Prepositions used with "surgery"

"of surgery" or "after surgery"?

In 31% of cases "of surgery" is used

She's got out of surgery last night.

It can not be utilized for each type of surgery.

The cost of surgery depends on what the surgery involves.

If anything, kareena has had the least amount of surgery compared to other actresses.

It is necessary to calculate the full price of surgery before making the final choice.

Murphy faces another round of surgeries next month to repair his vocal cords and his thumb.

The perceived surgical risk (Table 1 ), urgency (elective or emergency ), time and length of surgery were also recorded.

She may require several hours of surgery to remove her palm from her face, but she won't utter a word about it, I'd sure.

The goal of surgery for subarachnoid bleeding is to reduce the chances of a second bleed from an aneurysm, which is often fatal.

Extended monitoring was indicated either because of the general medical status, extent of surgery or some intraoperative complication.

In 25% of cases "after surgery" is used

If she's throwing up after surgery, don't panic.

However, it is typically performed after surgery.

You must be committed to diet and exercise after surgery.

The rehabilitation process after surgery can be a demanding time and requires commitment.

Now 7 months after surgery and in so sever pain and not one night with sleep for any of us.

Another problem is that the adjacent discs typically break down several years after surgery.

An advantage to this approach is that it is less invasive and leaves you with a greater range of movement after surgery.

It seemed to me to be far more important to reduce the risk of serious, long-term problems than to focus on the days after surgery.

This improvement usually does not occur immediately after surgery, but may take up to several months or years to reach its peak effect.

For individuals who do not experience severe drooping, a short scar method may be suitable, reducing the length of the scar after surgery.

In 12% of cases "for surgery" is used

Then I'll take a break and recover for surgery.

I worried about all the preparation for surgery.

In January 2010 I went for surgery (lumpectomy).

This is undeniably true, especially for surgeries that require general anesthesia.

Many of the kids there are getting ready for surgery, or are recovering from surgery.

If you have seen my last couple of posts you have seen I've been on bed rest waiting for surgery.

Doctors will be allowed forcibly to sedate the 55-year-old woman in her home and take her to hospital for surgery.

Preparation for surgery -- your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on what you should do at home to prepare for surgery.

It was as a result of Anand's work that all babies of whatever gestation at which they are born now receive anaesthesia for surgery.

Imagine bypassing the need for surgery on a major bone break, and instead injecting the patient with a compound that causes the bones to re-grow themselves.

In 6% of cases "in surgery" is used

It was not given its name since it used plastic materials in surgery.

Aida with her intensive caseloads and also assisting in surgery at the clinic.

He was appointed Lecturer in surgery, UWI, Mona, in 1973, promoted to Senior Lecturer in surgery in 1979, and elevated to Professor of Clinical Surgery in 1991.

McGill University will facilitate and give priority for training a number of Kuwaiti physicians in various specialties, particularly subspecialties in surgery for children and adults.

Registrar doctors are those training to specialise in specific fields but already have a first degree in medicine, a degree in surgery, done internship and worked for over four years.

In 6% of cases "to surgery" is used

Sometimes, this is done prior to surgery if a situation calls for it.

Due to surgery and it's side effects, he had lost his sight completely.

Remedies for back pain vary from medication to surgery and my way through.

Remedies for back pain vary from medication to surgery and my way through between.

I can't remember if he was heading to surgery, or recovering from it, but he was struggling with his knees.

A nurse anesthetist at a hospital in Michigan often sings to his patients to help them relax prior to surgery.

Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection technique that stimulates repair of a painful area, and is used as an effective alternative to surgery.

Chiropractic care and spinal health, as an alternative to surgery, is growing at a phenomenal rate in Ghana and the continent of Africa as a whole.

There were still many that questioned his devotion to surgery and to his patients even some that thought that he was wasting his time and talent messing around in the laboratory.

I am still recovering from this surgery and the 6 months of chemotherapy prior to surgery (inoperable huge tumor -- had to shrink first w) which nearly killed me too -- literally.

In 5% of cases "with surgery" is used

She had just gotten done with surgery and was heading back home.

He said some babies can have a really large hole there and it has to be closed with surgery.

It is common to treat a diagnosis of mesothelioma with surgery and chemotherapy or surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Even now, with surgery &; rehab continuing over 2 years later, only 1-2 people pick up the phone to see how things are going.

The other thing that has me worried is my husband had to go on short term disability because of the torn bicep muscle they had to reattach to his elbow with surgery.

External hemorrhoids that have progressed passed a certain point are typically treated with surgery, although as a first choice of hemorrhoid treatment natural remedies are sometimes recommended.

Xie Zhu-fan, a WHO consultant on traditional medicine, presented data to answer such questions as whether herbs contradict or are harmful when used together with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

In 4% of cases "during surgery" is used

Patient's faces are NOT covered up during surgery.

A number of precautions must keep in mind during surgery.

Doctors, nurses and any technicians involved cover up THEIR faces during surgery.

Errors made during surgery can even lead to permanent brain damage or result in death.

That is done to prevent/minimise any introduction of microorganisms (germs) during surgery.

What to do if you've been a victim If you've been the victim of clinical negligence during surgery, the first thing that you need to do is to recover.

However, perhaps because of the increase in procedures, the numbers of errors are increasing too: errors made during surgery now account for 34% of all clinical negligence claims.

In 4% of cases "through surgery" is used

When I got through surgery, my friends and family support help me pass my fear.

Or people are using meds for getting through physical therapy, getting through surgeries and other life experiences.

It also means that hundreds of thousands of patients are going through surgery that wasn't really worth it, and that they wouldn't have chosen had they understood their options.

Benign tumors usually grow in one place and may be curable through surgery if they're located in a place where they can be removed without damaging the normal tissue near the tumor.

If cancer were actually called Latent Tissue Acidosis, it would seem ridiculous to try to cure cancer by cutting out tumors through surgery and by destroying the immune system with chemotherapy.

In 3% of cases "by surgery" is used

A thymectomy is the removal of the thymus gland by surgery.

After she chose to have it removed by surgery, however, she found out the lump had actually been cancerous.

Liver Cancer Regular blood testing can detect the early signs of liver cancer when tumours are still small enough to be removed by surgery.

These conditions can can be addressed by surgery and other medical treatments, but lots of athletes are holistically inclined and want to avoid drugs and surgery.

The following is not a patentable invention: An invention of a method for the treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy, or of a diagnosis practised on the human or animal body.

In 3% of cases "into surgery" is used

I ended up begging and pleading my way into surgery the next day luckily.

The thing that I need to do is support her endeavors on getting into surgery.

That's why it is so important to ascertain the condition before going into surgery.

The last thing I remember hearing was the Minister for the FCT, Senator Bala Mohammed telling me that I would be taken into surgery and everything would be alright.

That morning before going into surgery the anesthetist came into the room and told my husband that he was going to give him a pain block for his arm after the surgery.