Prepositions used with "strategy"

of, with, in, for or on strategy?

In 51% of cases "of strategy" is used

Tom Peters says 90% of strategies don't.

Private equity firms don't like that kind of strategy.

This type of strategy has been used for long as mass printing.

This struggle is at the intersection of issues that unite and think of strategies.

So perhaps we're at a tipping point here in the whole Third Tribe set of strategies.

This is the ShamWow of strategies, the Flowbee of economics, the Ronco of investing.

What might an average week entail for you? Lots of discussions about films, lots of viewing films, lots of strategy.

There are lots of strategies for making money and we're going to go over those methods and strategies for doing that.

Tom Peters says 90% of strategies don't get implemented and Kaplan and Norton, authors of the balanced scorecard, say the same.

You can make your lists out of strategies, mistakes, tips and anything else you like; it all helps make your content more noticeable.

In 10% of cases "with strategy" is used

But at the same time, you can get caught up your own arse with strategies, I reckon.

With strategies to improve productivity and profitability, the local tea industry could.

Today, we're seeing experimentation across the screens with strategies that invite audience participation.

Engineers use knowledge of science and technology, together with strategies of design, to solve practical problems.

He said that Gaeltacht areas need to come up with strategies to promote the language within two years, or face losing their special status.

We must build popular organisations with strategies that learn the lessons of these failings and ensure that governments act in the interests of the masses.

The administration within an organization should also come up with strategies that can be used in order to incorporate new opportunities (Filicetti, 2007, p.

Also -- the reverse concept is great -- I learned a slight variation of it as LOAGS (reverse goals ): Set your goal, then come up with strategies to do its opposite.

The BoG has moved in aggressively to stem the fall, combining measures to boost the supply of dollars with strategies to mop up excess cedis held by banks and the public.

In 9% of cases "in strategy" is used

However, 2011 saw a shift in strategy with both Baidu and Yandex launching services in new markets.

While Netflix, Blockbuster, and Redbox have been their primary carriers, a change in strategy has begun.

Even in strategy doing, there is a certain type of ' go with the flow ' capability that one changes into.

Whatever a bank does in strategy terms - it should not base its plan on winning back the trust of the people.

This odd shift in strategy comes just as Intel has released Xeon server chips that best Opteron on many fronts.

I have a strong interest in strategy consulting and I have been practicing cases over the course of the semester.

Our vision is to deliver best value that business can find through partnering in strategy, Organization and People.

Created by best-selling author von Oech, the cards have been used by many organizations, including NASA, in strategy and problem solving.

For Russia to substantially cut new HIV infections, UNAIDS recommends a shift in strategy, embracing harm reduction and reprioritizing resources.

Created by best-selling author von Oech, the cards have been used by many organizations, including NASA, in strategy development and problem solving.

In 8% of cases "for strategy" is used

But many want it to be more challenging and look for strategies to use.

At the meeting, he was looking for strategies for using his clients ' fame to raise money.

They decide to give consulting another shot and to aim for strategy and private equity jobs.

This staff is responsible for strategy, assessments, and most everything taking place in the future.

David is Executive Chairman with responsibility for strategy, planning and relationships outside GEL.

Remember that looking for strategies on how to win the lottery and actual winning are 2 different things.

It will be headed by Alfredo Forti, current Secretary for strategy and Military Affairs of Argentina's Defense Ministry.

The very mention of these games is enough for strategy game enthusiasts of what they can expect from these amazing games.

Although there are nine possible driving forces, they say that only one can serve as the basis for strategy for a given business.

One of the best rules for strategy development is to strive to find out what the target customers like and do more of it; and find out what they dislike and do less of it.

In 8% of cases "on strategy" is used

It has been considered the last word on strategy by all Chinese generals and strategists.

Not a policy do you give advice on strategy do you give advice on staff for a minute he gets advice -- kind of an enemy.

Our contributors are some of Canada's (and Grip 's!) most insightful and enlightened thinkers on strategy, Design, Digital and Culture.

Alonso has often seemed more keen to take a gamble on strategy while Renault want to be more sonservative and guarantee a haul of points.

As I say, to be any good you're going to have use both sides of your brain, we need creative solutions based on strategy that is factually sound.

The study committee is producing three reports on strategies for accelerating the diffusion and pace of quality improvement efforts in the United States.

Our conferences are major industry gatherings focusing on strategy, innovation and technology and our trade exhibitions are marketplaces for global business.

Most recently Debbie worked on strategy development and policy formulation for a national liaison network within the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

I was sent some research about how IT departments within charities are focusing more on strategy and as a result are struggling to do their day to day role due to a shortage in resources.

Paper presented at the International Conference on Strategies for Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Resource Management in the Fragile Lands of Sub-Saharan Africa, May 25? 29, Entebbe, Uganda.

In 7% of cases "to strategy" is used

What's the logic, exactly? In some respects it relates to strategies.

He is an internationally recognized speaker and advisor to numerous Fortune 100 companies on issues relating to strategy and leadership.

Facebook marketing is more and more the go to strategy for businesses looking to interact with more customers and ultimately to increases revenues and profits.

The real truth is that it is not effortless to strategy for a wedding ceremony because there are so main selections that call for to be produced and you might.

Because of this,, a large number of businesses find different methods in addition to strategies to create backups for their file types and also software programs.

This material breakthrough comes at a time when, according to Strategies Unlimited, the high brightness (HB) LED tube market is forecast to grow more than 30 percent, reaching $20.

In 4% of cases "about strategy" is used

Learn about strategies for managing your child's behavior.

Aftermath and Implications It has been said that novices talk about strategy whilst professionals talk about logistics.

Strategists change their minds about strategy after receiving new information sufficiently different from what they thought they knew before.

He also warned about who would be using the evidence and argued that data should be about strategy and how to improve it, rather than about proving a desired outcome.

In your meetingn/corridor example, as long as the people in a meeting room / around a water cooler agree -- sometimes tacitly -- about whose decisions (about strategy, budget, actions, etc.

In 1% of cases "as strategy" is used

So part of what we need to imagine collectively is the degree of compensation we want for that new reality, as well as strategies to cope with it.

In 1% of cases "between strategy" is used

Although this is not my main thrust, I must say this gap between strategy and execution concerns me rather a lot.

Also there can be differences between strategies running in live mode compared to those running in backtest mode.

In 1% of cases "through strategy" is used

Wars are won through strategy, casualties are only one part of victory.