Prepositions used with "skill"

of, with, on, in or for skill?

In 59% of cases "of skill" is used

The challenge is more one of skill.

Perhaps it's true for my level of skill only).

We will need to invest in our base of skills.

We want real people to work with us, a diverse mix of skills, backgrounds and talents.

For philosophy can actually be regarded as the ultimate skill, or the skill of skills.

This is because their strengths are spread over a narrow range of skills and/or stats.

It is great fun and an extremely useful set of skills about self-defence, although physically tough as well to learn.

And they're able to choose from an almost unlimited field of skill-sets for each specific project they need help with.

It takes a wide variety of skills, abilities, outlooks, and world views to create the PLU experience for our students.

Will I be able to use my existing web development and programming skills, or will I need to learn a new set of skills.

In 10% of cases "with skill" is used

People with skills in repairing electrical appliances.

No studio trickery, it's a DJ playing from the heart with skill and passion.

Christian leaders should look out for people with skills that their community might need.

These are not professionals but enthusiasts, women who wield good kit with skill and pleasure.

As was the case with skill type, here also there were cases where only part of a unit group was moved.

She represented the US and our interests at the UN with skill and professionalism and toughness and grace.

The Tuatha are described as demigods; they are beautiful people, possessed with skill in music and the arts.

Another role of the deacon is to identify people with skills put them in touch with those who need word done.

Schellenberg said those with skills in slo-pitch or baseball should also excel in fastball with a little training.

If people were trained with skills on how to do their best with the little they have, the dream of development would become a reality.

In 9% of cases "on skill" is used

They do have ranking based on skill.

The remaining classes focus on skill type.

I've written about some of this in the past with essays on skill atoms.

The ten broad occupational categories of the NOC are based on skill type.

He wants them to rank based on skill, not on how long you play the game (xp).

Events in this form are not based most on skill nor strongly in captain's control.

There should be more emphasis on skill, good first touches etc, and less on hard running.

It has established the National Council on Skills Development with a target of creating 500 million skilled people by 2022.

As economies would now be dependent on skills rather than labour, there would need to be sufficient education and training.

In 8% of cases "in skill" is used

Australia invested in skills and fast broadband.

All management occupations are included in skill level A.

As you grow in skill and talent your limitations will shrink.

Supervisors Supervisors and foremen/women have generally been classified in skill level B.

Movement between groups, or inter-occupational mobility, usually reflects a change in skill level (e.

The next leader should also have a development plan that addresses any gaps in skills or experience.

Most others have been classified in skill level B in recognition of the wide range of entry routes that are possible.

Occupations within skill level B of this category generally require completion of college or other post-secondary training programs.

Progression from occupations in skill level B to occupations in skill level A is usually dependent on completion of additional formal education.

Occupations in skill level B of this category can be linked, for the most part, to formal post-secondary or occupation-specific training programs.

In 5% of cases "for skill" is used

People are accustomed to paying for skill.

They include the memories for skills and habits (e.

Safe driving in country areas calls for skills that can only come with long experience.

Everyone mentions it when indulging in a conversation for skills development or training.

After graduation she went for skills training and was given a job at Goodwill here in town.

BEDC has partnered with the Centre for Skills Development &; Training and McMaster University.

Assistance is also available for skill training and the marketing and transportation of finished goods.

How do I guarantee my spot on this adventure? Paragliding pilots will need to meet specific criteria for skills and experience (i.

I have been accepted for Skills For All for the cert IV (will be a diploma either semester 1 or semester 2 2012 depending) so I am eligible.

In 4% of cases "to skill" is used

The second part of the chapter is devoted to skill.

How can he develop -- so, it's not literacy to skills; it's skills to literacy.

For all non-management occupations the second digit of the numerical code corresponds to skill level.

It is like giving impetus to skill building during slowdown and thus embellishing INDIA 'S Curriculum Vitae.

Skill type Skill type is defined as the type of work performed, although other factors related to skill type are also reflected in the NOC.

We must work together to skill Indigenous Australians who practice and live by customary law to communicate this information to the wider public.

What does that mean, exactly? The curriculum is structured to expose Cadets to skills and knowledge that will assist them as a leader within the College and beyond.

For example, the group for Non-commissioned ranks of the Canadian Forces was moved from skill level C to skill level B to recognize the training that occurs post-recruitment.

In 2% of cases "from skill" is used

Initially, around 18 teachers and 800 pupils in nine secondary schools across the country have benefited from skills training sessions and improved teaching materials.

For example, the group for Non-commissioned ranks of the Canadian Forces was moved from skill level C to skill level B to recognize the training that occurs post-recruitment.

Mikko Salminen, Nokia Learning Centre Network of Nokia Corporation, the paradigm of learning at corporate setting is rapidly shifting from skills development to capability management.

In 1% of cases "about skill" is used

BOORMAN 'S PHILOSOPHY It's about skills and what people can do, not what bits of paper they have.

It's not about skill or the stereotype you mentioned at all, the phrase simply refers to anyone who doesn't play games.

In 1% of cases "as skill" is used

He had an early opportunity to play out his prophecy, but would need luck as well as skill on his side to do so.

Since you will hire them through outsourcing websites, you also have to prepare the whole description of the job and what kind of services as well as skills you are looking for.

In 1% of cases "by skill" is used

In Milne's opinion, the post-16 Code of Practice for the Disability Discrimination Act Part 4: Education, drafted by skill on behalf of the Disability Rights Commission, is far from comprehensive.