Prepositions used with "truck"

"of truck" or "by truck"?

In 34% of cases "of truck" is used

I also saw poor people stealing off of trucks stopped at traffic lights.

It would be a huge boost to our downtown core if we can dwindle the number of trucks down.

Using your legs and standing as close as possible, lift spare out of truck and roll to flat tire.

There are also a bunch of trucks in one of the camps, shoot those to, even though they aren't moving.

Those lanes are usually in areas which feature lots of trucks which ia when they can be used effectively.

Boss approaches not to the internet children of trucks but shows key matches to admit to the political transactions.

We also need to nationalise the freight industry (road and rail) to bring about a big reduction in the use of trucks for moving goods.

Importers of trucks over 3 tonnes unladen weight are required to obtain an import permit from the Trade Board Limited prior to importation.

But in a market where so many people have no insurance, the equivalent of sacks of maize and milk powder sold off the backs of trucks should also exist as.

In 16% of cases "by truck" is used

The others were brought in by trucks.

There were no White Castles in the filming location, so a building had to be brought in by truck.

The young me had traveled from Kainchi by truck, planning to set fire to the temple at Bhumiadhar.

More than three quarters of 44-thousand managers in the company started his career by truck drivers.

Then by truck, The Great One made his way to the waterfront as the Vancouver Convention Centre to light the outdoor cauldron.

Traffic congestion is not caused by trucks in cities so building more roads would be unnecessary if there weren't so many private cars.

Stacked Coca-Cola crates stand guard outside the restaurants and shops, serviced by trucks that supply fresh soda and collect empty bottles.

Exclusive access Ethnic violence displaces thousands in Myanmar On the streets of Sittwe, an uneasy calm is enforced by trucks carrying police and soldiers.

Other communities use container collection, where the waste is put in specific types of containers such as biodegradable brown paper bags or in reusable containers and is collected by trucks.

In 12% of cases "with truck" is used

Your management team must be experienced in the transport industry; especially with truck management.

Among baby vervet monkeys, the males even prefer to play with trucks and the females with other kinds of toys! Fifth, many of these differences emerge in early childhood.

In 8% of cases "for truck" is used

Check out the job listings for truck driver positions in the Washington, D.

If the government creates another route for truck and tanker drivers, this madness will stop.

In 8% of cases "in truck" is used

Forests (slated for submergence) continued to be cut and carted away in trucks, forcing people who depended on them for a livelihood to move out.

There's been reports, that I think have been reported on in the news as well, of men coming into some of the camps, using offers of food or water to get girls to leave with them in trucks.

In 7% of cases "from truck" is used

There is a real switch toward smaller, more energy-efficient cars and away from trucks and SUVs.

In 7% of cases "into truck" is used

It's people getting out of bed early, tossing bales of hay into trucks, wearing business attire in office settings.

The iPad Minis were loaded into trucks with forklifts during the heist, this all took place last Monday after midnight.

Shortly after midnight the brigade marched back through the rain to load into trucks and move to the Pusan staging area.

Note, a stripping shovel clears away the overburden, and a loading shovel digs at the coal face and loads it into trucks.

Crowds of volunteers pile into truck beds and ride through the streets, blaring music and chanting campaign slogans through enormous speaker systems.

In 4% of cases "on truck" is used

And let me tell you, those oilfield roads in Wab are hard on trucks.

Contractors operated the cranes, but American soldiers transported the barriers on trucks and directed their placement.

In 2% of cases "including truck" is used

Lots of traffic, including trucks and buses, on small, poorly maintained roads.

In 2% of cases "onto truck" is used

The empty bottles and cans which the lumberjacks had for many years been tossing among the young hardwoods had been shoveled onto trucks and the whole area made neat and dean.

Similarly, in a steel plant, overhead crane does operations like feeding of raw materials to a furnace, storing for cooling, lifting and loading of finished coils onto trucks and trains.