you always hear about sport: They make it look so easy.

These are betting industry problems because the managers don't care about sports.

One of the benefits of considering a bid is a very public debate about sport in a community and nation.

TIP! If someone visits a site about sports, they expect to see sports-themed news, ads, and merchandise.

The Oympics should be about sports in which winning a Gold is the pinnacle of your career and in football it's not.

There were stories, information about sports I was interested in (at the time) and a whole lot of other idiotic stuff.

Main menu Post navigation Brandon Roy: Comeback Kid One of the greatest things about sports is an inspirational story.

In 4% of cases "on sport" is used

I would be surprised if the colleges lose money on sport.

So to justify the expenditure on sport, Team GB must reach its London 2012 targets.

Saturday, 10 November 2012 It hasn't been a good day so far for Australians commenting on sport.

They had another stall running on sports day and orgainsed a booth at the open day for the school.

Not sure who he'd replace on Sports Rushmore, but I'd think Muhammad Ali should be up there in stone.

Honestly Kevin, the piece I read definitely stated that many colleges actually do lose money on sports.

Honestly Kevin, the piece I read definitely stated that many colleges actually do lose money on sports.

Rather than focusing on sports oriented skills it is always better to help them with developmental matters.

For example, the First National Conference on Sports in 2006 did not reflect high levels of collective action.

But still, this wording is good for at least a one hour segment on sports radio with a 30 minute follow up on the next roundtable.

In 3% of cases "at sport" is used

You can buy them at Sports Authority for $4.

Some people are good at sport, others are musically gifted.

I'd a nerd; I'd just someone that happened to be good at sport as well.

I was proud of how good he was at sports, such as volleyball, football and swimming.

Although incidents at sports stadiums are rare they produce large numbers of casualties.

Be awesome at anything; if you are smart, show it off, if you are funny, make him/her laugh, or if you are good at sports, give a demonstration.

Once again it seems that Sports Interactive continue to churn out the goods and appease their followers when it comes to the Football Manager series.

If you look at sports that have really thought about how they can capitalise on interest in the Olympics, such as hockey, then you can see an increase.

The Royals play their first Black Dragon Division South fixture at Sports ' Raygar Stadium in Station Road, Mickleover, on Saturday (3pm ), when they face Nottingham United.

If you look at sports all around the world and you look at sports owners trying to work out how to invest to make money, you will find that most of them like the idea of franchises.

In 3% of cases "with sport" is used

It is also good to have a clubhouse with sport facilities and parking.

Daily exercise is ideal when partnered with sports, but be mindful of how it is done.

Red Bull's normal advertising pursuits are aligned with sport and extreme sports in particular.

I am fed up with sports that I watch as a spectator but in which I am not allowed to participate.

Read full page The relationship Coca-Cola has with sport seeks to advance the development of sport overall.

Politicans of the present government have enough clout so why shud they meddle with sport where there know ledge is nil.

Background: A farmer from Pouto (south of Dargaville ), Chris has a long history of involvement with sport in Northern Wairoa.

I can see the Ambiance Touch becoming a big hit with sports fans who can't listen to their favorite team because they are in another city.

With sports that require vigorous arm movements (like tennis or squash ), it is best to wait for at least three months before activity is resumed.

This finding suggests that partnering with sports journalists may prove particularly fruitful in terms of shaping injury-pertinent discourse in the media.

In 2% of cases "from sport" is used

The joy we gain from sport is that part of ' bliss '.

The design is futuristic, taking cues from sports cars rather than tin cans.

Most US universities get a lot of money from sports, particularly football and the TV rights.

The conservative Muslim community would shy away from sports and cultural events and often become the object of mockery.

With access to these new fields, Regent Park youth will have more opportunities to benefit from sports in their own community.

Apart from sport Northland work in the Northern Wairoa, he has a long involvement with the Southern Rugby Club over many years.

Sky has launched various applications on the Android platform providing a variety of content from sports to news and financial information.

Back spasms can also be caused by actual muscle injury from sport or a sudden irregular movement, which can cause actual muscle damage, causing pain.

It's the epicenter for all sorts of knowledge from sports to games, leisure to entertainment, entertainment to education, creation to devotion and so forth.

A parent at home can easily access to the student grades, news and events from sports, theatre, student activities, PTA news, and interact with other parents.

In 1% of cases "like sport" is used

What about things outside the gym, like sports or activities? I love boxing.

Most notably, users can now ask Siri to provide real time information like sports scores.

Boys furthermore, like sport caps, hooded sweatshirts, Skinny jeans and foolish tinted glasses.

All the people who live in Pakistan like sports and what you have to do is bring them out to watch it.

Look at a range of games, like sports games and fighting games and shooting games and how they all work together.

There is wide variety of burberry outlet sunglasses for them like sport mask sunglasses, Engraved square sunglasses, Check engraved sunglasses etc.

And just like sports gifts can be very different depending on the type of sport they celebrate, what types of sports gifts available today may come from a wide diversity.