Prepositions used with "status"

"of status" or "in status"?

In 48% of cases "of status" is used

But not the car of status-conscious Beijingers it turns out.

An order of status quo as regards payment of exgratia was passed therein.

The recent budget that you announced is for all Singaporean regardless of status.

I didn't know that that it would take months for renewal/change of status application.

It doesn't matter if nobody reads any of them, ones published output is a measure of status.

There has been a lot of criticism regarding this Peace March by prominent parties of status.

All loans that have been previously submitted regardless of status must be locked no later than Wednesday, December 24th.

The Israelites enjoyed a change of status when the covenant was engaged; the old Israelite died while a new one resurrected.

If the rightmost byte of status is zero, the leftmost byte conains the low eight bits of the value returned by chils's exit()/return().

It met with TRA yesterday in a bid to seek the authority's approval for change of status of transit fuel so it could be sold in Tanzania.

In 18% of cases "in status" is used

But the shortage of women is no guarantee of a welcome rise in status.

I look ahead at others ahead of me -- in job, in status, in career, in life.

Any change in status of your licence must be immediately notified to a Director.

After taking the leap and creating a squeeze page just as Bernadette laid out, my client opt in status increased by 30% first try.

What I found more difficult to get used to, coming from a very egalitarian society, was the huge difference in status of the different universities.

This specific act of Christ Jesus and/or his explicit statement concerning this Child does not make; the Child and the Christ, co-equal or one in status.

FB cases (those who are not immediate relatives, which may be where you are getting confused) can file I-485, if they are in status at the time of filing, based.

With no idea of self, there was little difference of skills, and having no idea about the concept of surplus there wasn't much difference in status distinction between each other.

In 8% of cases "to status" is used

Once all the molars came in everything went back to status quo.

It is a concept; it is ignorance that elevates it to status of reality.

We as a nation are doomed to status quo, to wear the yoke of landed &; industrial dynasties.

They made it as far as the third round before losing 2-1 to status Quo, who would end up finishing third.

The following guideline is from Canada Revenue Agency site regarding GST/HST application to status Indians.

Many of them are young and have access to status and money that you otherwise wouldn't in America or Europe.

In 6% of cases "with status" is used

It had to do with status so as the status of a particularly community changed, caste did change (more rigid among the Brahmins though).

Indeed, the middle class in Malaysia is a dying breed -- despite the government's loud declaration to move the nation into a high-income one, we would be lucky just to keep pace with status quo.

In 5% of cases "about status" is used

They don't care about status or wealth.

It was all about status, face and spreading the wealth.

Islam is very clear about status of woman in a Muslim society on the basis of equality and equity.

To determine the root cause requires applying the why chain -- keep asking why until the answer is about status in your tribe -- or survival.

In 4% of cases "by status" is used

Partnership not created by status 5.

In the Army Now (Bolland and Bolland, later covered by status Quo) 5.

Miawpukek First Nation, at Conne River, has a process in place for deliveries of goods to the Miawpukek Reserve by status Indians who are not members of Miawpukek First Nation.

In 4% of cases "on status" is used

After a few days, I turned on status and fitness minutes in my Friend Feed.

Change Dates on status Updates The up side is before Timeline launches, you can backdate some posts for your page.

In 3% of cases "as status" is used

A respected health and fitness writer, David has been published in industry publications such as status Fitness Magazine, Muscle &; Fitness and Bodybuilding.

In 2% of cases "for status" is used

While i was checking the PF site for status it says it is settled.

The following queries and commands are defined for status and progress tracking.

In 2% of cases "from status" is used

Spin-off products The first spin off consisted of craniofacial implants for patients with congenital disorders or suffering from status post cancer surgery.