Prepositions used with "sand"

of, with, on, to or in sand?

In 57% of cases "of sand" is used

The substrata itself is made up of sand, silt, and clay.

Historically, the ' Merseyside ' race of sand Lizard occurred over.

Maspero has said, an elongated ellipse,, and it is formed wholly of sand.

No one knows which grain of sand will trigger the crisis of confidence and loss of trust.

The letters SOS written in the sand contain no more information than pyramids made of sand.

A biological community of bacteria and other micro-organisms grows in the top 2 cm of sand.

James Picone: Giga, you can get a pyramid of sand via sand falling through a small hole in a rock, or via human agency.

From what I have read of sand Chronicles, I definitely loved how seasons and Ann's age were used to set up each chapter.

In one case during a panic shut down someone was hauling a large jug of sand up the shaft when the danger signal was given.

Mosec communicated with Cannon via automatic writing and dreams, and pinpointed the Ark as lying under several feet of sand.

In 13% of cases "with sand" is used

These were filled with sand (approx.

Lastly, cover up the final layer with sand.

There are species, however, that live in association with sand.

The method: A large pot is partially filled with sand and heated over a charcoal fire.

What I grew up with I grew up with sand and gravel and the sweet seductive smell of tar.

For the outside they will be building a sandpit from tyres and filling it with sand from the River Nile.

And the most advantageous factor is that the transmission device isolates with sand and water, which greatly reduces the failure rate.

When small sea plants and animals die they will sink, they will then lie on the sea bed where they will decompose and mix with sand and silt.

To the southeast Yongil Man is protected by a high peninsula; on the west it is bordered by dunes, with sand hills beyond; the bottom affords good holding ground.

Sketch of Harry, showing the importance of Leicester Square and Piccadilly as halfway houses, dug to avoid pulling trolleys loaded with sand the entire length of the tunnel.

In 8% of cases "on sand" is used

Below, the monster grated on sand.

But it got delayed because of the ban on sand mining.

Afel did not care that there is no snow and he practiced skiing on sand dunes.

For years, fiberglass pools were improperly built on sand due to the erroneous teachings of certain manufacturers.

Because the bible said that if u build your house on a solid rock, that house will stand, but if build on sand it will fall.

Running on sand definitely isn't easy but running barefoot on a textured surface provides one with plenty of sensory feedback.

With reebok easytone trainers, you can get firmer thanks to Discount Reebok Easytone patented sole technology, which emulates walking on sand.

If I have to commit villainy to make her happy, I would refuse to do so, because I am sure that what is built on sand sooner or later would tumble down.

In 8% of cases "to sand" is used

Then use coarse sandpaper to sand off any remaining glue or backing.

Use sandpaper to sand away the wood on areas that would naturally be time-worn.

We got to sand Point at midnight, checked in, got our jammies on, and went to bed.

JW: Jacket foundations can be installed on a variety of seafloor conditions, from rock through to sand.

In general, hard substrates have attached biota, in contrast to sandy and muddy seafloors that may contain infauna.

Large herds of wildebeests continue storming from all sides of Mara crossing over to sand River and the Mara River.

And it turned that team into a very hard boiled, tough, bunch that learned to sand bag and play smart almost every minute of every game.

Not too many teams will be able to bring 6-7 perimeter players the way MSU did, but there will be some, and those will be games when he may have to sand bag, as he did against MSU.

In 4% of cases "in sand" is used

I love sitting in sand and being near the sea.

My dad covering us in sand and running down to the water.

Half an hour or so of messing around and regaining our breath (climbing in sand is hard.

The flakes were found in sand below material dating from about the time of Clovis (13,500 years ago).

Who could ask for anything more? Stay: A week (or ideally more) at Caneel Bay means reveling in sand, surf and luxury.

In 3% of cases "for sand" is used

Take a free time for sand boarding and for lunch.

It is suitable for sand and gravel and can wash the powder and dirt.

Sea level data for sand Island, Midway for 11-14 March 2011 (plot from NOAA).

The tunnel, called George, was to run from the theatre, which was ideal as it offered ample space beneath the stage for sand disposal and was only 150 ft.

In 2% of cases "as sand" is used

A single MP can, by acting as sand in the machine, achieve policy and office that an MP for a larger party would struggle with.

How should I clean my floor? Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly in order to keep abrasives such as sand and dirt from damaging your floor.

In 2% of cases "at sand" is used

Begin at the Hulls Cover Visitor Center and make stops at sand Beach, Thunder Hole and Otter Cliffs for great views.

Tropical storm conditions occurred in the Florida Keys, where the C-MAN station at sand Key reported 10-minute average winds of 72 mph at 2110 UTC September 20 with a gust to 92 mph.

In 2% of cases "from sand" is used

It is like gold being panned or sifted from sand and they appreciate this by the smiles on their faces as if they have acquired a lot of jewellery or treasure.

Alistair Cartwright PS: Liked the idea of a Hot Topic for favourite buddies in games, the Prince and Farrah from Sands Of Time have a great relationship, until about 90% completion anyway.

The whole point of creating an oven from sand is to have the ' steamed ' effect on the cooking and also to get back to basic when it comes to preparing simple yet delicious outdoor cooking.

In 2% of cases "like sand" is used

Why we let life slip through our hands like sand and do not take a moment to realize what the potential holds for each moment as it sifts through our fingers.

The ecosystem of this protected area is totally intact with the existence of a dense tropical biodiversity like sand banks, coral reefs, maritime forests, fishes, dolphins and turtles.