Prepositions used with "standard"

"of standard" or "to standard"?

In 43% of cases "of standard" is used

He is the man of standards and speed.

Secondly, a different set of standards apply to Kura Kaupapa.

Employers follow a set of standards when paying ultrasound technicians.

What are the hygeine factors for your customers? A certain level of standard is expected.

Will be long term series of projects to develop a graphcial set of standards (archetype.

Children can reflect on and evaluate their own work with a clear understanding of standards.

Flash for cash, flash as in expectation of standard or even just flash with gadgets at hand (iPhone, laptop, etc).

OUP in Pakistan has a special history and is well recognized in this country for upholding the highest of standards.

Well, if you reduce the pool of applications, you will almost certainly reduce the quality, causing a lowering of standards.

In 17% of cases "to standard" is used

Heaven forbid, though, that the municipality should be held to standards of ordinary care.

If you don't do things to standard it's punishing your opponents sense of the game quite a bit.

The answer was it was too short a period and the air temperature equipment was not up to standard.

With the above info, currently speaking to standards authority as to any recourse available to us.

Though So Hee's singing isn't really up to standard, but at least she's improving, she's trying hard.

This is partly the reason why most of the roads are either poorly constructed and not up to standard.

To maximize the profitability of your affiliate network, drop affiliates that are not performing up to standard.

Sam Foster is determined to bring environmental protection up to standard and to lead the way in local government.

He has now been dismissed at the end of a further 11-month contract because the employer says his work is not up to standard.

But is this sufficient to maintain the rights of consumers with regard to standards of quality of a product or service? Obviously not.

In 14% of cases "in standard" is used

Yet differences in standards are still an issue.

Overtime it been a serious decline in standards, thats for sure.

It was while in standard Eight that Jennifer lost much of her sight.

More and more Indian manufacturing companies are investing in standards accreditation.

I have no excuses for my temporary but nonetheless shocking and distressing drop in standards.

Instead of trying to beat the best card in standard, I decided to make my opponents have it every time.

I was expecting to see some kind of improvement in standards and not to be getting more and more angry by the day.

We were delighted, but not surprised, with the incredible jump in standard in this year's participating organisations.

But in Kenya, only 28 per cent of pupils in standard 3 who completed the English test were able to read a Standard 2 level story with ease.

In 6% of cases "on standard" is used

Insisting on standards of behavior does not mean we have to make a mountain out of every molehill.

Even better would be for regional regulatoratory bodies to facilitate common standards across countries.

India's semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Designs Act 2000 is based on standards developed by WIPO.

For further information on standards and procedures you may contact Filte Ireland, the Irish Tourist Board.

The consistent poverty measure was devised in 1987 using indicators of deprivation based on standards of living at that time.

The principles listed below are those OMB may use to guide final decisions on standards for the classification of racial and ethnic data.

I have been bemoaning the lack of attention on population growth and it's impact on standards of living and the environment for the past 2 decades.

On 1 February 1997, the 1995 amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 entered into force.

Lets see with the iPhone, you can jailbreak it if you really want to change the homescreen or you can buy DreamBoard on standard plus you can still change wallpaper and icon arrangement.

At the same time, the current rapid innovation of new payments products and quickly evolving technology has delayed an industry consensus in many other countries on standards or interoperability.

In 4% of cases "about standard" is used

For starters, the phone offers only an 8MP camera (which is about standard for today's flagship smartphones).

It needs to be noted that the allegations are about standards of business and not misuse of power or corruption.

Morad talked about standards of Islamic life and I discovered that in Islam there is a daily schedule for working, praying, resting and being with family.

The earliest rules about standards of behaviour among people dealt with prescribing or prohibiting conduct that experience proved was likely to lead to conflict.

In 4% of cases "for standard" is used

The Opera browser is smaller and faster than the one you know, and it has better support for standards.

It is fine for standards to rise, but we would have got four times as much out of the 2002 RAE under the 1992 algorithm.

The partnership with Open Polytechnic also led to the additional development of contextualised learning materials for Sovereign for standard Set C.

for standard of cosmetic surgeries, however, my impression (warning: I'd a philosopher, not an MD) is that the risks are fairly small and fairly well known.

Gien was the General Manager of Design Strategy and Head of Corporate Services for Standards Australia, recognised by the Government as Australia's peak Standards body.

In 3% of cases "by standard" is used

By standards of developed countries it was not so high.

It must be measured by standards that satisfy the First Amendment.

You are judging Australian society by standards you are refusing to apply to other countries.

But in Tanzania, the results were particularly discouraging; by standard 7, only about half could read a story in English set at a Standard 2 difficulty level, compared with 94 per cent in Kenya.

In 3% of cases "from standard" is used

I'd not talking about deviating from standards here.

Easy-peasy! You can choose from standard, Premium and Check Out cleans.

The UK Treasury would deduct 10p from standard and upper rates of income tax in Scotland and give MSPs the power to decide how to raise cash.

In 3% of cases "with standard" is used

Lawsky reached a settlement with standard Chartered on Aug.

I am begging pls let us finish, don't allow new intake untill u are satisfy with standard.

The report indicates the degree of compliance with standards and the level of audit effectiveness (i.

As each organisation finds it way in this increasingly transparent world, we should remind ourselves that complying with standards like IATI is not where effort ends.

This is a more optimistic scene involving a new asceticism, a shift from concern with standard of living to quality of life, to respect for nature, to a ' pluralistic humanism ' (p.

In the late 80's ANSI and ISO (these are two organizations dealing with standards for a wide variety of things) came out with a standardized version called Structured Query Language or SQL.

In 2% of cases "under standard" is used

In short, there was an expectation that even under standards mode, IE would keep working the same way.

Because sites expected IE6 behavior, the DOCTYPE switch failed to protect compatibility in the real world when we changed behavior under standards mode to become more compliant.