Prepositions used with "storage"

"of storage", "For storage" or "in storage"?

In 32% of cases "of storage" is used

It will max out at 64Gb of storage.

Check the voltage of storage battery; 2.

Inside, there is 1GB of RAM, as well as 8GB of storage.

Using it as binary storage, this equates to about 375MB of storage for one DNA strand.

The largest flaw is that the Fire only offers 8GB of storage with no room for expansion.

The top-of-the-line model still costs $830, has 64 gigabytes of storage and can also get online via a cell network.

Much like its previous centuries of use as a form of storage, an antique coffer can help bring organization to a home.

I fully expect the iPad Mini to run the Apple A5 chip (instead of the more powerful A6) chip and top out 32GB of storage.

String objects allocated via new operator are stored in the heap, and there is no sharing of storage for the same contents.

In 24% of cases "for storage" is used

He built large graineries for storage.

Many pants come with extra pockets for storage.

Labeled bins for storage and others for collection.

You can convert video files into the formats you need to compress for storage, create.

I solved the problem (at least partially) but getting clear plastic boxes for storage.

This limits your ability to use physical disks for storage or to watch DVD/Blu-Ray movies.

I could not resist but share some more ideas for storage that you can create from recycled things for your kids room.

Not appropriate for storage tanks fabricated from plastic (tea preet ), metallic (oxidized ), polyethylene (choking).

The storage is typically on three sides, although the doors can be used for storage as long as they are not sliding doors.

The 500GB hard drive is the primary one for storage on the HP Pavilion 14-B003tx Sleekbook, with a 32GB mSATA for the caching tasks.

In 24% of cases "in storage" is used

The US holds the missiles in storage.

Nowhere is this more true than in storage.

It must feel horrible, being deflated and placed back in storage.

Bulbs overexposed to light or warmth in storage can begin leaf growth.

There's another price you'll pay for all this clarity, too: in storage.

Other uses are in storage batteries, ammunition, and low-melting-point alloy s (e.

I can still live with the apparent decrease in storage space, because 2GB is still far more than what I need.

You don't want to get rid of what you're putting in storage; you just need to use your space more effectively.

Put your stuff in storage, find a subletter, tell your boss that you'll come back with new ideas and more enthusiasm.

In 6% of cases "to storage" is used

And remember to encrypt the data prior to storage.

Direct mapping from guests to storage and fibre channel adapters.

ObjectRecPtr or ObjectRecOffset points to storage that is not accessible.

PutMsgRecPtr or PutMsgRecOffset points to storage that is not accessible.

ResponseRecPtr or ResponseRecOffset points to storage that is not accessible.

To achieve the best results, end-to-end performance from server to storage is needed.

All positions which remain open from 23:59:45 to 00:00 (trading platform time zone) will be subject to storage charges.

From worktops to storage solutions in and outside the home, all these workbenches can be used based on how you want it to be part of your task.

The parameter pointer is not valid, or points to read-only storage for MQINQ calls or to storage pointers that are not valid; if not detected, unpredictable results occur.

The notion of a physical supply chain with resources passing from source to user is relevant to storage; a successful storage supply chain is key to running IT as a business.

In 3% of cases "into storage" is used

Others will just sell everything, or put it all into storage.

The decision to move to San Francisco followed, putting all their belongings into storage and buying two one-way tickets to LA.

In 3% of cases "on storage" is used

Storage It looks like both companies are aiming to make a little cash on storage.

Plus, you never have to worry about running low on storage space due to flexibility in scaling and adding more resources on-demand.

The system programmer should determine why the system is short on storage, and take appropriate action, for example, increase the region size on the step or job card.

I especially liked the author's emphasis on storage solutions, which anyone on any budget can take advantage of (though this book tends to focus on apartments that were designed from scratch).

In 3% of cases "with storage" is used

And I can't wait to live somewhere with storage space for blenders, books and whatever else.

Some are options with storage and trundle bed options which can make things very convenient in small houses.

Alex correct me if i am wrong, but i understand that it's not the DNA that needs so much care with storage as your enzymes or proteins.

Just like with storage, the VMware management components will be a subset of functions needed to provide networking for VMs, such as defining connections and profiles.

The starboard guest cabin features a longitudinal, Pullman-style bunk, situated outboard with storage below, and another berth placed athwartships a little further aft.

In 2% of cases "as storage" is used

These included details such as storage space and heating.

This includes, but is not limited to telecommunications as well as storage systems.

Your main business enterprise and consent as well as storage regulations need to be imposed you can keep prepared for legal and thus audits.

In 2% of cases "during storage" is used

Pathogenic toxins may be produced during storage of the food if certain organisms are still viable.

However, these vitamins are not very stable and they are easily destroyed during storage or cooking.

In 1% of cases "like storage" is used

The cells were so small they looked like storage cells and it was noted that people had been confined in them for years.

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