Prepositions used with "sugar"

of, with, in, for or on sugar?

In 52% of cases "of sugar" is used

Rum Rum is a by-product of sugar.

Add one cup of sugar and allow to dissolve.

Alcohol is full of sugar which is detailed above.

Most people would eat 3-5 meals a day all containing some type of sugar or carbohydrate.

However, I am hypoglycemic and will get headaches if I don't get the right amount of sugar.

Indeed, it is found that for one part of yeast formed, only 4-10 parts of sugar are removed.

A point, not stressed here is that under aerobic conditions, the utilisation of sugar actually seems to be inhibited.

The drive to produce 10 million tonnes of sugar deforested huge amounts of land, while mining left a lunar landscape.

Yoghurt with 10grams or more of sugar After giving you the 49 worst foods that must not be included in your diet, it.

No amount of sugar coating, rebranding or aid dangling will make this alien value acceptable to the Zimbabwean people.

In 14% of cases "with sugar" is used

My first therapeutic trial was to stop all foods with sugar.

This is mixed with sugar, milk and flavoring and shaped into sweets.

Place one layer of the cake on the base and moisten it with sugar syrup.

Judy offered me a chair and I sat with the women, sipping a hot cup of tea with sugar and goat milk.

It is not our most popular product but a good alternative for people with sugar intake restrictions.

This sweet can be prepared with sugar also, but since I avoid using sugar as much as possible in my recipes, I have used jaggery.

Halloween parties, winter holiday parties, president's day parties all with sugar, carbs and fat well exceeding any healthy levels.

Pectin: Forms a gel when boiled with sugar and acid, and on cooling sets to give jam its characteristic soft, spreading consistency.

All we do is manage to finish in a top 4 of elite clubs, clubs with sugar daddys or happen to be the richest sporting club in the world.

In 8% of cases "in sugar" is used

Avoid foods that are processed or high in sugar.

The impurities in sugar will come to the surface.

It's high in sugar and so contains a lot of calories.

Place each of the dough balls onto the cookie sheet right after they are dipped in sugar.

According to New Atkins, all fruit is high in sugar and is better off treated as a garnish.

What we are talking about is excessive intake of energy-dense foods, those high in fat and high in sugar.

Taking in sugar with protein immediately after a workout allows your body to quickly take in the protein and spurs recovery.

With this mug though he's had to cut down to 2 sugars, saving me a fortune in sugar costs, as the stirring motion works so well.

Every dish is rich in living enzymes, essential vitamins and minerals, low in sugar, salt and fat, and at the same time creative, tasty and satisfying.

During the old good days, the town never slept due to the activities in sugar plantations and the subsequent processing of sugarcane into sugar, spirits and perfumes.

In 6% of cases "for sugar" is used

It wasn't used for sugar anymore, though.

We find that in the year 1802, the price for sugar in London was 36/6 per cwt.

The price for sugar had fallen and Fontabelle was not such an estate to retrieve.

This creates a craving for sugar; hence the craving for sweet snacks during times of intensive study or other concentrated mental work.

This is entirely different from 40 years ago when the country's leader declared Cuba to be an atheist nation, and Christmas was inferring with the country's festival for sugar harvest.

These brownies are incredibly rich and dense and will convert the biggest chocolate lover (which could possibly be me!) There really is no need for sugar, dairy or even flour to make yummy brownies.

In 6% of cases "on sugar" is used

They thrive on sugar so it's good to eliminate them.

They obtained employment on sugar estates at 27/- per week and found grub and quarters.

The Danish government also announced it would not be moving forward with a planned tax on sugar and sugary foods.

Between 1838 and 1917, about 500,000 Asians (80 per cent East Indians) entered the Caribbean to work on sugar plantations.

Box 3-2 Sugar and Sustainable Development Thirty million poor people in the Third World depend on sugar cane for their survival.

The only detail I know is that it is a clear liquid dropped on sugar cube and it is also a legal drug that can be bought online.

That programme was so popular with the people that some students even abandoned the lecture halls to work on sugar cane and other plantations.

