Prepositions used with "subject"

"of subject", "on subject" or "to subject"?

In 51% of cases "of subject" is used

Discussions may be on a variety of subjects.

It implies that there is a hierarchy of subjects.

OK, end of my out of subject protest on this thread.

There is no doubt photography has aided me to learn about a great variety of subjects.

About 28% of subjects with insomnia had a current diagnosis of mental disorders and 25.

However, our member states have made interventions and they cover a number of subjects.

A sound knowledge of subject fundamentals as well as good communication and interpersonal skills, all pave the way.

There is no compartmentalisation of subjects and children work as a team and help each other learn through projects.

There are hundreds of posts on here on a variety of subjects -- If you manage to find each one patronising I apologise.

When the brain perceives no feelings of subject and object, the brain experiences an indescribable fullness, and emptiness.

In 12% of cases "on subject" is used

Please keep comments on subject.

Make sure you buy a book on subject.

Knowing why something is being said rather than just cold reading articles on subjects.

When Brull has writen on subjects I do know something about, it is clear he doesn't know too much.

Perhaps it was because of my lack of knowledge on subjects of herbal cures, but I did doubt that theory.

I personally read the book in a single sitting, because it touched on subjects I am particularly interested in.

It is a medium often used as a focal point for community discussion on subjects including politics, elections and service provision.

You can also get great information from Diana on subjects like storage shed design and many other obscure subjects just by visiting.

At last count there were fifty-three such agreements, including on subjects as specific as noise insulation in a Sydney high school.

The close minded ones are ' armchair experts ' who pass comments on subjects they know nothing about and places they have never been.

In 11% of cases "to subject" is used

Once we become aware of it, we pass from Substance to subject, i.

Do not wander from subject to subject while answering a question.

Progression of graphic blueprint has been nearly confine to subject novelty.

Brown had been billed in order to subject a large indicate in Guyana on 12, twenty six.

New teachers will always be needed, but this may vary according to subject speciality and geographic location.

This is why today I urgently urge your Excellency to subject your Rule-of-Law to the oversight of natural conscience.

Propaganda tv should be paid for by the political parties and their sheep plus any idiot willing to subject themsleves to it.

Moreover, illegal fishing operations are known to subject people aboard pirate ships to unsafe and unfair working conditions at sea.

It pursues the same design, to draw men from worshipping the true God, and to subject the souls of men to the will and control of men.

In 7% of cases "in subject" is used

Bit of a shift in subject, but it is a strong answer.

in subject matter, it retained to the last its dominant religious bias.

The other problem is performance in subjects required for those technical skills.

CPE/PgDL is generally aimed at students who have their undergraduate degrees in subjects other than law, e.

I heard this helps in subject combination choices in end Year2 and he can also find his firm placing amid the peers.

On the basis of HESA data these differences may be explained by the different weight in subject discipline between the samples.

Such differences in subjects studied at tertiary level both reflect and influence different career choices for males and females.

I have a strong background in Mathematics and Science, excelling in subjects such as Calculus, Algebra, Probability and Statistics.

In covering such a vast canvas both over time and in subject content, specialists will no doubt point to deficiencies and imbalances.

She says that about a third of the newest class studied business in school, and the rest majored in subjects including math, nursing and economics.

In 4% of cases "from subject" is used

Dimension example from subject S6.

Recall information example from subject S1.

Do not wander from subject to subject while answering a question.

Calulate example from subject S2 There was some debate as to how to differentiate between sketch and draft.

EDOF technology keeps the camera always in focus, even when you quickly switch from subjects nearby to those far off.

E-learning is a tool that can present knowledge from subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in such a way that the information is both engaging and structured to suit the target audience.

In 4% of cases "with subject" is used

So what do you do with subject? Everyone has subjects, some big, some small, some as yet unknown.

You must provide a certified copy of your official academic transcripts with subjects undertaken and results.

Mr Cowen said that his lasting legacy would be the ability to be irreverent and witty while at the same time dealing with subjects seriously.

Represented Sinochem Tianjin in lawsuits relating to damages and loss during carriage of goods by sea with subject matter worth around RMB800 million.

To receive credit for your study at MIT you will have to provide an official academic transcript of your study at MIT with subjects undertaken and results.

There is also a strong argument for employing professional writers to produce or edit this material, working in close collaboration with subject matter experts.

The report deals with subjects such as the: nature and extent of farm attacks, levels of violence during farm attacks as well as psychological effects on victims.

Represented CITIC Industrial Bank Guangzhou branch in mortgage loan dispute with Shenzhen Minsk with subject matter worth RMB160 million and won the first instance trial.

In 3% of cases "by subject" is used

If you want to browse by subject to find an article/chapter.

Cut your favorite images out of magazines and file it in a binder by subject type.

Broken down by subject discipline (see Figure 7 ), however, the data shows some interesting differences.

Other keys to good note-taking are keeping notes organized by subject and making sure they're easy to read and review.

These rankings by subject are based on academic reputation, employer reputation and research citations, with weightings tailored to each subject.

Figure 8 shows the 2011 rankings for these kinds of constraints (now including reference to print materials as well) broken down by subject discipline.

In 3% of cases "for subject" is used

Over-the-top humour can work wonderfully for subjects like these.

Write down how much time you think you will need to revise for each paper; you ought to allocate more time for subjects which you find more difficult.

From July 1998, NIE introduced two new courses: Supervisory and Curriculum Management Skills for subject and Level Heads, and Mentoring and Developmental Supervision for Senior Teachers.

In 2% of cases "about subject" is used

I could gain knowledge about subject and non subject topic.

Since joining Eurogamer in the mid 2000s, Ellie has written about subjects as diverse as the fall of Gizmondo, the rise of Hollyoaks actresses in Red Alert.

Obviously this raises crucial questions for Oxford about what more it can do in its work with schools, teachers, and prospective candidates about subject choice.

In 2% of cases "between subject" is used

Measurements made on different subjects vary according to between subject, or intersubject, variability.

It is this threefold transformation of cause that is responsible for the distinction that is ordinarily made between subject and object.