Prepositions used with "wing"

"of wing" or "with wing"?

In 51% of cases "of wing" is used

I've done a few years of wing chun too.

They tested more than two hundred designs of wings.

It's nice and shiny, with over 50 TVs and over 50 types of wings.

All applications for entry of Wings of Kilimanjaro must be made online.

Would they be improvements on the Wolves ' current crop of wing players? Of course.

I did a few years of wing Chung in my twenties, but I was never a serious contender.

A later proposal lowered the hind-limb feathers for a Wright-Brothers biplane of wings.

If a stork finds such a stream of hot air, it can travel for hours without a single flap of wings.

Hardly was the word spoken before he heard a whirring of wings over his head, looked up and saw seven coal-black ravens flying away.

Drinnon has been struck by some general aspect of wing shape, and given Kuhn's sketch as if it were evidence for his Manta ray hypothesis.

In 17% of cases "with wing" is used

Out went the traditional Victorian fairies with wings.

With wings outstretched they protected the absolute holiness of God.

The birds pile up in the hundreds, considered little more than clays with wings.

It consisted of an eagle rising with wings displayed, adapted from the great seal of the United States.

In 10% of cases "on wing" is used

They will soar high on wings like eagles.

Sorry for going O/T here but thought you'd enjoy, or maybe not, this post I put up on Wings.

On butterflies wings, On wings of my own, To you, I'd gone, But I'd never alone- I'd over the moon.

Disch, On Wings of Song, 1979 A plague that has spread across Europe and America now reaches England.

The angels must attend with love Tiny spirits on wings of doves, The choir of angels must sing lullabies Maybe quieten their tiny cries.

In 7% of cases "for wing" is used

TANDEM: Flying preference for Wings Of Kilimanjaro? Solo Tandem If Tandem, please fill in the following.

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In 3% of cases "at wing" is used

The trio are versatile in playing, they can play at wings and in middle and can interchange positions with great ability.

Attack will comprise of Marko Marin, Hazard, Piazon each of them having the ability to change positions and play good at wings.

In 3% of cases "by wing" is used

They are held in place by long threaded rods that pass right through the posts and are held on the inside by wing nuts.

In 3% of cases "in wing" is used

But we should not expect any of those persons to conclude that they had seen a modern pterosaur, regardless of a general similarity in wing shape.

In 2% of cases "as wing" is used

Untimely injuries to key performers such as wing Mirco Bergamasco and second Marco Bortolami hit Italy hard going into their decisive match against Wales and they were beaten 27-15.

In 2% of cases "through wing" is used

Trinity drew first blood much to the dismay of the home supporters through wing three quarter N Karunaratne who barged his way across the line.