Prepositions used with "student"

"of student" or "for student"?

In 38% of cases "of student" is used

Diversity of students in course.

To Help Reduce the loss of Students.


I am tired of hearing about teachers being proud of only a select group of students.

Here is my list of students and their grades List of students and their exam results.

This grouping by ability, or tracking of students, has been common in public schools.

I would recommend this company to anyone -- a big group, small families, a bunch of students, or people like me (.

Nowadays, most careers in science will require a PhD and inevitably only a handful of students will be interested.

I have a ridiculous amount of student loan debt that absolutely impacts my ability to buy a house or start a family.

Individual members of student wings from all major parties were responsible for numerous acts of on-campus violence.

In 25% of cases "for student" is used

Lunch for students costs between $1.

We are one trillion in debt for student loans.

The school has superb facilities for students.

Books and some websites are available for students or others wishing to gather data.

The cost is subsided at 35 per person with a further reduced rate of 25 for students.

Photos of the target areas will be sent back by the satellites for students to study.

This is an excellent option for students who have an advanced English level but having trouble to get the last 0.

This is convenient for students, and also introduces them to some of the key on-line resources available to them.

If the (Selangor) MB says there's no need for students to take the loans, then PTPTN need not give out the loans.

However, primary school completion rate for students of all ages in Chittagong is among the lowest in the country.

In 13% of cases "to student" is used

I teach Communication Studies to students who.

John Deasy is seen chatting to students at the Hilda L.

I would recommend it to students interested in Science.

This raises a number of issues that are of great significance to students of cinema.

Profs are extremely open to student emails and try their best to give prompt responses.

As teachers we often think we have to be artistic to introduce or teach arts to students.

Characters with more strokes provide more memorization information and facilitate the differentiation to students.

Co-op work reports must be submitted prior to students being interviewed for their subsequent work term placements.

At the beginning of every course, I make a point of explaining to students my research interests and qualifications.

Essentially the day of packed lecture theatres are gone so now they're looking for new ways to add value to students.

In 7% of cases "with student" is used

This has nothing to do with student Tuition.

S, No way! So they are extremely careful with students result.

In Mangalore, CFI will celebrate the day with students of St Agnes Special School.

I dropped out in November last year, and had no issues this time with student finance.

If you choose a shared hosting, probably do with students who take a course a few weeks.

But I did not know that my rapport with students was not being taken well by some top managers of the university.

I look forward to reconnecting with students and getting to know the new students over the next weeks and months.

This fear is even more pronounced with students, who not only have big debts, but also lack the experience to give.

The number of borrowers with student loans outstanding now exceeds the number who carry a balance on their credit cards.

In 5% of cases "by student" is used

Used books are also co-op style and run by students.

The discussion is guided by students ' response to what they have read.

It's all about students, hence the tag line, for students, chosen by students.

Not an uncommon challenge faced by students and teachers during a typical school day.

Paid for almost entirely by student loans (paid off in 13 yrs) and some part time work.

Two of the most common federal loans used by students are Stafford loans and Perkins loans.

In practice, there is plenty of evidence that it continues to be used in some schools and is accepted by students.

It can also be taken by students with no allocated teaching hours but who have an interest in teaching in the future.

We are fueled by students with fresh perspectives, a flexibility to learn, and an unparalleled enthusiasm and passion.

The following questions may be used by students, guided by tutors or lecturers, to help with reflection and evidencing.

In 3% of cases "from student" is used

Feedback from students has been tremendous.

The immediate reaction from students was negative.

Will I get a different degree from students in the 4-year LL.

I understand your red flag reaction when teacher say they learn from student teachers.

We had great feedback from students and staff, and we hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did.

Most of that tiny proportion of year 12 enrolments comes from students who already speak the language.

The assignment was a relatively loose and manageable exercise, but elicited a predictable reaction from students.

The club subsists on sponsorship money, membership fees from students and professors, and tickets sales from ClasFest.

Higher Education Secretary has notified the universities about collecting all relevant data from students before 15-11-2012.

Consistent feedback and compliments from students who enjoyed my tuition classes encourages me to perform better as a home tutor.

In 3% of cases "in student" is used

Many of us are drowning in student loan debt.

I still owe money in student loans for that but it was worth it.

He had maybe $40,000 in cash, against $145,000 in student loans.

Jones racked up $40,208 in student loan debt in undergraduate and graduate school, and Mrs.

How can we get past this significant barrier in student activity? By means of communication.

And she even has a little bit to pay off in student loans from her first degree -- from 1996.

Student poverty is pretty much accepted as the norm in Australian society and is a running joke in student circles.

Beyond this, students can get involved in student societies and research initiatives through the Faculty of Science.

Having been involved in student government, I understood the issues engineering students had when it came to job searching.

In 3% of cases "on student" is used

Then, to make this even worse, I funded this on student loans.

This is the reason students have become the biggest fan of this song.

The emphasis is on student voice and parental voice, not teacher voice.

The song also depicts the negative impacts that Ratta has on students mind and life.

For matriculants, information is readily available on student loans, transport and accommodation.

Admission to the 200 level compulsory core courses depends on students ' previous academic records.

He said the ministry would propose to the Prime Minister to do away with various fees imposed by schools on students.

He also hoped that the committee would be able to create a positive impact on students in practising healthy politics.

The Crimson report also quoted reviews from Harvard's Q Guide, which scores professors and courses based on student reviews.

The fact is that teacher absenteeism has a much greater influence on students ' performance than the other factors combined.

In 2% of cases "among student" is used

AVG wants to highlight this growing trend particularly among students.

Another problem among students today: they don't take reading seriously.

He said discussions among students are streamed live on Facebook and Twitter.

This is only part of a growing trend among students who seek their degree online.

Many cases involving unethical conduct among students reported daily is very worrying.

Teaching as a profession is becoming more popular among students who aspire of being a teacher.

We welcome your suggestions! Swimming Sports There are some very keen swimmers among students from Mahutonga and Matariki.

CRITERIA 4) How well did the students perform? To discriminate among student performance across criteria, you will create a.

The revolutionary movement came from within, first initiated among students and then spread through the large population of peasants.

Interaction between the artist, the visual consumer and the abstract conception is part of the missing link of socialization among students.

In 2% of cases "per student" is used

They spend ten minutes a day per student for five days a week.

The seats, as opposed to 63 units per student larabe bharticchu.

He was the lead broker and He is the one that quoted $5000 as the cost per student.

This year, for instance, LAUSD should have received $6,718 per student, but got only $5,221.

Security cost per student is also likely to be higher in high schools than in primary schools.

There may be a regular ' gift ' to the teacher -- probably just a few tens of dollars per student.

At an annual cost of $149,655 per student (discussed in Part 2 ), the entire public primary system would cost $38.

For a university charging the maximum fees of 9,000, this will mean spending 1,050 per student on access measures.

The school spends less per student than other district schools, but it also receives a lot of grant money, he said.

The report recommends a base level of funding per student which would then be scaled based on the level of disadvantage they face.