Prepositions used with "custom"

of, to, by, for or in custom?

In 40% of cases "of custom" is used

They show up only because they are forced to or just out of custom.

Some countries require you to clear in and out of customs at each port of call.

This would slow down the evolution of a new rule of customary international law.

Some writers believe that opinio juris alone is determinative of customary international law.

It is now recognized that the development of custom can take place over a relatively short period.

Growing up in Sri Lanka as a female means a variety of customs and rituals which must be observed.

Recommends system solutions by comparing advantages and disadvantages of custom development and purchase alternatives.

In all cultures, marriage provides stable heterosexual interaction supported by ethics of custom, tradition and moral rules.

The wide plank floors are carried through to the country kitchen with beadboard ceiling, lots of custom cabinets and counter.

Last November 2011, he announced over the national airwaves a partnership with Alyansa Agrikultura and the Bureau of Customs.

In 13% of cases "to custom" is used

We went to customs and again, each took our own queque.

Philippines: Firearms must be declared to customs on arrival.

Ultimately, you need to have the best supplies to custom car paint.

It would be disrespectful, according to custom, to use a living woman's name for her namesake.

To assist you in seeking further information we have included known links to customs websites.

The nikh has been performed, but according to custom, the bride did not leave her parents ' home as yet.

You can use the software to make any number of features from custom shops to custom inns, bonus blacksmiths, and so on.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS All visitors to Malaysia must fill in declaration forms and show their luggage to customs officials on request.

Why should I change to custom domain? Search engines except Google, rest of all will never result your blogspot well at their listing.

Grenada: Firearms must be declared to customs and will be sealed on board in a proper locker or kept ashore in custody until departure.

In 10% of cases "by custom" is used

by custom, candidates from King 's, Trinity and St.

Taped videocassettes should be submitted for clearance by Customs.

Please be aware that your parcel can be delayed by customs in your country.

All arms and ammunition will be sealed by customs and treated as bonded goods onboard the vessel.

Many hearts were broken as meats, cheeses and bread were confiscated by Customs (PDF 650KB) officers.

Traditionally, legislation has not been a primary issue, for the rules of life are largely set by custom.

Often, she had to endure time behind bar after being raided and caught by custom officers for brewing and selling the illicit liquor.

In confronting their own society, many Americans decried the loss of solidary communities of family, kin and neighbors, bound by custom and tradition.

The legitimacy of traditional authority, therefore, has usually been based on public consensus sanctioned by custom (see Traditional Religion, this ch.

Many newcomers were happy just to be off the ship after a long and harrowing crossing; others were heartbroken as precious homemade food was confiscated by Customs Officers.

In 8% of cases "for custom" is used

She is a former managing editor for custom health publications, including physician journals.

By default, and out of necessity, the display for custom fields is pretty much plain vanilla.

Dupleix wanted to have a parwana like that of the English who had got it in 1736 for customs free trade there.

And the variety of pubs is phenomenal with trendy late night bars vying with traditional Victorian hostelries for custom.

He referred the paper to the acting commissioner for customs, who, however, we could not reach up to the time we went to press.

We got lost looking for customs, got lost leaving customs and headed completely the wrong way when we jumped on the North-South (E1) expressway.

Additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by the recipient; we have no control over these charges and can not predict what they may be.

Trucks spend an average of 68 hours waiting for customs clearance on the Kenya-Tanzania border, encouraging drivers to offer bribes to speed up the process.

Originally intended for Customs and Excise surveillance, this path goes through Saint Cast, along the beach and over some of the preserved headland terrain.

But the lack of respect for customs, cultures and traditions must surely be premised on the lack of respect towards more than 80% of this country's population.

In 8% of cases "in custom" is used

Kiernan Shipka in custom Zac Posen A-freaking-dorable.

Sri Lanka's culture is rich in customs and traditions.

Orders placed over these amounts can result in custom charges occurring.

Delivery to other areas or where your item is dutiable or is held in customs may take a little longer.

Bookmark Folders Organize your bookmarks in custom folders, such as News, Resources, Networking, Photos, or Blogs.

We specialize in custom carbon offset projects that meet the needs of our partners, our communities and the forest.

Between 1981 and 1984, she served as the Senior Internal Auditor in Customs and Excise Department of Malaysia, for the Internal Audit Division.

That unequal distribution of power has deep roots in custom, traditional culture, contemporary culture, history, the law of the land, schooling and social role models, in most things.

In 7% of cases "through custom" is used

He was talking about passing through customs between South Africa and Mozambique.

Kenya hopes to cut the time it takes to process goods through Customs at ports by half in the project expected to cost at least $6 million.

Without a valid United States passport, you will not be allowed to pass through customs at the airport and will not be allowed to travel overseas.

Can you please advise of what we need to do, other than contest to this??? He is in fear that he may be stopped coming through customs on our next visit back to NZ.

You have been recognized by the proper authorities, like a citizen who has all the proper ID and is as a result allowed to walk through customs without being pulled up for questioning.

In 7% of cases "with custom" is used

Custom Bookmark Naming Simplify your bookmarks with custom names.

Many shops offer custom painting on t-shirts with custom designs.

And their religion is only to comply with custom, and to serve their own interest.

If you want to spray with custom colours, then you have to first mix your assorted spray paints.

Support greener movement with custom silicone wristbands to create more awareness There is some tips for get greener wardrobe, such as: 1.

The online offering is supported by a customer service team and experienced travel agents that deal with custom holiday packages as well as over-the-phone enquiries.

Can I use this plugin with custom post types? Yes! The settings page includes a checklist of all your post types so you can pick and choose which to scan for thumbnails.

Used to keep one years ago in my tool box with a pile of greasy wrenches under the cab seat, but eventually got into a world of trouble with customs when they took a closer look.

The French however needed another farman from the new emperor Muhammad Shah without which they were forced to pay more taxes, often leading to violent clashes with customs officials.

In 2% of cases "about custom" is used

I don't think I do though having looked at what Blogger says about custom domains.

Remember that small golf book you aksed me to review for GP? The one about custom clubs.

Information boards around the museum talked about customs, cooking utensils, fishing hooks.

A great thing about custom canopies is that you can personalize them to meet your own unique style.

The thing to remember about custom poster frames is that instead of going all wimpy about them, go dramatic instead.

In this article they talked a lot about custom applications for your fan pages, and that is a great way to get new people engaged.

The decisions subject to review are specified in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Regulations and include decisions about customs, planning and social services.

In 2% of cases "at custom" is used

Generic medicines could potentially be seized at customs and treated as ' counterfeit '.

When arriving at customs checkpoint, the driver simply opened the door and expect passengers to know what to do.

Express Delivery takes 1-3 days from date of dispatch, providing those greasy dudes at customs do their jobs properly of course.

Part 1 I work in Australia and earn AUD Part 2 (the clever bit) I do my online shopping in Tesco! Don't buy bananas then, they'll get seized at customs.

If your child is on a special diet or is taking medication, it can be useful to have a letter from your GP to prevent difficulties at customs / passenger screening.

In 2% of cases "from custom" is used

Currently, WDI has three, forty foot containers of food waiting to be released from customs in Kingston, Jamaica.

You can use the software to make any number of features from custom shops to custom inns, bonus blacksmiths, and so on.