Prepositions used with "structure"

"of structure" or "to structure"?

In 41% of cases "of structure" is used

Does lack of structure excite you? Most.

In Spurs, he inherited a side in need of structure.

We didn't have a whole lot of structure to the meeting.

This fact explains why the behavior of structure 5 is similar to that of structure 4.

We haven't actually defined any sort of structure to it yet, but it's something we plan to do.

But we have some form of structure and a little bit of an idea of what we want to do out there.

And secondly imposing of structure and meaning on what one experiences is not the same as having innate knowledge.

Construction Materials The construction of both types of structure will basically use the same methods and materials.

Occasionally some sort of structure and possibly even narrative surfaces, only to sink below the surface on the next page.

Structures and Unions The size of structures and unions on 64-bit platforms can be different from those on 32-bit platforms.

In 23% of cases "to structure" is used

He praised my ability to structure logical arguments.

From culture to structure we can not just copy paste an uprising of a people.

If a tsunami reaches shore, the water damage to structures can be devastating.

You have to figure out how to structure it so you give yourself the best chance to play.

How to structure your cover letter A typical cover letter should be no more than one page long.

In the beginning, like me, he really had no idea how to structure and conduct a meditation course.

In addition, we need to structure our job experience so that they are sellable both in domestic and international markets.

A huge school of bigeye trevally roam from structure to structure, nearly equal in size to the ones of those found at Sipadan.

A consultant called Paul Smith first developed a process known as SOSTACr which is a useful model used to structure a marketing plan.

This suggests the need to structure both data and text in such a way that it can be mined for connections of previously unlinked information.

In 16% of cases "in structure" is used

Such a space is uniformly dense in structure.

With this reform in structure, I foresee a smoother running in the future.

As a compound, big box was most commonly to be found in structures such as ' big box of.

On the other hand, in structures 4 and 5 locking occurs between the asperities of the corresponding fractal curves.

He found the greatest similarities in structure among those finding aids commonly referred to as inventories and registers.

They are generally more open, simpler in structure, and dominated by the beech species -- red, hard, black and silver beech.

Schedule 1 to the Standard details permitted uses and restrictions of food additives by food type and is hierarchical in structure.

If you are sharing data defined in structures between 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, be careful about using long s and pointer s as members of shared structures.

Many of the members of the original youth team have gone on to have sons who now play for the club, while other figures have been commemorated in structures around the ground.

In 7% of cases "like structure" is used

I see the multiverse as having a tree-like structure.

Illustrator's strength are typically for print hence its grid like structure.

Sphere like structures can be implanted into the pole and host all zero g facilities.

Sphere like structures can be implanted into the pole and host all zero g facilities.

Ulaanbaatar Many Mongolians continue to live in yurts, or gers, which are dome -- shaped tent -- like structures.

The Ring In the case of the ring like structure, determination of areas results critical due to its reduced dimensions.

Around the edge the tentacles are relatively long and have bead-like structures packed with nematocysts (stinging cells).

On the other hand the ring like structure reduces the size of the atmosphere with opposite advantages and disadvantages with respect to the above mentioned options.

In 6% of cases "with structure" is used

This has been a summer with structure.

I was raised with structure and routine.

Estate points are gained by building and decorating your estate with structures.

We still seem to be stuck with the late twentieth century obsession with structures.

People who think anything goes and refuse to work with structures can not be helped in life.

Biomarkers are compounds found in crude oil with structures inherited from once-living organisms.

I haven't yet decided on a style but right now my preference is towards something with a vintage feel to it, but still with structure and sophistication.

Its available at a reasonably priced amount, Windows Professional, hence is definitely favorite through countless smallish together with structure size providers.

In 2% of cases "by structure" is used

No attempt to parse the data by structure (i.

Then I learned it was inspired by structures left by the ' old ones ' - the Anasazi.

Bridges protected by structures that look like barns represent historic small-town America.

In 2% of cases "for structure" is used

Official sources said while the government wants to ensure housing for the urban poor, there are legal issues as the Slum Redevelopment Act mandates free housing for structures protected up to 1995.

In 2% of cases "on structure" is used

I don't think it's good enough to blame this on structures alone.

In 1% of cases "between structure" is used

While different stylistically, both have mastered that fine balancing act between structure, melody, and rhythm on the one hand, and openness, improvisation, and inventiveness on the other.

In 1% of cases "from structure" is used

In the past, the focus of syllabuses has shifted from structure to situations, functions and notions to topics and tasks.

A huge school of bigeye trevally roam from structure to structure, nearly equal in size to the ones of those found at Sipadan.