Prepositions used with "sun"

"of sun" or "on sun"?

In 35% of cases "of sun" is used

He served as Director of sun East Group Ltd.

When there is little wind there is usually lots of sun.

Jim Green says a number of sun spots will also be visible.

He lay down on the bench, shut his eyes, and felt the fine lacy dance of sun on his eyelids.

What we celebrate as the formal New Year is the annual date of sun standing right above his palace.

Thus, earth can be treated as natural satellite of sun and moon is the natural satellite of the earth.

For more on the wind, &; the PV support programme see the ' India Special ' issue of sun &; WIND ENERGY, Oct 2004: www.

Malaysia's abundance of sun, sea and sand offers great opportunities for diving enthusiasts and idyllic holiday makers.

In order to make an excellent landscape layout, it can be necessary to assess the various areas of sun rays in your yard.

It is large, and airy with plenty of sun and walking distance to the bus stop, convenience store, garage, school and church.

In 17% of cases "on sun" is used

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But for singles or couples who want an authentic Jamiacan experience with the emphasis on sun and.

THEMIS data on sun activity and spacequakes in the magnetosphere for example has only become possible in the last few years.

Before you would always find Barcelona and Real Madrid playing on the same day, commonly on sunday evenings one followed by the other.

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In 10% of cases "to sun" is used

Go find a plant that is exposed to sun.

Vampires exposed to sun light burn to death.

Morton then moved to sun Lakes, Arizona as Tennis Director.

The best you can do for your skin is not to over expose it to sun.

To me, the Tourism Board's PR is off message when it comes to sun Moon Lake.

You could play outside from sun up to sun down with friends or make new ones.

I wanted to be out there from sun up to sun down and even longer if I could get away with it.

Thank you again, and we look forward to welcoming you back to sunmarina Hotel in the near future.

Avoid exposure to sun and always use sunblock (I personally use SPF 50 PA+++) when you leave the house.

How? Rave, according to sun, will deploy J2EE code that is capable of deploying on any compliant runtime.

In 9% of cases "at sun" is used

He mentioned people like David Akin at sun Media.

YBruno, Thank you for staying with us at sunmarina Hotel.

A partial eclipse is also visible from New Zealand, many of the south Pacific islands and, at sun set.

In the evening, an unexpected welcome party at sun with Aqua, a Japanese restaurant and bar on the Bund.

Kevin shot and produced the Resort's very own winter video and he'll be capturing your adventure at sun Peaks.

at sun Lenka was part of the NetBeans acquisition and went through several positions from administrative, HR, and Project Management area.

That reduced by about 9,000 the number of tickets the Dolphins must sell in the 100 and 400 levels at sun Life Stadium to 51,128 for the game to be aired in the local market.

Communication with was not always easy as english skills in general was very limited, but in my experience the english skills of the staff at sun marina is still above average at Okinawa.

In 7% of cases "by sun" is used

The world was fertilized by sun Father at this spot, and from it the first people emerged.

Mao's ideas about guerrilla warfare were inspired by sun Tzu and contained in his Little Red Book.

These include: Blisters and brown streaks occurring from touching certain plants followed by sun exposure.

Infestation of grain moth could be minimized by sun drying of seeds to minimize moisture content down to 8.

Based on The Art of War by sun Tzu, this game makes use of samurai warriors rather than the tanks and airplanes as used by other games.

This will draw air from your loft space which is warm because it's been heated by sun on your roofs slates and move it very slowly through the property.

The center of their homeland was determined, they say, by sun Father, who, when time began, picked a place where his upright staff could cast no shadow.

This program gave customers the right to run unlimited instances of MySQL for an initial annual fee of $40,000, which program was adopted by sun and bumped to a $65,000 entry fee.

This view was put forward by sun Yat-sen and other revolutionaries who claimed that, like the anti-Manchu founders of the Tiandihui (Triads ), their goal was to strip the Manchus of their throne.

In 7% of cases "from sun" is used

It uses a java plugin from sun which is more reliable.

Here's one story from sun reporter Chantal Eustace on how St.

You could play outside from sun up to sun down with friends or make new ones.

It was in two adjoining houses on Vinegar Lane, with a back entrance from sun Tavern Fields.

I wanted to be out there from sun up to sun down and even longer if I could get away with it.

Levant from sun Media who raised this as a concept, and it seemed to very quickly explode on the public scene.

Look at the quote (Activity 4) from sun Jihai and encourage students to think about the sort of things that people miss.

John James, a ship scraper two days off the Elizabeth from sunderland, was the first death ashore, in Rotherhithe on 11 February.

You can prevent your skin from sun damage by consuming only three squares of dark chocolate (it's the minimal amount; the good news is that you can take more).

It can withstand the weight of a human walking, will hold up under heavy snowfall, and does not degrade from sun, cold or other outdoor elements for up to 30 years.

In 5% of cases "for sun" is used

And we are waiting for sun rise.

The hot days bring water and a hat for sun protection.

That's going to be a problem for sun in a world where vendors are.

When SunSense ambassador and TV presenter Carrie Bickmore had her face screened for sun damage she was horrified by the results.

The three of us started out to the summit of Point Lenana with the intention of getting to the 5,000m summit for sun rise at 7am.

Solstice, from the Latin for sun stands still, in astronomy, either of the two points on the ecliptic that lie midway between the equinoxes (separated from them by an angular distance of 90).

In 5% of cases "with sun" is used

Lenka Kasparova is based in Prague and joined Oracle with sun acquisition in 2009-2010.

A good warm-up is still essential so each class starts with sun salutations to limber up and build extra heat.

They say that correlation with sun Spots isn't causation, yet they insist the non-correlative CO2 is causitive.

This trendy outdoor bar on the ocean front looks a little bit like a hotel resort with sun loungers, dining and lounge areas.

Patients with sun damage, or who work outdoors, and all those with fair skin than tans poorly should be advised to protect their skin and eyes from the sun.

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In 4% of cases "in sun" is used

Ed in sun's Biz Session last year Ed -- who has 1.

Vultures are very powerful totems of rebirth and purification, especially in sun rituals.

The rugged cliffs are a dramatic feature of these seven gems of the Atlantic which are drenched in sun most of the year.

Share this: Leslie Berestein Rojas/KPCC Advertising aimed at bilinguals, like this billboard in sun Valley, is an increasingly common sight.

In 2% of cases "before sun" is used

Today you will have to leave the camp early before sun rise trek to northeast of Kitumbaine mountain on mixture of rocky and dust terrain.

The Exodus of Bani Israil from Egypt Musa issued specific instructions for his people to collect all their belongings and leave their homes before sun rise, to gather outside the city periphery.