Prepositions used with "suicide"

"of suicide", "to suicide" or "about suicide"?

In 43% of cases "of suicide" is used

I'd never thought of suicide as a sin.

If You See the Warning Signs of suicide.

And certainly not to the point of suicide.

From the media's perspective, reporting on cases of suicide can be a delicate balancing act.

Therefore the rates of suicide in a society may be an indicator of the health of that society.

Meanwhile, Jerry Garcia was raised in the Excelsior and committed a kind of suicide elsewhere.

Sacom said the company initially responded to the spate of suicides by bringing in monks to exorcise evil spirits.

The key point of suicide is over-coming the natural instincts of self preservation possessed by your body and mind.

Be honest and admit that there have been very few cases of suicide bombers of non muslim beliefs attacking innocents.

Future? The last aspect of suicide I want to cover in this article is the way thoughts about the future are affected.

In 14% of cases "to suicide" is used

So back to suicide prevention Day.

It is quicksand and can lead to suicide attempts.

I lost 2 friends and a girlfriend to suicide so know to well the after affects it has.

Of these attempts, according to suicide Prevention Australia, 2,500 cases result in death.

Obama's great-grandfather on his mother's side drove his wife to suicide with his philandering.

I mentioned that I couldn't understand, on any level, how someone could resort to suicide bombing because of their beliefs.

The FBI had been plotting Martin Luther King's assassination ever since its failure in l964 to destroy his reputation and drive him to suicide.

Unfortunately, last year lost 20 veterans to suicide, more than the average of those who lost their lives in combat in most years in Afghanistan.

Their final way to foretell the end of the world would make the people to suicide and the predictions were confirmed by some of the Mayan families.

In 11% of cases "about suicide" is used

We have too many misconceptions about suicide.

Forget about suicide and that is not even an option for a Muslim.

Those considered to be at risk have talked about suicide, he said.

There is no proof that talking about suicide leads to suicidal thinking or suicide.

When you are thinking about suicide, you can not trust your memories to be accurate.

Violent and satanic (though symbolically ), yes, but never depressive or about suicide.

On the other hand, if what you actually want when you talk about suicide is attention, then learn how to tap dance.

I thought about suicide sometimes but I am glad that I am alive now I am much happier 4 years after the separation.

It gives me a lot of new knowledge about suicide (even I think it's an objectively fascinating philosophical idea).

You will always have your ups and your downs and you will probably almost always think about suicide during your down times.

In 9% of cases "for suicide" is used

Never keep a plan for suicide a secret.

They are not good candidates for suicide bombers.

Remember, always take thoughts of or plans for suicide seriously.

The campaign and this website are coordinated by the National Office for suicide Prevention.

The cause of death was undetermined -- the case for suicide or murder is still out on these two.

AHRQ research supported the development of a simple tool to screen adolescents at risk for suicide.

Psychological distress, particularly depression, is a major risk factor for suicide and for requests to hasten death.

For people who think mania is happiness, the only remedy for suicide Tuesday is another intensely exciting experience.

Finally, psychological distress, particularly depression, is a major risk factor for suicide and for requests to hasten death.

Adolescents at Risk -- New tools can be used to screen adolescents at risk for suicide and to evaluate school mental health programs.

In 6% of cases "by suicide" is used

And yet they wrongly say that someone who dies by suicide wanted to die.

And are all people who die by suicide sufferers of mental illness? I am not sure.

It can be of great help to others if the bereaved speak candidly about the death of a loved one by suicide.

Preliminary figures show that 525 people died by suicide last year and it's likely that the true figure is even greater.

As someone whose life has been touched by suicide it makes my heart ache just reading it but it relieves some of my guilt.

Well, Mr Rehn, we've seen a huge rise in deaths by suicides recently in Ireland, many shown to be connected to austerity.

Suicide ranks as the second cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year olds, with at least 100,000 adolescents dying by suicide every year.

A remarkably dogmatic piece- full of ' this is what society must do ' and ' this is how the bereaved must behave ' and ' this is why someone dies by suicide '.

In 6% of cases "on suicide" is used

Police to inquire and report on suicide, etc 174.

I did a project on suicide this passing week and it.

The UK seems to have stopped collating formal data on suicide.

If they've been prescribed psych meds they are supposed to be on suicide watch.

The LAWS on suicide would interest me more, but as I've never been Christian I really couldn't care less what their moral take on it is.

Is it time to end the media's code of silence on suicide? Alan Howe of the Herald Sun writes: It's one of the biggest public health issues, but you won't read about it.

Source(s): Why would you even want a book on suicide? If you are planning on killing yourself, call the suicide hotline, or if you know some one that is thinking about it.

In 4% of cases "in suicide" is used

I feel sorry for her relatives killed in suicide bombing.

Both countries have subsequently experienced significant increases in suicides linked to the financial crisis.

What is depression? Depression is a disabling illness and in some cases, if undetected and untreated, can result in suicide.

He said the government was close to the network which was involved in suicide bombings and other such activities aimed at destablising Pakistan.

Stereotyped tribesmen; biggest victims of the War While everyone in Pakistan sees the deaths in suicide bombings through the media's eye, the original sufferers i.

In 3% of cases "from suicide" is used

More people die from suicide each year than at any time on the roads.

On average, about 100 Americans die each day from suicide, officials said.

The death of a loved one from suicide is a pivotal event; nothing is ever the same again.

These should invariably be in the open away from built in areas and speaker's podium or platform kept out of range from suicide bombers and assault rifle fire.

In 3% of cases "with suicide" is used

People who are dealing with suicide in anyway, need our sympathy.

The man is said to have threatened his mother with suicide but they never thought he would kill himself.

Its those of us who have direct experience with suicide can help educate others about its causes &; v complex issues.

For most people, the subject is so taboo it's hard to deal with -- even among people who deal with suicide for a living.

The problem I have with suicide being illegal is this: it's society's job to regulate behavioral norms (through mores, folkways, and taboos ), not government's.

It's not just the surging homegrown Taliban, which in one two-week period this year scorched and bloodied the streets of half a dozen cities with suicide bombs.

As prolonged DUP is associated with suicide attempts during the period of untreated psychosis, reducing the DUP could have the effect of reducing prevalence of suicide attempts.

In 2% of cases "including suicide" is used

The Tigers responded with their own crimes, including suicide bombing and kidnapping.

Even as her family demanded a CBI inquiry into the incident, the police said that they were exploring all angles, including suicide.

All human activity including suicide is a consequence of the complex relationship between the individual and the systems, of which they are part.

Time to get a sun tan gingerman! All human activity including suicide is a consequence of the complex relationship between the individual and the systems, of which they are part.