Prepositions used with "stone"

"of stone" or "in stone"?

In 44% of cases "of stone" is used

The walls are all made of stone.

The houses are made of stone and mud.

Roshar is a world of stone and storms.

He kept trying to open dummy doors; he couldn't believe we had done it all out of stone.

I love buildings of stone - give me the Gothic towers, turrets and carved wooden interiors.

We took the doggies for a walk to the magic Downs Banks woods, situated just north of stone.

The limestone peaks rising out of the Li River valley are something out of a storybook and resemble a forest of stone.

The Crypt, resting on a bed rock with 2 feet of stone above it, is lined with porcelain enamel plates embedded in pitch.

Schaafsma fell into the international world of stone balancing as he learned more about other stone balancers and events.

In some cases the staircases were made out of stone but in others they must have been timber since no trace has survived.

In 26% of cases "in stone" is used

Nothing's set in stone from birth.

My outlining is not written in stone.

This is not gospel and fixed in stone.

The LHC has its own set of deadlines for finding the Higgs, though none are set in stone.

In life, no matter what the rules are, always keep it mind that it is not written in stone.

We will know in the next few weeks whether its absolutely 100% set in stone and going ahead.

To try to set them in stone you'd be heading into Ten Commandments territory, and I for one wouldn't want to do that.

My regime -- although not set in stone -- currently includes 3 spin classes a week, 4 cardio sessions and ab workouts.

Workers in other factories have told me all about the dangers of breathing in stone dust, so I wear my mask all the time.

We have almost nothing in stone here concerning our schedule, so hopefully tomorrow the details will work themselves out.

In 10% of cases "to stone" is used

These places feature in Closer to stone.

The question is not weather to stone Gingrich.

Still women do have preferences as to stones.

The music faded, the crystal walls returned to stone, and the light shrank to a pin spot.

It is also central to stone Town and most tourist attractions are within walking distance.

The water of the well is so heavily saturated with minerals that items left in it, turn to stone in no time at all.

OMFG, what happened to stone?! She looks like a girl in a school year book -- BACK IN THE 80s! Unfortunate, so unfortunate.

However, Closer to stone belongs to Bas, who struggles to find redemption from the dreadful events he witnesses in the desert.

Kizimkazi Boat Trip T ake a one hour drive from to stone Town to Kizimkazi, on Zanzibar's southcoast for a day of dolphin spotting.

Back to stone Age Drones, fighter jets, helicopter gunships, heavy artillery, tanks (and bulldozers too) did what they normally do; DESTROY life.

In 8% of cases "with stone" is used

Convoy pelted with stones in Egypt, Mar 2009.

Actually hit with stone and Baldev is bleeding.

It is said that the women of Limerick fought with stones and bottles.

The Greek word could also refer to building with stone (wood was scarce in the region).

There is a freshness of the wine with stone fruits, orange, and a touch marmalade and spices.

Our only beef with the movie was what they decided to do with stone Cold's character at the end.

The mock exercises usually last for about two hours and focus on how to deal with stone throwers by using minimal force.

However the truth can be very simple, God shouldn't be any idols that made up by humans with stones or anything on earth.

Behind the grotto, paths lead up a wooded hill to a Chinese gazebo with stone tables and seats where we saw men playing chess.

And yeah I did read that a few buses were pelted with stones but no where does it mention that it was the sainiks who did that.

In 4% of cases "from stone" is used

We set sail to find an untouched sandbank an hour away from stone Town.

Materials have changed from stone and wood, to bricks and cast iron, to ductile iron, concrete and, latterly, plastics.

Using artifacts made by hand from stone, bone, sinew, wood, fiber, and moss, they invented secure dwellings and tailored skin clothing.

The materials have evolved from stone and wood, lead, copper, ceramics and clay, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete, steel and most recently, plastics.

Many visitors to the East Coast choose to take day trips to the Kiwengwa- Pongwe Forest, or to break their journey from stone Town at the ruins of the Dunga Palace.

If you are looking for idyllic beaches and bathing you are advised to take a trip from stone Town to one of the unspoilt village coastlines or to one of the islands, such as Chumbe.

In 2% of cases "as stone" is used

Instead, it is created simply through perfect equilibrium in an artistic form known as stone balancing.

The early pucks were probably balls, but other objects were also used, such as stones, lumps of coal, or frozen cow or horse poop.

Taino Amulet/ Pendant The Taino loved to adorn their bodied with ornaments which were made from a variety of material such as stone, shell, bones, feathers, silver, gold and animal teeth.

Insulation material such as stone wool is one of the most ideal insulation materials with its low thermal conductivity values that contribute significantly to the overall U value performance.

In 2% of cases "by stone" is used

For more about this series and the companion book, we are joined by stone and Kuznick.

The fountain was guarded by stone lion figures, parts of which had become shiny and rubbed clean through the millennia.

He disclosed that two of his men as well as himself were hit by stones, as the student protesters intensified their unlawful action.

We saw many well-preserved gravel roads bordered by stone walls running through the woods and blocked off from the outside by large stones.

Seminal work done by stone (1982) and later by Watson-Boone (1994) showed that humanities users need a wide range of resources, in terms of their age and type.

The most obvious, it would seem, would be the emphasis on the extremal movements of the Sun, captured and delineated by stone structures, with parallels perhaps, in both written and oral traditions.

In 2% of cases "into stone" is used

The other question is their transformation into stone.

On their way to Mithila, Rama revives Ahalya who had turned into stone i.

Could you do it in fewer words? In less than six syllables? It's good enough to translate into Latin and carve into stone.

Trees of Stone: Ace wizard Harry Potter himself couldn't have done a better job of turning trees into stone than Mother Nature did at the Petrified Forest.

In 2% of cases "like stone" is used

Many memorials were built in concrete moulded to look like stone.

No one would believe that those soft Idlis were hard like stones 5 minutes prior.

Any affliction to Scorpio in your individual birth-chart could indicate troubles like stones in the bladder, venereal disease, or enlargement of the prostrate gland.

In 2% of cases "on stone" is used

It had been easy to be washed to sleep by the sound of waves on stones.

They hang their legs on stones and dirty grasses because they do not want to go to the altar.

Aisinai'pi or Writing on stone Provincial Park, Alberta, on the Milk River, has been in use from this period of time based on artifacts discovered.