The slaves bought by the Danish trading companies were transported to the West Indian islands (today the US Virgin Islands) to work on sugar plantations.

Nevertheless this yeast retains its fermentative characteristics and these are again strongly revealed if it is allowed to act on sugar in the absence of free oxygen gas.

However, when India came under British rule, Indian labourers were sent to Malaya to work on sugar cane and coffee plantations and later in the rubber and oil palm estates.

In 6% of cases "to sugar" is used

What it will do is what some call ' turning to sugar '.

Xagave is an organic, raw and healthy alternative to sugar.

There are now plenty of healthy sweeteners you can use as an alternative to sugar.

The more frequently teeth are exposed to sugar the greater the risk of tooth decay.

If the teeth are exposed frequently to sugary foods or drinks the risk of tooth decay increases.

The undisputed world middleweight champion for seven years in the 1980s, he lost his crown to sugar Ray Leonard in 1987.

The emphasis on choice was something that was repeated ad nauseam by ministers in an attempt to sugar the bitterest aspects of the Bill.

Does Sugar Diabetes Definitely Mean No Sweet Food? Those seeking reassurance as to sugar diabetes issues now have a lot of material to hand.

Funnily enough, I lost weight while pg with DD (thanks to 24/7 nausea and an aversion to sugar in the 1st trimester ), so my BMI was (just) below 35 for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Drink coke: lose weight and fingernails! I think we found them a new slogan! David Food manufacturers rely on peoples addiction to sugars to satisfy their profit margins and shareholders.

In 3% of cases "into sugar" is used

Metabolism We have seen how plants convert sunlight into sugars.

Metabolism We have seen how plants convert sunlight into sugars.

Milk contains milk sugar, also known as lactose, which converts into sugar your body uses very quickly.

The ATP then provides energy to some of the other photosynthetic reactions that are causing the conversion of CO 2 into sugars.

For example, some of the ATP is used to power the metabolic reactions in the conversion of CO 2 into sugars and other compounds.

The ATP then provides energy to some of the other photosynthetic reactions that are causing the conversion of CO 2 into sugars.

Following on their success in the Bauxite Industry the union focused on breaking into sugar which was the stronghold of the BITU.

For example, some of the ATP is used to power the metabolic reactions in the conversion of CO 2 into sugars and other compounds.

Chloroplasts are the food producers only found in plant cells They are the only thing in nature able to convert energy into sugar.

I wonder a lot about whether or not my dad's last breath was inhaled by one of the plants out back and turned into sugar in the leaves the plant used to grow.

In 2% of cases "from sugar" is used

Kilojoules that come from sugar and other refined carbohydrates enter the blood stream quickly, cause fast sharp rises in blood glucose which in turn generates a large insulin response.

In 2% of cases "like sugar" is used

Have less inflammatory products like sugar, grains, dairy.

It tasted like sugar bread, but the texture was a bit more like bread from the US.

Guests may carry symbolic plants, like sugar cane, for luck, and a small banana tree, for fertility.

Again, bread was around 16 pence a kilo and, like sugar and most basic foodstuffs, last went up in price in 1955.

While Wreck-It Ralph does have some made-up games in it, like sugar Rush, there are plenty of references to old-school video games you'll recognize.

But I did not know that dates were ranked low on the glycemic index (42, 100=glucose ), meaning that despite the fact these dates taste like sugar bombs, they won't impact your blood stream like one.

In 1% of cases "as sugar" is used

According to local reports, the creature has been sighted here on a number of occasions when it comes down to raid crops such as sugar cane.

I am a chocolate freak, I could eat Hershey Bars all day but chocolate has caffeine in it as well as sugar so I avoid it after about 6:00 at night.

The main crop grown at Frederiksgave was coffee, and there were experiments in growing other crops such as sugar cane, tobacco, indigo, cotton, wine, and grapes.

Making and eating such foods was considered a last feast with ingredients such as sugar, fat and eggs, whose consumption was traditionally restricted during the ritual fasting associated with Lent.