Prepositions used with "steel"

of, with, in, to or for steel?

In 67% of cases "of steel" is used

A car is made of steel, glass, and plastic.

Also Man of steel should be in the same universe.

To achieve that, 200,000 tons of steel will be used.

All after encounters with tonnes of steel metal cages called motor vehicles, wearing helmets.

Compare something like that to Asimov's Foundation series or The Naked Sun or Caves of steel.

Her team recently finished an eight point five meter-high flowerpot made of steel and aluminum.

Barrage balloons floated above at the end of steel ropes to deter low flying aircraft from attacking the invasion force.

If the alminium spokes are lighter, then their cross sectional area divided by density must be less than that of steel spoke.

To withstand the shocks from the free fall the box can be filled with small hollow blocks of steel which are filled with lead.

When all of these furnaces were working, they added a considerable amount of steel to China? s annual total? 11 million tonnes.

In 11% of cases "with steel" is used

Die Cutter for use with steel rule or other dies.

No I'd no pimp but the whole bed is just a mattress with steel legs.

Live Up is a combination with steel Pulse founders David Hinds and Selwyn Brown.

Cross girder and main girder are connected with steel structure high tension bolts 8.

There has been so much to-ing and fro-ing that match referee's rooms will soon need to come with steel doors and double locks.

There are no forklift trucks loaded up with steel boxes either -- because all materials are handled by a sophisticated elevator system.

Pros Center-weighted Easy for beginners to throw Good value for price Cons Not for advanced throwers Description Plastic plate with steel rim 1.

Bugger that I thought, I am not paying $600 for two fans! So I cleaned up the original blades with steel wool and soapy water then I machined new hubs for them.

On the taxi ride into Toronto, in horrific traffic mind you, the things I couldn't miss were the endless cranes, with steel and glass condos going up everywhere.

To India?? s defense we must mention that it embraced Hinduism having realized the steel must be met with steel and compassionate Buddhism did not offer the answer.

In 6% of cases "in steel" is used

There were 3000 well trained and well equipped warriors, 700 of whom were in steel armour.

Recently also armours in steel, plastic and Kevlar are made to protect ladies against urban dangers.

Increased Vanadium content - China and Japan have legislated increased Vanadium content in steel rebar.

Over the next few years, Woods moved around the country working on railroads and in steel rolling mills.

The worldwide surge in steel prices, which is now accelerating in the wake of the huge iron ore and coking coal settlements Australian suppliers are winning in China, Japan and South Korea.

In 6% of cases "to steel" is used

The Bessember process for converting pig iron to steel was developed in Sheffield.

I just need to steel myself for the day he comes home and points his finger at me and shoots.

I suspect if an independent study was done the timber tower would lose out in most categories to steel.

Young skinny girls, dressed only in under garments that did not cover very much skin were dancing on a small stage holding on to steel poles in front of a big crowd of leering and lascivious losers.

In 3% of cases "for steel" is used

China's demand for Vanadium for steel use alone is expected to remain strong for the next 10 to 20 years.

This is less expensive than using a ship to transport them, which is the case for steel foundations like jackets.

The figures for steel, coal, chemicals, timber, cement etc all showed huge rises though the figures started at in 1958 were low.

V2O5 Market Price History (London Metal Bulletin monthly midpoint averages) Today, the spot price for steel-grade Vanadium is in the U.

In 3% of cases "on steel" is used

It was still overwhelmingly reliant on steel making and heavy engineering and under pressure in a world dominated by plastics and the new electronics sector.

The Ukrainian economy's dependence on steel exports made it particularly vulnerable to the effects of the global financial crisis of 2008, and in October of that year the country was offered a $16.

In 2% of cases "as steel" is used

Production in some industries, such as steel, increased by much more.

But the focus was on manufacturing primary goods such as steel, oil which was mainly the prerogative of the state.

In 1% of cases "about steel" is used

We are not talking about steel heated to the point of weakness; we are talking about steel being converted into a liquid.

In 1% of cases "from steel" is used

Carnegie, a Dunfermline boy made rich from steel in America, astonished the world with his philanthropy.

Despite the eco-credentials of wind turbines, these towers are usually constructed from steel, which is not only expensive, but requires large amounts of energy to process.

In 1% of cases "including steel" is used

These items are available in a wide variety of materials, including steel, wood, and polypropylene.

Due to its ability to be applied to a wide range of surfaces including steel, aluminium, copper and crass, metal finishing holds the ability to add value to any construction business.